A Chapter by kannerjay

Jake is working in his parents' bakery, when it catches on fire!


   Two little children play with a dog, in a field full of flowers. The flowers were beautiful and blue; the children were innocent and adorable, their smiles were carefree and joyful, and the dog yipped excitedly as it wagged its tail.

            Thankfully, they were not a part of this story whatsoever.



            This story is about Jake Servet, our fifteen year old hero sitting by the willow tree, his face in a book and his cat, Spooky, in his lap. Jake puts his book on his lap and yawns. 

            How long before it's time to work again?

            Jake lives in a small home on a hill, with many pots of flowers,though most of the flowers are red, orange, and yellow marigolds. His mother, a plump, round, brunette, sits by the window , singing to the birds while baking a pie, probably blueberry pie, as it was her favorite one to make this time of year. Jake's parents own a bakery, in of which he works at during his days. However, since there is not always enough food as their income is poor, Jake spends his nights hunting with his bow and arrow, Spooky tagging along and killing anything that jumps, flies, swims, or even remotley moves.

            Because of this, you may be wondering when he sleeps, if both his day and night are taken. The truth is he takes cat naps in between them, sometimes giving up sleep time to read his precious books, in which he can escape off into wild adventures,if only through mind and soul. Most of his books are the kind with a dashing hero or heroine, that rush in at just the right moment to save the day.

            Jake's hair is tousled and redish-brown, giving him a slightly lazy look, when wearing more baggy clothes. When wearing skin-tight clothes,however,it is easy to see the muscles underneath that he has earned though hard work. His eyes shine a bright green color that has the tendancy to remind one of emeralds or jade. He has a look of pure hardwork and determination forever plastered onto his face.

            His cat ,Spooky, meowed crankily as Jake's book was set upon him. Jake had found Spooky as a small kitten two years ago in a garbage can, and they were now loyal friends. Spooky is bigger than most cats, and has sharper teeth and claws, his eyes also a menacing green. Yet, this bigness backfires on him. The result of being stronger than everyone is that Spooky has developed a I'm-the-best-at-everything-and-I-am-the-most-important-thing-in-the-universe attitude. His ego is the biggest in the village.

            " Mreow... ! " Spooky complained.

            " Oh, shut up, Spooks. You must be used to it by now. " Jake said, amused, while picking up the the cat and his belongings, which included mostly baking tools, books, and his bow, although the movement only caused Spooky to protest even further.

            His village was small; it held only a few thousand people. Most everyone knew each other, it seemed. Most of the town was powered by the large river, with its hydro-power. The river was the basis of life, pumped for drinking water, modern plumbing and bathing. It was surrounded by a large forest. It didn't go deep in and area from north to south, but was rather long from east to west. Trash cans were implemented when everyone found it easier to throw their trash there instead of disposing of it properly. It was also a source of food.

            Dawn was approaching quickly over the town and forest, like a predator creeping up on it's prey, and if Jake didn't hurry, he would be late for work at the bakery. On his way past he stopped at a pole and stared at a sign that had been posted on it.

            The poster showed a small smiling boy, with his arms around a black cat, yet the boy couldn't be any older than twelve, and the poster was a stabbing reminder. Have you seen this boy? It said, mockingly.

            It's been six months since he went missing. When will you come home, little brother? Jake wondered,and then winced at his thoughts. By now it was obvious that wherever his brother had disappeared to, he was either dead or didn't want to come back. Which was as painful a thought as any.

            Spooky jumped from his arms at the sight of the poster, and bolted towards the house on the hill, probably smelling something delicious-fish?-in the kitchen. Jake soon had no choice but to follow suite. Wiping his brother Jack from his thoughts, he dragged himself to his home, where his father greeted him with a big bear hug.

            " Son! I thought for a moment you weren't coming today. I'm glad to have you. And no offense, but you look like you've been hit by a truck, and then caught a nasty flu, and were hit by another truck. You look like road pizza. "

            Jake laughed and patted his father on the back. Of course he looked something run over on the road- he'd been working very, very hard these last few weeks, while money was tight, because no one wanted warm bread in the midst of spring. In result, he hunted harder to bring home meat not only for the family, but for sale, also. Soon the hard working season would be over, and Jake would be glad for it.

            His father sighed, looking dazedly out the window. The family had never been the same since Jack went missing; his mother missed explaining the ropes of cooking to Jack so much that she took on an apprentice, Diana, who wasn't here at the moment ; his father had changed his double-sided jokes to one-sided ones, since there was no longer anyone who knew all the punchlines. As for Jake- he no longer had anyone to help him hunt in the woods.

            In the midst of the silence, a bell rung in the middle of town, that signified that the town was under attack.


            As soon as he stepped out of the house, Spooky tailing him, to see if it was a prank by some kids again or if it was a real attack, his house caught fire, with everyone else in it.

            And for the first time- and last -time,he heard his mother scream.

© 2011 kannerjay

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Added on September 11, 2011
Last Updated on November 27, 2011
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