Heart of Loneliness

Heart of Loneliness

A Story by jimmy45

                     The Heart of Loneliness







                                     Chapter one


The house dwarfed everything in the street. Built in 1900 for the very wealthy Chapman family, the home has stood for 60 years.

Sixty-Five-year-old Sophia Chapman lives alone in the now run down and unkempt residence. The house was left to Sophia, who never married, and has isolated herself from her family. The people of Stowcastle have repeatedly petitioned the town counsel to have the home demolished. The front yard is overgrown with weeds, the paint is faded and chipped, and the front stairs are broken. Sophia has turned down many offers to buy her property. There is a reluctance to take her home because of her family’s status in the town; Sophia is well aware of this. She is very cautious about whom she speaks with and nobody comes into the home.

                            Chapter two

                  On a very warm summer day in mid-July Sophia made an exception. A man from the Edison Company was reading meters in the neighborhood and stopped at Sophia’s home. In an attempt to read the meter, the man had to step over some debris; and fell down twisting his leg and hitting his head. Sophia heard the commotion and looked out of a side window; noticing the man on the ground. “Please help me!” the man exclaimed. Sophia hesitated for a few minutes, then opened the aged window. “Are you ok?” she asked. “No,” said the man, grimacing in pain.

“Please get help!”

Sophia did not have a phone and did not want to have police making a scene for the neighbors. She went down stairs to the back door leading out to the yard and cautiously approached the man.

                              Chapter Three



Speaking softly Sophia told the man that if he could crawl to the back door and up the stairs; she could help him. The man was in agony and was not going to lie outside while his condition got worse. Slowly the man crawled towards the back door; while Sophia watched with no emotion. The man made it through the door and Sophia closed it quickly; “No need to make a fuss.” She said. Sophia walked up the stairs, encouraging the wounded disoriented man to keep going. After several minutes, the man finally made it into the home and Sophia returned with water, bandages, and ice. “You caught me on a good day,” She said.

She cleaned the cut on his head and gave him water to drink.

“We need to fix you up, I’m sure your wife will be wondering where you are.”

“I’m not married,” He said.

“Oh, I’m surprised,” She exclaimed.

“Listen, Can I get on the couch or something?”

“Where are my manners?’’ “Of course you can.”

Sophia pointed to the couch in the other room and the man pulled himself up and limped over to the couch.

                        Chapter Four


The man lay on the couch and Sophia put a pillow under his injured leg. “What’s your name dear?” “Jack,” He said.

“I’m Sophia, I’m sorry we had to meet this way.”

  “Ya, me too,” said Jack. “Why don’t you sell this place?”

“This is my home, where do you expect me to go?” Sophia said.

“Buy a new house with the money”

“This home has been in my family for Sixty years, I’m not leaving!”

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry I brought it up.”

“Let’s have some tea.” Said Sophia

“My head hurts.” Said Jack

“The tea will help you, I don’t have aspirin.”

“Can we open a window?”

“Just relax dear, all will be ok.”


Jack looked out the dusty antiquated window while he waited for Sophia to return with the tea. She is a sweet old woman... He thought to himself. Maybe she is just misunderstood. Sophia walked into the room with a big smile while carrying a tray with tea and cookies on it.

“I thought you might like a snack.”

“How are you feeling?”

She set the tray down and adjusted the ice pack on Jack’s knee.

“I think I’m doing better  ... Thank you.”

“Why are you helping me so much?” asked Jack while reaching for a cookie.

“Contrary to what you might hear, I’m not a terrible heartless person,” Sophia said.

“Your hurt, I couldn’t let you suffer.”

Sophia continued… “I don’t talk to many people in town and if I do, I prefer face to face.” “That’s why I don’t have a phone and its one less bill. Besides, would a hospital have tea and cookies?”


                        Chapter five


A smile came across Jack’s face, “How could I disagree”

Jack sipped some tea and listened to Sophia.

“I’m an old woman and my health is not very good.”

“I have many fond memories in this home, and yes, I do live alone and never married or had any children.’’ “But, that was all by choice.”

  “I’ve had many offers to buy this home, but money cannot replace memories.” “Oh, I’m rambling on like a silly old woman.”

“Are you married?” Sophia asked.

Jack smiled, “Not since you last asked me” Jack removed the ice pack form his knee. “Haven’t found the right girl yet,” He said.

“I’ve been working for the Edison Company for ten years now.”

“I do meet a lot of women; I guess I’m a little shy.”

“Oh dear!” Sophia exclaimed. “Won’t your boss be looking for you?”

“No, I’ve got it covered, as long as I get to the company in the morning.” Jack moved slowly and sat upright on the couch.

“How can I help you, Sophia?”

“Who says I need help?”

“What I mean is, are you happy?”

Sophia coughed hard, covering her mouth. “That doesn’t sound good,’’ Jack said

“I’m ok; it’s just a cough Jack.”

“You seem to be getting better.” Sophia said.

“Maybe I should get a doctor for you, Sophia.” Jack noticed that she was starting to look pale.

“No doctors, I will be fine.” Jack attempted to stand now and Sophia was surprised to see that the cut on his head was healing very well. Jack limped to the window.

                                Chapter Six


The sun was slowly setting into a warm summer night. Jack put his hands on the window, and slowly pushed it open. Sophia yelled, “No jack!” She rose from her chair and went to the window. “Close it now!” she exclaimed. Its ok Sophia, just hold on. Jack put his hand on the window to stop Sophia from attempting to close it. Sophia paused and could smell the lavender carried in on the warm breeze. “Brings back so many memories,” She said. Sophia looked at Jack and sat back down in her chair. “It’s just so peaceful here; I’ve always loved this neighborhood,” Sophia said.

Jack went to Sophia’s side and knelt down. He took her hand and stood up; motioning for her to stand. Jack and Sophia walked to the front door. Jack told Sophia to look back at where she was sitting; Sophia’s body was in the chair. Jack took Sophia home.


© 2015 jimmy45

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Temecula, CA

very new to writing and I would love to get to know other writers more..

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