The Victim Becomes The Murderer

The Victim Becomes The Murderer

A Poem by jumbie's #1 fan

weird how these things happen


The Victim Becomes The Murderer

You know when people say
“I became exactly who I never wanted to be”?
That’s exactly what happened to me

A remarkable mystery
I knew I wanted it for me
A picture perfect romance
Is what I expected it to be
Something plucked from a movie

Heart on my sleeve
Exposed naturally
I shared, I cared
I was happy
I was free
I was who I wanted to be
But I wasn’t in love

I wanted a relationship
I wanted a commitment
With someone who wanted me
I wanted a guy who was sensitive, yet strong
The kind of guy who would write me songs
The guy who would love me
Because my smile was warm
Because my heart was whole and not torn
That whenever he’s around me
He would realize life his life isn’t so dreary
A guy that would respect my beliefs
That was the guy for me

And after all my searching
That guy walked into my life
He’s the dork who jokes around and calls me his wife
That guy who stays up late
Talking to me on the phone
That guy who promised me
He’d never let me be alone
I hadn’t expected to fall in love this fast
But this wasn’t the kind of love that lasts

I gave him my heart and I thought he felt the same way
Then he ripped it apart and went back to his ex
Within a few days
He had led me on for as long as I would follow
Left me sobbing hysterically
Arms scarred, heart hollow

After his lies came tumbling down
Who I was before I met him
Will never be found

I used to care
I used to share
I used to be happy
I used to be free
I used to think relationships were for me
Now I’m bitter
Now I’m cold
Now I’m wishing my heart could be sold

Now I’m the girl who leads guys on
Now I’m the girl who does everything wrong
I’m the one who doesn’t want anything serious
I’m the girl who might want someone
But finds commitment not so much fun

It’s really tragic
How I believed love was like magic
But I guess I still do
Except now I see love as an illusion
A terrible mess of emotion and confusion
But you know the worst part?


I became the guy who broke my heart.


© 2009 jumbie's #1 fan

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Depressing as it is I have been in a relationship such as this and now i cant hold one to save my life...

Posted 8 Years Ago

nicely written! I felt very strong emotion as i read eye's started watering.....Anyway...I loved it! But your a good writer so what's it matter if this is good cause usually they all are!

Posted 10 Years Ago

nicely written..i can feel the hurt

Posted 10 Years Ago

me 2 i feel like this poem i love this one

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is such a powerful write here
this is a very emotional write too.
I like this. You are a wonderful writer.
I like how you express your self.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I haven't been on here in a while >_> Anyway, this one really hits home for me. We never talked much about our love blunders did we? I feel like I have more of a connection to you now. I think I'll write you a letter. I hope you come back to visit soon. lol

Posted 11 Years Ago

An emotional journey through the beginning of love to the bitter finale!
Heart-wrenching. Good job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

This reminds me of one of the worst emotional times of my life.

Oddly enough.

This poem makes me sad.
Makes my heart ache.
I like to get into poems, and I usually get lost in them,
but getting lost in this one,
was almost torturous.
Stomach, turning,
a sharp throbbing in my chest,
tears forming in the corners of my eyes,
and terrible memories and feelings flashing through my head.
My heart is literally beating so fast right now I almost feel like I'm having a heart attack.

I actually think I kind of hate it because of that. But, it's an outstanding write.

Aand, I give you mucho grande kudos.


Posted 11 Years Ago

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jumbie's #1 fan
jumbie's #1 fan

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A Poem by jumbie's #1 fan

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