Lawerence King.

Lawerence King.

A Poem by JAM

Have you heard of Lawrence King

Shot today in school

The gun fired softly

I heard no fatal blow

In the court yard

In February snow.


The shot hit him squarely

Painted a rainbow

Of blood in February snow

Could his death have been prevented?

Will anyone ever know?

There laid Lawrence King

Shot with hatred in February snow.


I heard he planned on college

On life away from this freak show

I heard him talk about his dreams

On moving to California

He said he hated February snow.


The snow lifted his body

Above the perverse ground below.

There laid Lawrence King

Dead and gay in February snow.

© 2010 JAM

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The shot hit him squarely
Painted a rainbow
Of blood in February snow

Nice imagery there. Clever use of the symbol of the rainbow. I like the tone of this, just right, I hate dramatics. The last line really propelled this to importance, again without the dramatics. Building his life, the p.o.v being removed from him taking on a gossip/word of mouth approach and the frankness and build up is just right. Fleshing this story out, gave me a moment of sinking in my chest and the stretch after of disappointment, in who? Society? Who knows lol

BTW - I assume by gay you mean sexual orientation (I might have read it wrong).

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 25, 2010
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