A Poem by jex

This series will probably be the death of me. Second part of the fourth version of the series.

A scream of agony,
As if all the fires of hell seared and scarred her body

Maybe in a way it did,
As her lover lay lifeless next to her,
No flush of color,
No warmth of skin,
Just pure death

She cried,
And cried,
And cried,
All to no avail

All for no gain

Many months passed since her lover died,
And she became more and more despondent,
Until one day she was almost as lifeless as his decaying corpse

She went through the motions,
She breathed and ate
Showered and slept,
But he was simply gone

There was nothing she could do,
No way that she would ever see her lover again

She would never see his face in the morning when she woke up,
Or kiss him goodbye when he went hunting,
No more embraces and no more love

Until one day,
The day the fire lit the sky

She saw his face in the sky that day,
Recognized him despite his burnt skin,
Missed him despite his black eyes

She yelled, "come back!"
She screamed, "I'll do anything to be with you again!"

The fires stopped,
As the sky transformed from a scathing orange fire to a clear blue sea,
And he rose from death

Over the years,
She grew hollow and weak,
Soulless and shriveled,
A shell of who she once was

He worried for her,
Loved her,
Cared for her,
All to no avail

Many years after the sky burned,
She died in his arms,
The price of love exacted and paid

© 2012 jex

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there is a very eerie feeling this poem gives me. Its dark yet very emotional. Great work

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Wow... you bring out a powerful emotional heart touching and draining poem here. I like this a lot, when someone dear passes it does feel like a lost heart. This is really good.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on March 16, 2012
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