To The Conservative A******s of America

To The Conservative A******s of America

A Poem by Jessica Harmony

I wanna know what makes you so different.
Because it seems to me that you look an awful lot like those you are against.
I think i know what makes you so different.
Is it the way the hate fills your veins when you speak in vain, arrogant terms?
Or...could it be the way your mind is closed like a prisoner that's been gated in the county jail and even then that wouldn't be fair to them because, i'm sure some of them are more open minded than you.
Is it the monster that creeps under your bed at night tell me, do you put up a fight when they try to push the demons into your head or do you let them because really, there are no monster under the bed they are inside you.
And, I'd like to know sir, why it is you hate those for loving is it because you are nothing but scared?
Is that why you bear your arms while their arms are bare, dripping with blood.
Do you know, how many deaths you are responsible for? How does it feel to be a permanent mark on someone else's body.
But you asked for this.
And i'd like to make you into paper.
So i could print your beloved book on your skin and ask you, "so where does it say that love is a sin?"
And, i could write a thousand more pages but, it won't change you.
And tell me sir, where are your college degrees because it seems to me you know a whole lot about a woman's body.
Yeah, tell me more about how we're built to reject and put up gates if it's not rape but, hey, maybe my security system's just broken.
And tell me how you would like to bring a child into this world when there are people like you to corrupt him.
Just because you lived the American Dream doesn't mean he'll be able to dream at night when he wonders why he doesn't have a father, when he wonders why he reminds his mother.
And i hope at least that when you insist on war your bullets are as transparent as your words.
Because at least then, there wouldn't be so many dead.
I want to know what makes you so different.
Is it the porcelain you're covered in? Your white supremacist wife and children? Your executive life decisions for people you've never met?
When i tell you we're all equal, don't tell me i forgot "but separate."

© 2013 Jessica Harmony

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There are many sad truths in this poem. A good reminder that we live in a messed up world and problems are forever brewing. Good work!


Posted 8 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 17, 2013
Last Updated on August 29, 2013


Jessica Harmony
Jessica Harmony

Denver, CO

Just another number, darling. Nothing to the world. Bet I'm a statistic, baby. Just the broken girl. I'm 17. I love to write poetry and i'm currently writing a novel. Most of my poems on her.. more..