The Intruder in My Shower

The Intruder in My Shower

A Chapter by kannerjay

Why does he keep appearing in the most random places?


     I didn't see any of my friends again until Monday at school, and they hadn't the guts to ask about it. I was kinda glad because I didn't know what to say about it. Or think about it. The guy-who's name I realize I never learned-hadn't been around since, and I vaguely wondered if I'd see him again. 

     Gym was horrid as usual. I trip too much. I can't count how many times I fell flat on my face.  We played some weird sport I'd never heard of, and I might have been good at it if I hadn't tripped so many times, and if I could learn to aim. Go figure.

     We were finally dismissed after what seemed like hours to the shower/locker room. I soaked in the hot water, tilting my head back and closing my eyes for a moment as I got my hair wet. I opened my eyes again and... 

     There he was. The guy. Sitting in my shower-somehow unwet , i might add-as if it were the most natural thing ever for him to be there. 

     I don't remember screaming, but the gym coach came in wondering what the fuss was about, and when she got to me, he was gone again. I couldn't figure out if he'd really been there or if I'd just imagined it.  And I kept seeing him throughout the day. In math, sitting on the teacher's desk. In science, gazing at the class pet, Edwhen the Snake. At the end of the day, sitting on top of Bus 229. 

     He was in my bedroom at home, sitting on my bed. He just sat there, as if invisable, as if I couldn't see him. The only problem with that was that I could see him. 

    " Have you been stalking me? " he jumped in surprise as I asked. He looked around for a minute, checking to see if I could possibly be talking to someone else. we were alone, though, and he figured it was safe to assume I meant him.  

      " So you can still see me, Kali? " 

     " I can still see you ,and my name STILL isn't Kali. "  /

     " Amazing. "

     I blushed and said, " Do you mind telling me what you were doing in my shower this afternoon?  " 

     He seemed more interested than guilty. " How many times have you seen me today? " 

     I thought about it for a minute. " At least six, on and off. " 

     He nearly fell off his-well, my-bed. " SIX?! "  

     He looked so childish and silly that I burst out laughing, which only made him confused. I was finally able to stop laughing... after five minutes. 

     " So, would you like to tell me who you are and what you're doing in my house? " 

     He smacked his forehead. " Yes, of course! How uncouth of me. My name-my angelic name-is Oliver. I'm here to see you again. Mostly because I'm curious about how you can see me. "

     " I don't get it. Does everyone have two names? "

     He gave me a wide grin. It was almost blinding. " Yes. Your humanoid name is the what you're called when you're born. Your angelic name is the name you're assigned when you were created-spawned, really-and started your angelic duties. " 

     "  Angelic duties? " 

     He shook his head. " I've said too much already.  You see , I am a messanger, and messangers aren't supposed to interact with random presently-mortals like this. "

     " Oh. "

     Oliver frowned and sighed. " Only three types of people can see angels. I need you to help me figure out which one you are. "

     " Go on. " 

     " One type is angels. Obviously, angels can see other angels. "

     " Obviously not it. Next. "

     " Those pure of heart or very loving of nature can sometimes see angels. Several painters have. "

     " I don't think so... "

     Those blue eyes of his pierced my heart as he spoke. " Sometimes Sestino and his mistress decide that people must meet for time to continue. "

     " Destino and...who? " 

     Oliver's voice dropped to a whisper. His voice was thick with an emotion; it was either awe or fear. " Destiny and Fate. "

     He was so serious I couldn't help but find myself believing him. Oliver seemd to be truthful, even if it wasn't actually the truth, he sincerely believed what he was saying. Sincerity is something our society lacks these days.

     "  He looked around as if someone had called his name, and he suddenly pulled something out of his pocket. He grabbed my hand, put the object in my palm, and closed my fist around it before I had a chance to see what it'd been.

     " I must depart, for I have a job I must attend to. If you need me, use this. Find a patch of earth and bury it, and I will come. Use it wisely, as I have only so many to spare.

     In that same cloud of golden but white mist, he disappeared. I opened my palm and examined what lie within. It was a black feather.

     Why would he give me a black feather?

     Realizations started hitting me, with the force of brick walls, at this exact moment. The feather was the same color as Oliver's hair. Could it be, that right here in my hand, was an angel's feather? From an angel's wing? 

     It was that day I started to believe.

© 2011 kannerjay

Author's Note

So much dialogue ... x3 This is a somewhat.. odd chapter. Hope you liked it!

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Added on September 25, 2011
Last Updated on September 25, 2011
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