You silly F**k, don`t you recognize your own Demon?

You silly F**k, don`t you recognize your own Demon?

A Poem by Jakub Pajer


I`m crossing bridges
waiting till they collapse
there`s an old man
who keeps smiling
with no teeth at all
I guess he knows
I have seen him in my dreams
he came to tell me the End is near
his dog is black
his dog is angry.

Waiting till they collapse
with the old man
who got no teeth
and his animal
a devilish one
clouds are moody
clouds are dark
like emotions
in the air
like blossoms
losing innocence
dark & moody
moody & dark
we stand here
waiting for a spark.

"Feed the dog,
it`s hungry,"
said the old man
still smiling
scratching his head.

I gave my eyes
I gave my ears
I gave my hands
I gave my foots.
I won`t see
I won`t hear
I won`t touch
I won`t run.
I`m perfect now.
Perfection itself.

So the bridges are collapsing
n` I`m falling down to river
falling down there
the old man pushed me
He`s a Demon
he made me lose the mind
he made me lose the body
I got no eyes
I got no ears
I got no hands
I got no foots
n` I`m falling down to river
falling down there...
My name is Mr. Pajer and I have dedicated last 4 years of my life building my own style of writing. I am currently working on my first novel that is about duality of Universe, inner demons and true Love.
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© 2012 Jakub Pajer

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Silly f***s, are hidden in old men, they are the parralel whispering demons of our soul bro... all is connected, al has a message, only you feel the paranoid bliss, of life, in broken thoughts, as you're such an amazing writer. Czech romance deepness, fullnes, through your thoughts, of the quill, European to the bone! hugs, and love,

I bow for you!


Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on March 8, 2012
Last Updated on March 8, 2012
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Jakub Pajer
Jakub Pajer

Prague, Czech Republic

My name is Mr. Pajer and I`m currently working on my first novel "Lunatics pick up apples from the Tree". I write in Czech and I plan to pay for (at least) English translation. The story is about du.. more..