"Prevention of Teen Suicide"

"Prevention of Teen Suicide"

A Poem by Jessica Harmony

Every Tuesday afternoon I preach “Prevention of Teen Suicide” I

Can’t even keep myself alive, I

Can’t help this urge to want to die after

3 straight years of bullying called middle school

After one straight year of transition here being

Left out, stood up, pushed down,


And yes there are boys that think I’m “sexy”

They like my a*s, they like my body but I keep thinking

Would you love it when you saw the scars?

And everyone says it’s what’s on the inside but a body can tell a thousand words like


A picture, that I was never in.

Always the one behind the camera,

Left out of the memory

Like in a few years they won’t remember me.


And I stand there and say

“do you know the risk factors of suicide?”

because, most of these innocent people are blind and

I might as well just say look at me.


Look at me. I am the bullied,

I am the cutter the lover the

Suicide attempt ending in the ER

The one who pushes herself too hard.


I am the dreamer, the screamer,

The “I don’t want to be here”

The mental patient, the always impatient.

The girl who’s trying to save lives.


Like how I preach anti-suicide.


And he says, “it’s wrong. That someone like YOU should run this cause.”


And I say listen here,

Have you ever felt the desperation where it was your only option,

The harassment of three years build up until it’s at your ears,

Have you felt what it’s like to be told you’re not good enough.


Because I have.


And if I can save others from this hopeless feeling this darkness reeling around me like a black hole,

I will.

© 2012 Jessica Harmony

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Added on November 14, 2012
Last Updated on November 14, 2012


Jessica Harmony
Jessica Harmony

Denver, CO

Just another number, darling. Nothing to the world. Bet I'm a statistic, baby. Just the broken girl. I'm 17. I love to write poetry and i'm currently writing a novel. Most of my poems on her.. more..