chapter 2 hunting

chapter 2 hunting

A Chapter by jen

(bella's pov )
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Me, Edward, Renesmee and a rather smug Emmett started for the forest…

(Edwards's pov)

I laughed at my brothers foolishness, tying to take on Bella was not the best of ideas, she may not still be a new born but she was fast, as fast as me. When we reached the river I stepped in front of them so they were either side of me I reached into my pocket for a tissue and held it above my head, Emmett and Bella realized what I was doing and grinned hugely, "on your marks , get set , go!"

I laughed dropping the tissue as soon as it reached the floor Bella crouched ready to jump while Emmett just stormed through the water. Bella reached the other side first and catching a scent of elk she smiled at me and sprinted towards the forest Emmett hot on her heels.

Me and Renesmee ran after them we came into the clearing just as Bella pounced onto the nearest and largest elk the bull, she quickly snapped it's neck to save the poor creature more pain the necessary, I watched as Bella sank her teeth into its neck, as easy as butter. The moment her lips touched its neck Emmett launched himself at the second biggest elk another male.

For the whole match Bella stood one point ahead in till Emmett drained his smaller elk at the same time as bellas slightly larger one, they both leaped for the last remaining elk at the same time, there was a bang like an explosion and both of them were sent flying into the forest Emmett's sheer size and muscle sent Bella flying further, but she was faster and got up quicker, pouncing on top of the elk a split second before Emmett who had pounced , missed and was lying on his back of the forest floor.

Bella laughed as she finished the elk she was smiling at me, I walked over to her and whispered "told you so" in her ear. Emmett pushed himself of the floor lucking grumpy and annoyed, he stormed past us towards the house, "aww come on Em don't be like that" Bella called after him. But he carried on towards the house I heard Renesmee mutter "spoilt sport" under her breath I chuckled.

I turned to face Bella who was still staring at me, "what?" I mouthed at her. Her face suddenly looked annoyed. "Are you ok babe?" I asked,
"NO you're doing it again" she accused.
"Doing what?" I asked
"DAZZELING ME!" I laughed, she pouted and my breath hitched
"you have no idea what you do to me Bella" I told her. She grabbed my arms and pushed me I fell to the floor and she landed on top of me, my hands cupped her face as I bought her lips to mine, her hands pulled the hem of my shirt up.

Renesmee cleared her throat. "Really guys? With me standing right here?" she scolded
"sorry Renesmee" Bella said
"I'm not" I muttered, Bella laughed. Come on I'm thirsty I said pulling Bella up with me.

I closed my eyes, and waited, then I smelled it a nice fresh trail of a mountain lion, three of them by the smell of it. We started running south straight for the fresh scent less than two minutes went by before I spotted them in the long grass, I leaped gracefully into the air before landing on the alpha male he tried to shake me of, but I closed my eyes and quickly snapped its neck out of the corner of my eye I saw Renesmee doing the same thing. When we had fulfilled or thirst we set of back home.

When we got in I spotted Emmett happily playing on the Xbox I knew Emmett and he could never hold a grudge against anyone especially Bella for less than a minute. "Hey guys" I called sitting on the sofa. Alice looked up from the magazine that she was STILL reading. "Hey" she sang.
"Thanks for winning bells" jasper said. Bella smiled at him

Renesmee came down stairs with a phone in her hand "Jakes on his way" she said. And sure enough 3 minutes later I could hear his thoughts hey Edward I know you can hear me, listen could you do me a favor (I knew straight away it would be a big one Jacob was never this polite.) could you stay out of my head to day, no questions asked please? By this time he was seconds away I heard his heavy paws turn into silent foot step and the rustle of clothes as he pulled on shorts half a second later he was in the living room, his eyes met mine and I gave him a short nod.

© 2011 jen

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