A Letter To My Love

A Letter To My Love

A Story by jen -- JG


A Letter To My Love




Charlie, My dearest love, You have been gone ten days and I don’t know how much longer I can cope here alone. I miss you so terribly. You know how deeply I love you but I never guessed this separation would destroy my soul this way. All I can think of you, I fall asleep with your name as my prayer and waken with your phantom kisses burning my lips.


I know you said to get out and mix with our friends, to enjoy their company and enjoy myself. Well, I did that. I went to the movies with Sara and George; they brought their cousin Kris along for me. It was a nice night - we went to the café on the pier for a light supper and then went to see Harry Potter. Kris sat beside me – I could smell his after-shave and it was nice. Half way through the movie,

Kris tried to hold my hand and I let him but somehow in the dark theatre it was you beside me. I looked at Kris and all I could see was your beautiful brown eyes smiling at me and I saw your lips send me a secret kiss, just like you always did.


And suddenly, in that dark crowded theater, even though I was not alone - I felt lonely.


My darling, I never understood what it meant to be lonely. Oh, I’ve been alone and didn’t like that much, but lonely? Even before you came into my life, I was never lonely, there was so much to do, so many wonderful places to go and so much to see.


Then you came along and with a single look into your eyes, I lost my heart to you forever. We did so much together my love, life was so much fun with you, and how we loved to love...


You know, even when you were at work and I was alone, I wasn’t lonely, I knew you’d soon be home and that the moment you walked through the door, our little world would be complete again.


I went shopping with the girls yesterday, you know how much they love first day sales. The waiting line went clear around the block and the sudden rush when the doors opened almost upended me. Well, did they laugh as they helped me stay steady on my feet, but you know something, it was your voice I heard chuckling into my ear and your voice whispering " silly ding bat, whatcha doin’, whatcha at" the way you always do whenever I stumble.


I looked around but you weren’t there, were you dearest one. There must have been a thousand people shoving, pushing and struggling to get into the sale and I was the only one standing still in this ocean of moving bodies. In the midst of this noisy confusion, a heavy feeling settled around my heart and I knew I was so very lonely. No one told me it would be like this, sweetheart, that I could be in the middle of crowd, have beautiful sights and sounds around me, yet be so unaware of them. Oh, I try, I laugh and smile and joke and pretend to be happy, but my heart and soul weep for you and I know my smile doesn’t reach my eyes.


Dearest heart, please come home soon, I don’t think my heart can take this pain much longer. I love you and miss you so much but much more than that my love, without you, there is no life in me, no colour or joy, and loneliness walks in my shadow all day long and sleeps in my heart all night.


My heart is yours, my love, please come home soon and lift this black, bleak shade of loneliness from my soul.


Always Your loving wife Marie


©Copyright jen-JG 3rd September 2008


© 2008 jen -- JG

Author's Note

jen -- JG
anything you wish to say - honesty is good

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This was indeed an awesome story! Extremely well written with vivid
feelings pouring out from your pen to the page

Good job!

Thanks again for your submissions to the contest!


Posted 12 Years Ago

I can truly relate to the feelings you write about here. I felt the same way, when my husband was gone. And, although he is gone for good, now, I still at times deal with some of these feelings.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm changing my name to Charlie, Wow! so in love and so sad all in one breath. This is beautiful Jen, your feelings show such emotion, if this is for real, Charlie better hurry and get back home, he has someone special waiting for him. I loved all that was said in this piece.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Jen...there is such a deluge of reality in this wonderful story, I would be shocked if it was just a muse. But somehow, it holds a certain promise that you would not be alone forever. Loneliness, it seems is a constant companion when your heart dwells on the absence of one who is the center of your being...your reason for living in spite of all diversions to prevent your loneliness.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on September 3, 2008


jen -- JG
jen -- JG

Melbourne, Australia

I enjoy reading, writing and watching movies. There are two adorable cats in our household who give us much pleasure. i enjoy writing poetry of most kinds, rhyme - open verse - and often anything a.. more..


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