Vengeance part 1

Vengeance part 1

A Story by joenum83

A story of the dangers of revenge


“You know they invented a word for guys like him.”

“Sure, and what would that be?”

“Creep.” Judith took the glare from beneath Sarah's brow. “You know he's a creep, he cheated on you with a freshman. Any guy who sleeps with something that young must have issues. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in prison.”

The biology books were starting to dig into Sarah's arms. Switching arms no longer cured the tightness in her shoulders. The stone bench seemed a welcome relief.

“Sarah, you're going to be late for lab.”

“Who cares, I'm failing anyway. And he wasn't a creep; I don't date creeps and I never plan to. That girls was just a tramp. All boys are weak, but he's too weak to have me.” Her spirits were rising and the bags no longer dug as deep into her shoulders. “Screw bio, I'm going to the gym. You coming?”

“Unlike you, I have to keep my grades up to stay in school. You should be at least a little worried about your grades, how do you expect to ever get out of here?”

“I don't expect anything. Have fun in lab.” They parted.

Sarah came to the gym entrance but moved on. She passed the gym, passed the campus gates, and kept going even further. No one paid attention to her as she passed by. She knew exactly where she was going and no one else cared. The sidewalk carried her on past the bookshops and cafes. Each grass filled crack measured a distance further from what she ever thought she was capable of.

After a left on Tunsdale and a right on Spokes Street she found her destination. The rundown home needed siding and the roof had a few leaks, but this was the place. Would her father approve of her even looking at a house like this? It didn't matter; he would never know of the party she attended there last week.

The first half of that evening was a little dull but full of beer and spirits. The second half was a bit of a blur. The night ended with her being driven back to her dorm by Kenneth, the recluse who lived under party central.

* * *

The spirits were the better part of the evening. Beer took a lot more to have any effect. But the clear stuff sure made an impact quickly. Cory's arm stayed around Sarah's waist most of the night while his other carried a beer. Conversations were meaningless, joking about who was better at spitting further or who had the best trick for cheating in American History. About thirty minutes into the party Cory decided it was getting late for him. Something about a test the next morning. “I'll see ya tomorrow afternoon Sarah. Do lunch?”

“Ya sure. I'm stayin' though. I'll walk back later.” They kissed and he left. One or two others left soon after him.

“Hey Sarah, get over here! Got a shot waiting on ya!” Paul's voice carried well over the loud music. Sarah had to force her way through the crowd of sweating party goers. The kitchen was a place to be if you wanted to get drunk quick. This is where they lined out the shots, one after another.

“Ya, which one's mine?”

“Take your pick.” Sarah grabbed the one that wasn't clear. “Like a little scotch, do ya? Have another.”

She downs the second, “You have a roommate right? Which one is he? I wanna see him.”

“Ya, his name's Kenneth. But he doesn't party. He stays downstairs.” He poured some more shots, overflowing onto the stovetop. The counters were loaded with an assortment of liquor store treasures leaving no room there to dish out the booze. “Why worry about him though? He's a freak. Some weird crap he does down there.”

“Well, sounds like he needs a beer.” She grabbed one from the counter and proceeded back across the room. After pounding through the door in a drunken stupor, Sarah yelled down the stairs, “Ken, get your boring a*s up here and drink some beer!” There was no answer, but a candle was burning on a table casting shifting shadows on the walls. The throbbing rhythm of the speakers above seemed to have no importance in this room beneath everything. She carefully made her way down the stairs; the alcohol in her system was not helping her balance. She almost tripped on the last step, but she caught herself on the table.

When she lifted her head she noticed a book resting on the table. Of course anything can seem interesting when you're drunk, but this was different. There were strange symbols and writing on the page it was open to. On the couch she could actually hear the hum of the mini fridge nearby over the crowd upstairs. The fury of sound upstairs was a complete opposite to this room. “I can see why he never complains.” She now understood how Kenneth could live beneath such an outgoing roommate like Paul. This room was very cut off.

Lifting the book from the table was a task in her state, but she accomplished it. Flipping through the pages there were more strange symbols and writing. A piece of folded notebook paper fell into her lap from the back cover. The book went back to the table as she unfolded the new find.

This was written in English and the first two words were “vengeance demon.” She would have read more, but a toilet flushed in the bathroom behind her and a florescent light flooded the room then switched off.

“Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my room?” She turned and saw Ken step out in shorts with headphones dangling around his neck. The paper fell folded back into her lap. Tattoos covered his arms and torso and piercings were abundant where visible. She had never seen tattoos or piercings like this before. Some of the tattoos looked like the images from the book.

“None of your business, unless you come upstairs and party with me.” She stood and slipped the paper into her back pocket. “Have some beer, you know you want to party.”

“Get out, and tell the rest of your drunk friends not to come down here either. Did you hear me?” The bottle fell to the floor. She didn't hear him for she had begun to throw up. “Jesus, get in the bathroom.” He led her to the bathroom and held her hair as she lost what little food there was in her system with the fountain of alcohol. When she was done he reached over and flushed the toilet and offered her a rag. “You know this will take years off your life. Fell you got another coming?” She shook her head, the acid made her throat itch. She wiped the tears from her eyes and slowly stood with aid. “Good, let's sit you back on the couch.”

The cool wetness of the towel on her forehead was the most welcome thing she could ever imagine. Ken now sat in the chair across the table looking at her.

“Thanks.” She didn't look down in fear of losing the towel or stirring anything left in her stomach.

“Don't thank me. I just didn't want to clean up the mess.” The lack of feeling almost disturbed Sarah.

“Well, thanks anyways.”

“The amount of alcohol I saw come out of you could have killed you if it had stayed in. Next time lose it upstairs on Paul's floor.” He put one side of his headphones back into his ear. “Why are you down here anyways?”

“I don't know. I figured you needed a beer.”

“Thanks for the thought. As soon as you're up to it I'll get you back to campus for the night. Party's over for you.” He leaned across the table and opened the mini fridge. “I've got my own beer.” He smiled and cracked it open.

When she could regain her balance Ken helped her up the stairs back up into the now lulling party. The basement door opened and the living room lights were an instant headache. No one paid much attention to them until Paul noticed her being carried to the door. “Whoa, Sarah! What ya doin' in the basement with Ken? He's not much of a ladies man.”

The glare from Ken quieted the room. “Hut the hell up Paul. I'll be back after I get her to campus. Everyone else,” he scanned the floor “stay out of my damn room!” Ken pulled the door shut behind him.

When Sarah woke the next morning most of the night before was a blur. The hangover made rolling out of bed a real task and the smell from her clothes was not a help either The reek of beer, cigarettes, and vomit sprang from her shirt and almost brought another trip to the toilet on hands and knees. When she regained her equilibrium again and began to stand, a rumple of paper reminded her of what she took from Ken's basement. She took it out and again read the first two words. “Vengeance demon... Ken is a freak.” She threw the paper into the trash.

The following weekend was the normal weekend for her and Cory. They hung out in her room and went to see a couple of friends around campus. On Sunday night they were at another party, but Sarah wasn't drinking at this one. She had a rest early the next morning and had to pass this one in order to not fail the course. She cut out early and left Cory to party.

The test went well on Monday morning. But that wasn't the real shock. The shock came when Sarah went to Cory's room afterwards. She was going to surprise him by jumping in his bed while he still slept in celebration of the good test. But when she opened the door everything changed. Sarah could not get the image of Cory with that girl out of her head.

She ran back to her room across the street crying tears of anger. Once she closed her door behind her she screamed with every ounce of energy in her body again and again. “Why! How could he!” She fell and knocked over her trashcan. Sitting up against her wall, calming down a bit she notices that piece of paper. It catches her eye, beckoning to her. It seemed to be moving. She grabbed it and could feel it pulse in her hands. Again she read the first words after straitening it out. “Vengeance demon.” The pulses synchronized with her heartbeat. Thoughts raced across her head. No one thinks of stuff like this, unless they're crazy. Why would anyone think it possible to raise the devil to punish your boyfriend? This only flashed through her mind, she had to know more and there was only one place she knew of with the information she wanted.

* * *

She now stood in front of the house. Should she even bother? These things aren't real. But oh, how sweet it would be to get back at him. He has to feel what I feel and more.

© 2010 joenum83

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Hello, I'm a programmer in Oklahoma City who loves reading and wants to try a hand at writing. I'm still on my first attempts at this and so far my writing always ends up a little dark. I should have.. more..

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