The Doors Of Fail

The Doors Of Fail

A Story by Jaxter_Nick

Had to do a creative writing project for language arts class and wanted to share it with everybody on here.


One day i awoke to see a celling as usual but this once there was something strange about the room it had some sort of fog and the ceiling was strangely designed and colored i heard a faint voice... i decided to stand up and look around when i looked down i couldn’t see my feet bit either way i decided to walk around then a saw brownish rectangles appearing and so i walked towards them, Then as i grew closer something stopped me and i looked behind me and saw nothing, but the silverish floor. I took a step back tripped on something and fell "ouch" i had hit my head, on the floor. I stood back up and began to walk towards the shapes again. i came closer and saw them begin to have a texture, and a strange one at that they each took on the appearance of a wooden door with wooden planks of different kind continually changing, i walked up to the nearest one and put my ear on it, inside i heard lots of different sounds, whirring and banging and popping, then... a scream and i decided that that door would not be a good idea so i went to another and looked behind me as i came up to it and saw the floor falling to shreds behind me and figured to jump into the door as quickly as possible.


Once inside i heard what sounded to be a class going on so i stayed in the small room till it was over. i also fell asleep...


 once i woke up my legs were back and before i noticed that the room was different i saw a bunch of kids or teenagers running by, i figured i must have just fell asleep in class which is when i noticed that i wasn’t at a desk i was in a ditch with a bunch of rats... not fun.


Once i got away i saw a large building behind me and a group of people staring at me. They looked like they were roleplaying as... well i don’t know maybe magicians? They had twigs in their hands. they then asked me why i wasn't in uniform and i asked them were i was... they said something that sounded like someone’s name and started to raise their twigs at me and chant some weird language, so what do i do? I run of course! i ran for about three minutes and then i was stuck in the air just over a large valley or lake and they came up and said "who are you" in a forceful tone and then as i got ready to say my name some old guy came up and yelled at them... then distracted they began to walk away and i fell to my doom. i then began to hear the voice again and as i thought i hit the ground i woke up on the floor of my room with my sister kicking me and was glad i was still alive then i got ready for school today.


© 2013 Jaxter_Nick

Author's Note

its not done yet... or it is if we dont do another project.

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Akron, OH

I am a huge gamer who has found a simple likeness in writing stories. The stories come from my imagination in most cases, also a number of my stories are from my language arts class projects. Also .. more..