A Note To Everyone Who Reads My Work:

A Note To Everyone Who Reads My Work:

A Story by JAM

So I randomly found this site the other night and added it because I've been meaning to put my poetry out there somehow, just so I'd have some place other than the 20+ journals I have lying around my apartment. I had no idea anyone would actually review or read my work. Let me tell you, I am VERY excited to get feedback and critique; I welcome all of it. I want to improve as a writer. I want to be successful and touch people. If someone can give me CONSTRUCTIVE advice to help me do that, I welcome it with open ears and mind. I only welcome constructive criticism though; negativity is not something I wish to surround myself with.

 I wanted to just point out that I have been writing and keeping track of my writing since I was in 8th grade. Not only that, but most of my writing is rarely revised. I tend to post the original versions and then any revised versions later. Not all of my work is meant to be publish-ready, but that doesn't meant I don't want critique. I will try to make note of whether or not I view a poem to be fully finished/revised. When I say fully finished and revised, I mean, I cannot improve the poem without the help of external eyes and minds, so don't think I'm opposed to revisions and editing even when I've done all I can on my own. I think poems are constantly evolving and changing and always have the potential to improve. I guess the main reason I'm writing this note is because I wanted to tell anyone who's reading my work that not everything here is going to be perfect. Not everything is even meant to be published. Some poems just are bench-markers for my life thus far and I'm okay with that. Hopefully, there ARE some poems within my journals that ARE publish-worthy though and I look forward to any help I can get from the readers of WritersCafe.org.

I joined this site thinking it was just a nifty place for me to post my writing to have them as back-ups if something ever happened to my journals, but I've realized that I signed up for much more since I've already gotten some great reviews. I want to make writing connections, read your work, have you read mine, and expand our writing skills to a new level. Feel free to subscribe to this blog, message me with questions or comments, befriend me, or just randomly drive-by. I welcome it all. I am very excited to get this writing show on the road!


© 2010 JAM

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Added on November 25, 2010
Last Updated on November 25, 2010
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