Doin' The Cancer Two Step

Doin' The Cancer Two Step

A Poem by jen -- JG

just my way of coping..................



Doin’ The Cancer Two Step


I’ve wined and dined to the Blue Danube

Boot-scooted to Tammy Wynette

I sang the blues with the great B.B King

And loved ‘Mickey Mouse and Annette.


I used to ‘Go Go’ with Abba

Twist and shout to a favourite band,

But I never did the ‘two step’

While tied to an I.V. stand.


My stand and wheels went one way-

I.V tubes got tangled in twists

Amid urgent struggles and quick steps

Too often the toilet was missed.


As for me – I managed the ‘two step’

Walked the wards from North to South,

Aching so much for solid food

Even jelly felt good in my mouth.


Right now, I’m feeling much better

But my patience is just a tad thin-

Cancer took out a third of my bowel

But that bugger just ain’t gonna win!


So Now – it’s the cancer ‘two step’

Two steps forward - one step back,

It all seems a little too much at times

But courage – this lady don’t lack.


I used to be so well endowed

I think Dolly Parton was jealous,

My kids called my boobies – my ‘floaties’

‘till cancer attacks were too zealous.

It took eight years for breast cancer

To reduce my ‘floaties’ to dust

But I keep two spares in a box in my drawer

‘cause wearing ‘floaties’ to church – is a must.


Four times the cancer bug bit me

I don’t claim it was all lots of fun

My ‘floaties’ attacks now number three

And ‘the bottom end’, numbers - just one.


Now we shuffle the damn cancer two step

Make it cringe - with a great big grin

You see, I’ve been given a brand new start

And believe me, I ain’t giving in.


Yeah! I’m doing the cancer two step

For now other dances must pass

And as for the bloody bowel cancer

I’m gonna blow it right out of my a*s!!!!


©Copyright jen-JG 10th December 2008

Ward 1 South Box Hill Hospital.



© 2008 jen -- JG

Author's Note

jen -- JG
as always Honesty is good ..... Thank you

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Featured Review

GOOD for you, Jen! Such a positive -- and humorous! -- attitude is the way to get rid of the pestilence!

A friend who so far is a survivor of ovarian cancer (much longer than I thought possible) has said that these combined with writing are among the things that have kept her sane and whole. I applaud you both -- and your writings! -- and continue with prayers and blessings.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Jen. I love your poetry, but you are also a hero to me. I am going claim you as a prime example of a spirited Aussie. Laughing in the face of cancer! I appreciate the humour, but I also appeciate what you must have gone through. I have read a lot of sad and heart felt verses on the Cafe, but his one has moved me the moved the most. I note you wrote in Dec 2008, so hope you are doing well now. Keith.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Oh, this made me laugh, which helps with the healing! Your attitude shows your strength and your spirit shines through your sense of humor! Kudos!

Posted 10 Years Ago

The poem tell a story of a strong woman. The description and energy of life in the poem was powerful. Life is precious. Most people learn too late to appreciate the new day and opportunity to do some good. Thank you for the poem. I hope you are doing Ok today.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is the way to look at life. You are a courageous woman to not only live through all that, but to be able to stand tall and proud and write about it. Dance about it. Live despite of it. I take my hat off to you Jen.

Posted 11 Years Ago

A sense of humor is a must. I've always believed that & always will.
Your poem is honest & humorous to the core. Thanks for sharing your two step ...

Posted 11 Years Ago

I really love this, and not just because colon cancer took my mom (and I like to think she had much the same outlook as you). You have such a skilled and inventive use of rhyming, it makes me rethink what I always say about rhyming...namely, that it doesn't usually work. Now all you need to do is set it to music! Best of luck.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Dear Jen,

I'm speechless. My wife has had a serious, near death experience with a punctured colon. She had an ostomy, then an ileostomy. All better now after 4 surgeries, 6 hospital stays, nearly failed liver, serious intestinal blockage, and hernia surgeries. Any my dear cousin has had a bout with colon cancer. She's still in the hospital as we speak. This is going on her 17th week in the hospital, battling serious wounds that won't heal and heart complications. My eyes cry tears for you and your struggles.

I admire your courage. I admire your clever poetry in the face of serious adversity. I admire your strength.

Life has a way of challenging us. It asks much. Then when we think we're maybe through the worst of it, it askes for additional and even more challenging tasks of us. Sometimes it seems like a never ending string of demands, one after the other. But you seem to have admirable courage. This is how these challenges are met. This is how these challenges are overcome. This is how the human spirit survives, rises above, and overcomes these challenges. I can feel your strength and resolve through your poetry. Bravo to you. Push forward. You have the strength and resolve. This will not defeat you. My sincerest congratualtions to you.

My very best regards to a very brave and resolved woman,


Posted 11 Years Ago

I'm with Bridgey on this one! Time's progression ... well... all of it actually. I find no flaws. I only wish I had come across your work sooner. Very enjoyable! 100 daisies if I may! :0)

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was incredible! I loved your descriptions and the creativity of said description, placed into what can be thought of as a dance. Very smart and upbeat poem of something so serious and frightening. Assuming this is a first hand account, I applaud your journey and I'm thankful that we got an incredible poem out of the deal!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I love this! I am a nurse so I started to laugh and wanted to cry (the human-side) too.
You give humor to a very difficult and trying time in your life. I wish you well my Queen!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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jen -- JG
jen -- JG

Melbourne, Australia

I enjoy reading, writing and watching movies. There are two adorable cats in our household who give us much pleasure. i enjoy writing poetry of most kinds, rhyme - open verse - and often anything a.. more..


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