Cloud's Drought

Cloud's Drought

A Story by Jane E. Ries

With some ingenuity and help from friends, Sis' Hyena tries to put an end to the summer drought.


Wouldn't you know, there was a drought across the Serengeti plains of Africa? Water was as scarce as a lone jellybean. It was so dry that even the dust coughed 

Sis 'Hyena went out walking on that hot summer day with her head hung low thinking about how delicious a sip of water would be. Next thing Sis' Hyena knew, she was walking in the shadow of a cloud.  

"You have a lot of nerve showing yourself here!" Sis' Hyena huffed at cloud. A dry wind blew and away floated cloud.  

Sis' Hyena had lots of time to think about cloud and how greedy she was keepin' all that rain to herself. So she decided to visit Br'er Vervet, the most clever monkey on the Serengeti.  

Br'er Vervet was suspicious of Sis' Hyena's visit as the two were always playing tricks on each other. "Sis' Hyena," Br'er Vervet says, "what brings you here on such a scorching hot day?"  


"Well, I have an idea about putting an end to this drought, but I need your help and we need to find Mama Giraffe."  

"I can see that this heat has fried the sense right out of your head. How are we going to stop this drought?."  

"Br'er Vervet," says Sis' Hyena, "we are going to catch us a cloud." Sis' Hyena bent down and picked-up a long branch that had fallen off an old tree. She then pointed to a stick and asked Br'er Vervet to pick that up too.  

Sure enough Mama Giraffe was convinced to help and they all got to work. They had to hurry as cloud could be found floating about at any moment. 

Sis' Hyena, Br'er Vervet, and Mama Giraffe hid in the shadow of a very tall thorn tree. Across the plains drifted cloud. Cloud soon passed by the thorn tree without a worry and that is when Sis' Hyena gave the signal to Mama Giraffe. Out walked a very wobbly Mama Giraffe on stilts and Br'er Vervet on her head with a stick. They snuck-up behind cloud and Br'er Vervet began to poke cloud with his stick, trying to tickle the rain out of that cloud, but the stick went right through her.  

Cloud looked down to see the most hilarious sight of a giraffe walking on stilts with a monkey on her head. Cloud began to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Cloud burst up exploding out across the sky. Br'er Vervet jumped off Mama Giraffe's head fast as can be, Mama Giraffe got off the stilts, and along with Sis' Hyena, they all made a run back to the thorn tree. Cloud started to rain and kept on raining for days filling all the streams, rivers, and lakes. The Serengeti turned from brown to green, and all the creatures had water once again.  

© 2014 Jane E. Ries

Author's Note

Jane E. Ries
Not sure about the title for this one yet.

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Added on September 7, 2014
Last Updated on September 21, 2014
Tags: tall tale, giraffe, hyena, vervet monkey, drought, Serengeti


Jane E. Ries
Jane E. Ries

Columbus, OH

These stories and poems represent a book in the making. The title of which is still undecided. My goal has been to present animals in ways that are compassionate and often funny. I hope you enjoy and .. more..