What This Great Country Wants…

What This Great Country Wants…

A Story by Jennifer Webster

We need a REAL President, not a President who acts like a dictator...

It has been four years since our President has sworn into office; In those four years, we have been through nothing but having to endure his lies, his racism, his bigotry, and his corruption, among other things. And I am thinking what most of you are thinking right now: We have had it.
    We have had it with a President who has done nothing but tear this great country of ours apart, rather than bring them together; when U.S. Presidents are sworn in, they are supposed to be leading our country while bringing every one of us together, no matter what race, creed, color, or religion we are. Instead, all our President ever does is tweet about being bullied by Democrats and news media such as CNN when we are the ones whom he has bullied. Our President has done nothing but spew lies and racist remarks, as well as being the most corrupt President that we have ever had before or since. Not only that, he does not even care that there are millions of people still out of work, and that 130,000 people have died from the virus so far. Our President has absolutely zero sympathy and love in his heart.
    We have had it with a President who cares more about building a wall than about government workers who have been out of work due to a shutdown that he had created; we have had it with a President who stupidly declared a national emergency just so he could build that racist, ineffective, and of course unnecessary wall. We have had it with a President who has ignored the warnings of officials about a virus that has spread to the entire planet, and instead just plays golf. We have had it with a President who has called peaceful protesters “angry mobs”, has called Democrats “Do-Nothings”, and has even called Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”. What’s more, we are so sick and tired of a President who has used security to push protesters out of his way so that he could have a photo-op in front of a church, in which has enraged some who are religious. 

And furthermore, we have had it with a President who wants nothing more than to cut a very big budget for Social Security, Medicaid, and to rip Americans of their healthcare, just so he could give the rest to his wealthy friends. And finally, we are sick and tired, as well as had it, with a President who is a racist, bigot, homophobe, a sexual pedophile, a careless fool, and very corrupt. We in this great country of ours deserve a President who should be a lot better than this one we have right now.
    If he continues into this kind of behavior, then our President would just put our country into a much greater ruin; we have already been in this terrible position as we are now. What our country wants now is for our President to grow up and to act like a REAL, true President. If not, then if you cannot stand his aggressive behavior, then I have just one word of advice for all of you: VOTE. Vote with your heart. Choose which you would decide, a better America, or Trump? Choose the latter, and we shall be in even more hell than we are now. Choose the former, and then we can rebuild this great damage that our current President has done. The choice is yours. VOTE.
            ©2020 Jenn Webster

© 2020 Jennifer Webster

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Added on July 15, 2020
Last Updated on July 15, 2020
Tags: President, Racism, Bigotry, Lies, Vote, Corrupt


Jennifer Webster
Jennifer Webster

Felton, DE

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