The Little Red Fox - Let's Build a Fort

The Little Red Fox - Let's Build a Fort

A Poem by Joshua McNay

Barry the beaver wanted to build a fort. With a little help from his friends Barry would soon have a fort of his very own.



Barry was looking to build a fort,

he needed manpower but was a little short.

Luckily for him, Frank and Willie were nearby

not sure if they would help but couldn't hurt to try.

Hey there guys! I've got an offer for you!

Want to be a part of my building crew?


Building crew? What's in it for us?

Why a spot in my fort! No muss no fuss.

Your very own room to do what you want,

Help me build and it's yours to flaunt!

Willie and Frank looked and agreed,

Over here guys are the supplies we'll need.


They each grabbed some things and got to work,

This should be easy if we use teamwork!

With cardboard, sticks, and wood in hand,

They would build the coolest fort in all the land!

Hours passed by as they worked away,

Ok guys I think that's enough for today.


Staring at the fort they had so far,

It wouldn't be a stretch to say it was bizarre.

A little bit crooked and kind of unsafe,

To enter you would need to be brave.

As Barry looked on and took it all in,

Willie and Frank couldn't help but grin.


As the three stared at their new fort,

It didn't collapse I'm happy to report.

We need a name! Frank told the guys,

It's not a true fort without a name in my eyes.

You're right Frank, but what should it be?

I know, I know! Let's call it Fort Willie!

The two looked at each other and said no way!

It was built as a team and should be named that way.

After a little debate they settled on Fort Fairweather,

So, it was known and to always remember,

It might not be perfect, but we built it together!

© 2019 Joshua McNay

Author's Note

Joshua McNay
Review if you like, your thoughts and opinions are always welcomed and encouraged. Like it? Let me know. Hate it? Let me know. I love hearing your thoughts.

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And your writing made me remember the old cartoon, Bob-the builder.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on October 20, 2019
Last Updated on October 20, 2019


Joshua McNay
Joshua McNay

Grand Junction, CO

I write about a Little Red Fox, I hope you enjoy his adventures as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by and as always thank you for reading! Featuring art by Emily Chan, be sure to check her work o.. more..

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