I Maried A Book

I Maried A Book

A Poem by jen -- JG

a bit of silliness for the BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS contest




Well did the title grab you

I bet you that it did

How can anyone wed a book

And what would we call a kid?


Booklet or Bookie

Guess neither one would do

One would be too small too read

The other one’s stuck in poo.


Horse and dog poo that is

But naught to do with books

Unless you want to read about

Other ways to change your looks.


A book can tell you "how to"

"When to" and why it is so good

but it never seems to show you how

to behave the way you should.


Oh, yes the books will TELL you

All the things you OUGHT to do

But how can a small book shape you

Into something you won’t rue.


I never got married to a book

But there are heaps here on the floor

And I’m afraid, so very scared that

They’ll chase me out the door.


©Copyright jen_JG February 2009


© 2009 jen -- JG

Author's Note

jen -- JG
As always, honesty works - laugh, groan or cry - tell me what you think. Ta plenty.

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I am becoming a fan. That was a delight and loads of fun. Keep em coming please.

Posted 7 Years Ago

jen, my love of books has always been a passionate one. If I could marry a book, I probably would. I thoroughly enjoyed and understood the feelings in your fine write. I love and appreciate your diversity and style.


Posted 9 Years Ago

The author must be better then any other author for me to want to be married to thier book. This poem gets me wondering what kind of books I'm in to and what write suits me best. You have to know yourself a lot to figure it out. The fifth stanza gets me smiling. I like your style on that stanza you have nailed it.

Oh, yes the books will TELL you
All the things you OUGHT to do
But how can a small book shape you
Into something you won’t rue.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I've told my wife that she can't bring a new book into our house without an old one leaving. I swear, I could build a house out of books, she has so many. (I can't tell you how many guitars I own, however)Very amusing and clever, jen.

Posted 11 Years Ago

That was...fun. Um, don't get me wrong it sounded like a very cute rhyming poem, something with a rhythm of its own. I loved the humor that you added, it just made it all the more better...
all in all, very well penned!! :)
Keep up the great work...

Posted 11 Years Ago

I enjoy this light, funny style of poetry. It's something I wish there was more of. The eight line though: "The other one's stuck in poo." is funny in its absurdity, but doesn't seem to quite fit the poem. Perhaps find another rhyming word with "do" besides "poo".

Posted 11 Years Ago

Dear Jen,

Another clever one. Not so clever as "TO BE Or NOT", but then this was for a contest and so there were boundaries put upon the writing. Again, greatly enjoy and not disappointed. Nicely written. Moving on for more!

Best regards,


Posted 11 Years Ago

I really enjoy the sentiment and the playful energy behind it! The caps for emphasis are rare and in just the right places. The narrative is silly and perfectly so. The second and third stanzas, I believe, are your weak points, or at least after the first line of the second. They seem a little out of place? The bit with poo trails off I mean. But the idea of what one would name a kid -- that's very cute! I'd love to see something else with that. Or maybe it was just that I didn't get the joke? That might have been it as well.

At any rate this poem is great fun, and a little irreverent, and I think with a little tweak in the middle it would be one that any booklover would print out and put up on their wall. I may do just that anyway. Please pardon the honesty.

Posted 11 Years Ago

But this is so nice my dear,its never a silliness
i have been married to so many book,so many writers,males and females
and it was wonderful,we were a perfect couple,ha ha
oh yes,we enjoyed some wonderful time together..
and yes ,to tell the truth ,it did reshape me,though you say it cant
these marriages told me a lot,told me how to walk my life
told me how to live..and when its time,then i know how to die
they were great relationship,they told me how to look to the outside world
and how to see it,told me how see it in different colors whenever i chose
they painted my world so different.so it was like a rainbow,different colors each time
changed my feelings and attitude,so i came to see everything like through different eyes
i think my marriage took too long and i got used to that life
it gave me security of mind..whenever i was put down
they reminded me that i was not alone
for we are engaged in such strong relations
and i loved it all the way..
wonderful write ..you gave me lots of thoughts to think about..really enjoyed this

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 27, 2009


jen -- JG
jen -- JG

Melbourne, Australia

I enjoy reading, writing and watching movies. There are two adorable cats in our household who give us much pleasure. i enjoy writing poetry of most kinds, rhyme - open verse - and often anything a.. more..


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