Goodnight sweet baby

Goodnight sweet baby

A Poem by jessy123

My first attempt of a children's poem.


Shh my sweet baby.
Sweet dreams to you.
Close your big brown eyes.
A love so true.

Listen to my heart beat,
Such a familiar sound.
Fall asleep as I hold you.
My true loves were found.

Listen to my voice.
As I dance you to sleep.
Singing you a song.
A piece of my heart you shall keep.

Your long lashes lightly upon your cheeks,
a small yawn drifts in the air.
Thank you God for my blessing.
Another child for care.

Let’s see your big sister.
Let’s watch her as she drifts.
Guess what her dreams will be.
As the night and morning shifts.

A forest of pink candy canes.
A places of all wishes.
Drift my sweet child,
Fulfill all your wishes.

Watch the glistening in the stars.
Fill up your room so bright.
Smile tonight my darling,
and sleep through the night.

Find the biggest rainbow.
For there will be a pot of gold.
Talk to the wisest man.
Listen to the stories to be told.

Watch for the Pixies and Fairies,
Flying high up in the sky,
Find the softest cloud,
And lay upon it in the vanilla sky.

Listen to the softest voice.
Telling you a fairytale story.
For it's like no other you read,
Take all the wonders and glory.

The elves around too.
Takes a hold of your hand.
Time for a train ride.
Through this magical land.

Pink cotton candy clouds
float lazily past you.
Taste is so delicious.
Just don't forget the blue.

So drift off to butterfly kisses.
Sleep my dear children.
A dreamland your mind made.
Will stay within.

Hush my dear loves.
For you are mine to hold.
It's time for bed, my sweet babies.
For the stories we have told.

Hush my sweet baby.
For you shall dream too.
But just always remember.
You two are my loves so true.


© 2015 jessy123

Author's Note

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Wow, this is really a pretty brilliant piece of art that gets the mind working visually even without the image to match. Great job,
Thanks for sharing

Posted 5 Years Ago

Oh, Jessie!
Herein, your mothering heart and soul dances so beautifully before us across and down the page.
How can the spirit in your words not reach out and caress our core in a sweet and tender way? I cannot answer that, because you've touched mine.
One day, when they're mature enough, this amazingly-loving poem hanging on their wall will be read by your children, and they will know the depth and beauty of their Mother's Love; then, as they mature more greatly through the years, their appreciation and understanding will grow with them.
With spot-on thymes, a smooth and pleasing flow, and emotion that sweeps the senses, you've produced a virtual masterpiece of wonderment for us all to enjoy.
Warmest hugs and blessings of deepest thanks for sharing your amazing poetry and your wonderfully-sweet heart, Jessie! ⁓ Richard


Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

thank you for your inspiring reveiw
Richard 🍃

5 Years Ago

Oh, you're welcome.
This is beautiful. A lullaby filled with hopes for a child/ children to fulfil all their dreams.
Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed it.

Posted 6 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

thank you
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Beautiful & very charming! Your baby will certainly enjoy this....Great Wrote!

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you I wanted something to hang on their wall so I wrote them this. There my little angels

6 Years Ago

So beautiful it is...Welcome friend!

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---------, NJ

I don't like these..... Figure me out more..


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