Who Could Blame Her?

Who Could Blame Her?

A Poem by JAM


You were everything I imagined you to be

            and more.

Every expectation I had for you,

            you exceeded.

You succeeded in being all you could be

            because you couldn’t be more.

I kept my mouth shut

            because I didn’t want to be

            just another person against you.

I was on your side.

Until you began to confirm what I knew to be true.

I tried not to be bias

            as she cried up in her bed

                        helpless, vulnerable, and alone.

I gave her the most sound advice I could.

I admit some negativity on my part.

            But don’t condemn my thoughts or opinions

            when your actions made it so hard

                        to be civil.

She fell into a depression

            and my heart cried with her.

I hope you think you did nothing wrong

            because if you knew the truth,

            I doubt you could live with yourself.

Turn an ignorant check to this issue;

            you’re good at that.


But she’s better now.


She doesn’t cry in her bed

            helpless, vulnerable, and alone


She’s no longer sad over you.

            Just sad for you.


And who could blame her.

© 2010 JAM

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Added on November 25, 2010
Last Updated on November 25, 2010




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