HeartSlice (But it'll all be okay)

HeartSlice (But it'll all be okay)

A Poem by jumbie's #1 fan

Im okay. Im okay. Its gonna be okay.

I'm trying
Trying so hard
But it's so hard
So hard to let go
Let go of once was
And it was not right
Was not healthy
Was not what i wanted
But my heart
Oh baby my heart
It hurts
Because I've failed
Failed again
To have a happy life
And i don't understand
Why i cant stand to be alone
And i tried to fill the hole
A temporary solution
To a long time problem
So i listen to these lyrics
And the voices in my head
Why can't i find the right one
And be treated the right way
Why can't someone love me for me
Why can't someone treat me the way i deserve
Why do they use me for their own need
And toss me away?
Maybe it's not them
Maybe it's me
Maybe i can't be loved
Maybe this blade against my wrist is all i need
Maybe all i need is to bleed
Bleed it out
All over the floor
And lay in the grave I've dug for myself
And bury myself away
Away from the tragedy of my life
Because all i seem to do is f**k s**t up
And i dont understand
Why me
Why i can't just be happy
Whether I'm with someone or not
Whether they're in my sheets or not
Am i just so desperate to feel something
Being used
Or being abused
Because right now
All i can feel
Are these wrists of mine
And they burn
With the cuts
Of today's longings
Yesterday's mistakes
And last week's ending
And my heart
Is hardly beating anymore
And my pulse is fading
And all i can do is hope
That a tornado picks me up
And tosses me away
So i dont have to live another day
But it's just a storm
And a bad spell today.

© 2016 jumbie's #1 fan

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Added on May 26, 2016
Last Updated on May 26, 2016


jumbie's #1 fan
jumbie's #1 fan

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A Poem by jumbie's #1 fan