relive the past to the future

relive the past to the future

A Story by Jasmine

This is about a young girl who grew up to relive her past. The pain and lost she felt as a child she would feel again but how.....

As a young child of the age 5, she
had a father she adored and loved
The first man she would ever love.
She looked up to him.
Little does the young child know
About daddy's little habits
She didn't understand why he came home and was angry at mommy.
She asked her self
"why does daddy hit mommy"
But she never got a answer as she was to young to know
But she will one day grow
To know.
The young girl starts to notice daddy comes home less and less
But her love does not change for her father.
One day she heard her mommy and daddy
As she walks close to the room.
Her father goes storming by.
She is confused she looks at her mother, who is now crying. With a look of such pain
The same look the young girl will have many years later.....
As her mother picks her up the child gets a bad feeling.
She starts to cry along with her mother.
As the child reaches out to her father. Begging him not to leave.
The father looks at them and walks away..
Days, weeks, and months passes by....
Mommy became ever so sad as the heartbreak sets in.
The young girl has now became sick, she has stopped eating and feels lost as she cries for her father. She asked "mommy where is daddy"
Her mother heart rips into as she tried to answer this question without hurting her child
"He has left sweety" "He couldn't stay with us. The way he is"
Then one day the mother takes the small girl to the doctor.
The mother calls the father begging him to meet her there.
The weather seemed to match her sadness
As they get to the doctor the child sees her father.
She runs to him tears of joy stream from her eye as he picks her up, they hug.
The small child ask her father
"daddy please don't go away again PLEASE"
She begs and begs
As this is happening the small child doesn't seem to see her mother cry.
As the mother heart is just as broke. But more. For year and years she to loved him unconditional ...She hides the pain and turns to wipe her tears away
Waiting for the day she can look at this man and no longer feel love anger sadness. But to look and feel no emotion at all.
After the doctors visit the father agreed to come home.
The mother tells the father "you have to stop, you can't keep on using and stay with us"
"you don't only hurt me but your child as well"
The father agrees to change and stop...
That night he comes home
He has one small bag packed on the floor.
The mother noticed . She know it wont last, but the young girl seemed so happy and seemed not to care as for she doesn't understand the whole concept.
As they tucked in the small child and kiss her good night.
The child is happy as she feel life is back right. She drifts in to a peaceful and content sleep.
To only wake up to him gone.
The mother knew that night that he was going to leave and never be the same
(His habit has won him over)
Both filled with sadness and pain.
That night they cried such much, the child couldn't not believe it.
But this time it seem to be easier...After that night. Picking up the pieces and slowly move on
The mother stands at the back door looking out the diamond shaped window.
In that moment the mother finally let's him go. Tears run down her as she stares out the window. She has held on far to long....
Years pass
the young girl has now became a women, a beautiful strong woman like her mother.
She learned as she got older why her father had walked out and choose drugs.
One day the girl who was now a women had meet a men and feel deep on love.
She wasn't so giving with her heart, but with this one she gave him her all..
But little did she know her past would revisit.
The man she loved and married had a habit as well for she didn't know till it was to late.
As tears came more and more because of this "small habit"
She had seen this road before.
She knows the out come.
She begged and pleaded with her husband to stop. To only hear empty promises.
But over and over he chose the drugs ).....
I guess I'll just stick to what I'm already doing it is working so well....
She felt as she was in a nightmare.
The man who made her feel alive and like she could do anything
The same man who said he would never hurt her
She screamed
That night she sat on the bed and simply asked him
" Either you choose your drug, or me"
He stared blindly at her... He thought to himself "A another bluff"
Later that night he went to get high
That night as she walked out the door, to never return. The pain hit her. she drove away "Angles" (Sarah mclachlan) came on the radio.
She started to cry. She couldn't stop..
Who knew....
The memories haunt her as for once again she was back to that day many years ago for.......
drugs had won

© 2017 Jasmine

Author's Note

I would love for your thoughts opinion and review. Tips on how to improve my story. All would be helpful.
Hope y'all enjoy the story

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the story concept's quite bewitching, perhaps, yet so heartfelt as well. kinda liked the way how excellently you drip down yourself in such uptight words... ev'n the texture of your thoughts's appeared way phenomenally tremendous. very eye-catching storywrite! the thing that had my whole attention is... its 'theme' which's so realistic & loomed utterly more like a non-fic. stuff to me. you maintain the whole suspense of the story very nicely around, & let thoughts dance well 'pon the chandelier of words.

furthermore, "Relive The Past" is kinda captivating title.. which itself sayin' allot 'bout today's reality of 'tis wicked world, but however, yet indeed also it's true, i would never know that this story gonna have to be ended in this... such an unique way. simple. short. & quite to the point. very touching. brilliant!

looking forward to reading your stories!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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near that place over there, NC

Well I'm fairly new to writing. But I have always loved art, of every type. Basically why I am here writing, just wanting to be heard. Now about me well I am, what am I? Who am I? The question we a.. more..