chapter 1 the bet

chapter 1 the bet

A Chapter by jen

(Bella's pov) 

I picked out some clothes for my beautiful daughter, she was now 6 years old but had the mind and image of an 16 year old. lucky for us renesmee was no longer aging- frozen forever like the rest of us."Edward" I called … no answer. "Honey"? No answer. I walked to the bedroom he was lying on the big double bed head on pillow , eyes shut pretending to be asleep he let out a fake snore. I laughed, picked up a pillow and wacked him lightly on the head.

"Whhh what Oh morning Bella I'm so tired I only had a couple of minuets' sleeps most I've had in a hundred years." I giggled
"stop pretending to be asleep and choose what you want to wear today M.R Cullen.

"Morning dad" Renesmee walked in.
"morning sweetheart "he said

"why are you in bed?" she asked.
"he was pretending to sleep "I told her. She laughed and raised an eyebrow.
" can I go see Jacob?" she asked me looking at me from her long lashes.
"Yes" I suppose after we have gone hunting go and tell uncle Emmett he said he might come with us"
"ok" she said and ran off towards the Cullen house Edward crawled over to me and kissed me.

"I better find some clothes to wear" he was back in a few seconds wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. "Do you approve" he asked I nodded
"Very sexy, it looks like a beautiful day" I said.

He laughed "beautiful not with you sitting here in comparison." If I could blush my face would be bright red. "Are you ready to go" he asked I nodded.

"Yes we better go before Renesmee gets anymore impatient then she already is, honestly she was with Jake only last night" I laughed. Edwards face hardened.

"Are you ok"? I asked worried. He sighed "spit it out Edward." The sparkle from his eyes just a few seconds ago was replaced by sadness in his topaz eyes. He sighed, I lay back on the bed pulling him down so his head rested on my stomach, my hand running through his copper colored hair.
"It just seems like… like Renesmee spends more time with the mut- with Jacob than she does with us, thats all"

His eyes closed his face smooth but I could see through the perfect mask he wore, every time Jacob was with Renesmee I saw how much pain it really caused him, how much effort It took to let them be alone, I wasn't fooled.
"I know your upset, just remember you love her, you love both of them, and when she… realizes that they are meant to be together, when she realizes he imprinted on her, she will still be our daughter Edward, Jacob would never let anything happen to her you know that" I whispered. He nodded and smiled at me but it didn't reach his eyes.

"renesmee thinks of him as a brother or a best friend" he whispered. "and every day im waiting for it to change, waiting for her to realize she loves him, i hear it in his thought all the time he thinks he's done something wrong that he likes her more than she does him."
"Look at me "I told him. He looked at me and smiled again. "I love you" I told him.

"And I you" he whispered he bent he head and kissed me softly.
"Love you more" I teased. He grinned this time it was my favorite crooked smile I was aiming for.

Edward was right though...

 It was just last week when all us girls (apart from esme) was in Alice's room having a girl talk, Alice was talking about her and jaspers 7th honeymoon that they had got back from a week ago, when she says "whats wrong Ness you look concerned about something?"
 "im worried about Jake she answered ... its like he has no social life... i mean outside his pack and us he never hangs out with his fiends... and i dont think he has ever had a girlfriend" there was an awkward silence. when i said "well darling, i think Jake likes hanging around with you...?" she got the point. "ew gross Jakes like my brother... wait dont tell him i said that ok it might hurt he feelings."

that night i talked to carlisle about it, he told me that imprinting works in different ways, he told me that one . minute she might think of him as nothing more than a brother, and the next she could be head of heels in love with him

Renesmee came running back into the room " uncle Emmett is coming he said that he'd never miss a chance to bag more elk than you" I heard Emmet's bellowing laugh from the Cullen house.
"well let's not keeping him waiting then" I smiled. We walked to the Cullen house, Alice was looking through a fashion magazine with Rosalie, and the boys were watching the game on TV.

"Are You Ready Em"? I asked
"yep I'm ready, ready to bag more elk than you" he grinned jasper laughed
"fat chance"

since I became a vampire me and jasper had gotten a lot closer, I grinned at the tall curly haired vampire from across the room.
"thanks jazz" I looked up at Edward who had his arm round my waist he bent down and mumbled
"you could take him" against my cheek I giggled and turned to kiss him on the lips, like always we got carried away. Emmet gagged loudly I heard a slap and Emmett wine
"ouch rose baby". I pulled away to smile and Rosalie, Emmett stuck his tongue out at me.
"Let's go then" he said "I can't wait to see your face when I beat you" jasper snorted. "you think I can't beat her?" he growled.

"Nope, I think she's gonna kick your but Em" he laughed.

"Oh yea, you want to bet on that smart guy?" he asked
!..."fine fifty on Bella winning" jasper smiled but I saw him shoot a quick glance at Alice who nodded once.

 Cheat, I thought. Emmett foolishly agreed as they shook on it, both smirking and gripping each other's hand a little too hard. Me, Edward, Renesmee and a rather smug Emmett started for the forest.

© 2011 jen

Author's Note

hi guys this has been changed same story line ect but different gramma .

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absolutely wonderful

Posted 9 Years Ago

lol humourous it's impressive

Posted 10 Years Ago

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sorry if you dont like it this is my first chapter, i dont mind any criticism but i hope some of you like it thank you for reading it.


Posted 10 Years Ago

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Hello my name is Jenny and im shy lol but when it comes to writing im so much different i love to write and read. Myspace Graphics - Online Dating Site I love the twilight saga and I wan.. more..

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