An end has a start

An end has a start

A Chapter by Lady Lazarus.

a short novel I'm writing centring around a group of friends. This is the intro with chapters centring around one character and their point of view to come.

This was the indecision...the doubt.The Inaction. She had been in the pleasurable nuzzle of it all of her life and it's bourgeois uncertainty gave her the closest she could attribute to some form of happiness.This was a curious one.A person who seemed to be easy to fathom before very quickly this notion was dispelled...Its not that she didn't have the confidence or the drive to be one just seemed she stood on the edge of something and was testing the air by placing her left foot through the gravity that seemed the only possible thing that could ever bring her back down to earth....not that she belonged here.She had decided this from an early age and the eccentric foreign aura she gave off seemed to keep people from saying much more than simple stringed greetings when in her presence.She seemed to writhe in the hell fire of this industrial town and in some ways she seemed perfectly suited to Glasgow for these reasons.She was somewhat oddly shaped and tall enough to be threatening when she wanted ,but she didn't use her body to impose on anyone...she instead flinched away from any touch of any kind and her celibate nature was one of disgust at the persistent bawl that came from her very core when ever she had as much as a single palmed hand placed on her own.So this was the last chance really...she embarked on the first 66 into town with a new freshly strung together mask upon her features and the same old fears under the surface.The rip had to be mended and this was the only way it could be done.Perhaps if Jean did this for them she could one day feel something from it herself.She had been in a deep lulling stupor for so long whilst she waited for this day to come ,but now that it was here she saw this bright new day as just like the others...not worth opening her eyes to.The college loomed large in her vision and as she got closer she tried to calm her breathing."Ta" she nodded to the bus driver before getting off.She felt a chill go through her muscles as she looked around.She didn't seem to take anything in.

© 2010 Lady Lazarus.

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Lady Lazarus.
might add to.

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you have a sophisticated touch to your prose, as does your poetry...I'll read some more when you post it (hopefully in larger print).

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Lady Lazarus.
Lady Lazarus.

glasgow, United Kingdom

'...And I picked on the whims of a thousand or more Still pursuing the path that's been buried for years All the dead wood from jungles and cities on fire Can't replace or relate, can't release or .. more..

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A Poem by Lady Lazarus.