So Much More Than Pretty

So Much More Than Pretty

A Story by Jaya Miller

So this isn't a story, it's really a rant but I wasn't allowed to put it into a 'rant' category so it was written as a story...


For those who know me, you must know I’m so much more than pretty. I say this because physical beauty should not be glorified or put on a pedestal, it should not be made into something iconic because it’s out of our control. It dehumanizes people into thinking they need to perfect even if they are at a so-called “supermodel” status in their physical appearance. I don’t much appreciate being called pretty because a body is simply something that exists; people’s bodies can be appealing to other people, but qualities and talents are what feel truly admirable to me. Hearing that my hair looks great or my outfit is cute is so irrelevant and unnecessary if the things that are sincerely valued by me are overlooked. This is how people get obsessed with appearances, even if they are kind and gracious words, they only amount to something physical and external. To hear that I am intelligent, innovative or virtuous is much more of a compliment in my eyes. Our pretty syndrome is like the black plague of our age, its unavoidable by most and irreversible once it has begun. Whether we are empowered or diminished by our appearance, most of us rely on what we look like. Why? My fundamental question is simply why? We struggle to acquire and posses talents throughout our whole lives so we can live and prosper, but still all we seem to think about is how this, that and the other person look on a daily basis. By doing this, no one wins, no one is happy. So I give up! Call me fat, skinny, ugly, pretty, perfect or terribly flawed, because no matter what we tell ourselves all of those words, even the ones we think are kind are myths; and the biggest myth is our notion that one is ugly or pretty indefinitely. Beauty is not made, acquired or bred beauty is born, and not in the face, but in the soul. 

© 2014 Jaya Miller

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Like Yazzy and Siâna said: deep and strong.
It it also very powerful.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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wow, very strong Jaya. This is great :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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oh my god this is so DEEP!! i love it!! its nice to hear that beauty isn't about physical appearance but about soul. A wonderful write as always dollface:D and again....why u so good?

Posted 9 Years Ago

Jaya Miller

9 Years Ago

Hahaha you're way too nice to me yazzy!!! I just wanted to share my thoughts;)

9 Years Ago

that's good:D i can really feel that your passionate towards the thought:3

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Added on June 20, 2014
Last Updated on June 20, 2014
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