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What are scars? Take a moment to think about that question before continuing with this story.

What are scars?  Please, take a moment to think about this question before continuing.  Are you still thinking?  Good, keep it up, think hard about it.  You will be glad you did.  Chances are that one of the things that came to your mind when I asked "What are scars?" was a serious wound that has healed, but there is still a mark, still evidence of the damage done before.  Or maybe you thought of the scars of someone who cuts their own wrists?  Or perhaps you are a deep thinker, and thought that scars are the results of sometimes poor decisions that we have made in our pasts?  
But what if I told you that scars are all those things, and more?  What if I told you scars are evidence of healing?  Of life itself?  Of love and forgiveness?  Would you believe me?  Well of course you would agree that scars are evidence of healing, that much I know, but I can imagine you are curious as to why I would say scars are evidence of life, love and forgiveness.  
Think for a moment of a time when you received a scar, maybe riding a bike and falling to the pavement, maybe an accident, perhaps a fight, or maybe emotional scars from a relationship gone sour, a death in the family, or separation from friends and family.  Whatever the cause may be, I can say with certainty that you have received a scar at some point in your life, however great or small it may be.  Now you may be thinking, "How does this relate to life, love or forgiveness?"  I am getting there.  First, it is a sign of life because you would not heal and develop the scar without being alive first, so it shows that your body is alive and able to heal itself.  
You ask how it can possibly be an example of love or forgiveness?  You say that it is impossible?  Well, listen close then.  What if there were a law that said never to lie, or you would be thrown in prison and executed?  If that were the case, then every person on the earth would be guilty under that law, would they not?  And that being the case, everyone would deserve that punishment, correct?  Well this example is real, we are all guilty of breaking The Law of God, the Ten Commandments.  Because of this we are deserving of separation from God and given death in Hell.  
But He did not want to be apart from us and made a way so that we could be with Him.  He took the punishment we deserved and put it on himself.  He allowed men to put a crown of thorns on His head, whip and beat Him, and put nails into His hands and His feet.  He paid the price for our wrongs.  He paid the fee for our bail so that we would not have to be punished, but we have to accept that gift.  Just like when a friend gives you a gift, you still have to accept and take it. You do not have to earn it from them, it is a gift.  
He rose again, back to life on the third day and now He bears the scars from the nails.  The scars are evidence of His love and just how much He loves us, as well as evidence of the forgiveness that we have been given as a result.  That is how scars are evidence of life, love, and forgiveness.  That is what Resurrection Day, or Easter, is all about; God's love and our forgiveness and reunion with Him.

© 2016 Jeremy Hiles

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This is amazing! The depth and thought you dive into is incredible! Thank you for sharing! I love how you give a whole new meaing to the word "Scars".

Posted 6 Years Ago

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