The Memory of Her: Encore

The Memory of Her: Encore

A Poem by Joshua McNay

I found some poems I wrote a while ago on my phone and I figured I would share them this is one of the four I found.


I'm haunted by the memory of her,

Sleep was my escape, my only cure.

Now she found a way into my dreams,

My safe haven has been corrupted it seems.

To think about her just hurts too much,

I miss her smell, her smile, her touch.

I'm lost, my once sturdy facade is crumbling,

I try to put on a smile but I find myself stumbling.

The one place I found solace has been stolen from me,

My dreams were the sanctuary away from thoughts of you and me.

In there I was free, no longer sad I was finally at peace,

Now they are a monument to my heartbreak that needs to cease.

In the real world, I can build walls to protect me,

But in my dreams my subconscious disrespects me.

Replaying scenes of a love best forgotten.

That which brought me joy has now become rotten.

Eating away at me where I can't defend,

Sadness, depression, and anger, I want it to end.

I'm waiting for the time to pass to heal my heart,

Erasing the memory of her is a good place to start.

© 2017 Joshua McNay

Author's Note

Joshua McNay
Review if you like. Your thoughts and opinions are always welcome and encouraged, and as always thank you for reading.

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You started out really well with this poem, then you had lines that seemed a bit of a mouthful (somewhat like half-stanzas in themselves). I'd suggest picking your beats, and making sure you hit them well, line break with care, for the more words you have in a line, the more adverse effect it's going to have on the musicality (unless the musicality calls for it).

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on May 22, 2017
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Joshua McNay
Joshua McNay

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