A Poem by jessicamarie19

In honor, in love, in memory, and in mourning.



Your glittering fingers

And clinking wrists

Shimmered with flittering hands,

Acrylic nails tapped

Your iced vodka tonic

With lemon, an orange, and a lime.


Mascaraed lashes

Smiled with questions

And always crinkled in laughter

And perfume lingered

Tied in my hair

Like ribbons from warm embraces.


Lipstick on glasses

And left on the cheeks

As memories scrawled in red liner

Cosmetics remembering

Conversations that echo

Remnants of a memoir unwritten.


The words we spoke

And the stories we shared

Faded to desperate prayers

When the demon you beat

Came back with a vengeance

Attacking your soul in futility.


The body was weakened

But faith always strong -

A valiant battle of swords,

Until swiftly in days

And a world away

Life was lessened to letters.


Fourteen letters

That fail to do justice

To the life they were honored to grace

A name etched in stone

Where the Earth mourns it's loss

And scrawled where the Heaven's rejoice.


The laughter, the love,

The soul they remember

Engraved now in stone and in flesh,

Carvings that echo

The life of a woman

And beauty I still miss so much.


So tonight I will order

My drink with a lemon

And a lime and an orange, here's to you:


That I may sparkle

As you always did

Have half the strength you had,

With limited time

And unlimited love

To be remembered as you have.


Hundreds of memories,

Thousands of tears,

And all the love in the world,

That I, in my life

May trace the path

Of these fourteen letters in stone.

© 2011 jessicamarie19

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Added on March 27, 2011
Last Updated on April 5, 2011
Tags: grief, remembrance, honor, mourning



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