A Poem by Jessica Harmony


Got a voice like salt water

When it gets in your mouth you

Wanna spit it out but

After a while, you can’t taste it anymore.

Or if you can,

It gets a little bit addictive because

It tastes like that summer day

When all you wanted was to escape

And he

Is like the ocean

he’ll come up, rushin’ over you,


Pull back

Sometimes, he pulls you with him.

And it’s hard not to drown in the sound

Of the shell you hold next to your ear every time you are alone and his voice is the only one you want to hear because


Is the only one who can save you

People will tell you

There are other fish in the sea

What if he

Is the ocean

And I’ve been swimming for miles trying to convince you that you can’t sink me

I’ve been wearing a lifevest this whole time



Will never make a dent in the ocean

Even if I tried

Even if you did drown me I wouldn’t mind

I would beautifully surrender to your saltwater kiss.

Just because they made some oil spills doesn’t mean I’m going to pollute you

Does it terrify you that I’m wearing a lifevest

Do you want me to drown too?

I swear it’s all just an illusion this isn’t really inflated

But go ahead

Pump your pollution into me

I’m used to it.

Then we can both drown together because

Misery loves company

And companies love misery

Sell that Romeo and Juliet love story


This isn’t a poem about pollution

This is a poem about the ocean

More importantly, this is a poem about you.

Do I have to become the sand?

That would require me to break into a million pieces

The moon is always trying to pull you away from me

I don’t care if it is high tie or low tide

I will always

Try to fight nature

But no matter what

The ocean always comes back to kiss the shoreline


I want to be the shoreline

Sure, the line is hard to draw between

What we are and what I want us to be

I know you can never know if there is going to be a tsunami


I don’t care if you wreck me….completely

But I promise you,

I’m not going to be the one who causes it.

I’ve already drowned a couple times I get it.

Just because you’re made of water doesn’t mean you can’t sink further under.

But there’s always

A lifevest.

© 2013 Jessica Harmony

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Added on August 29, 2013
Last Updated on August 29, 2013


Jessica Harmony
Jessica Harmony

Denver, CO

Just another number, darling. Nothing to the world. Bet I'm a statistic, baby. Just the broken girl. I'm 17. I love to write poetry and i'm currently writing a novel. Most of my poems on her.. more..