Just Because Jღ and ღKKDღ

Just Because Jღ and ღKKDღ

A Poem by Jheart

Just Because

It's at times such as this
your absence is unbearable
Thoughts and feelings of you
are ever so present
Regardless of near or far
You are always with me......ღKKDღ

Because I'm not always with you,
 doesn't mean you aren't thought of
 If a 24 hour a day lifeline
was open for us,
I'd be there always......Jღ

The number of miles
between are insiginifant
regardless of across
 the street or country
When you are not by my side
I miss your physical presence...... ღKKDღ

Just hoping for a few precious
minutes with you.
The days grow very long,
the nights turn into eternities
Because we aren't together......Jღ

Everyday the dark void
within smolders,
but at times such as this
it errupts in to a blaze
that singes my soul.
Leaves me standing
empty and alone......ღKKDღ

Sometimes it feels like emptiness
more than loneliness,
Like a very important part
of my heart is missing.
Without you here,
a part of me is gone.
Like daytime without sun,
and night time without stars...
Incomplete to say the least......Jღ

You are the air I breathe
You are the road I walk
You are behind my every smile
You are my everyting
I need you now...

So when I say "I miss you",
there's more to it than that
It means I miss the entire being of you...
all that you are,
all that you are made of,
everything I love and care about.
I miss the smile you bring me,
and the beauty that engulfs my heart
by your mere presence....
and right now...
I miss you......Jღ

Original by
J Heart and Donna DeLong Matthews
Jღ   and  ღKKDღ
May  2010
© 2010 (All rights reserved)

Lady Abtebelum
Need You Now

© 2010 Jheart

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What a true beauty! You guys write great together. I am sorry I have not visited. I put away the shampooer yersterday and I swear I would have done a happy dance if I would have had the energy. ROTFL
I will try to get back to my computer routine. At least that is something I am looking forwarrd too. Wonderful to see you writiing again. A poetic talent is a shame to waste. LOL Hugs, Lesa

Posted 12 Years Ago

Jim I am so honored that you allowed me to slip in
on this one with you. Its truly a pleasure to blen
inks with one of such awesome talent. Thanks for
the dance my friend
Hugs and Love U Bunches

Posted 12 Years Ago

Jim this is sooo beautiful and so
typical of that awesome heart of yours
Always open(well almost always giggle)
ALWAYS giving... A true'r more dedicated
friend I could not pray for. I, for several
years now, have had three of the most
awesome friends in my life that any one person
could hope for. Always there for me and at
times yes inspite of me, BUT ALWAYS THERE.
I have followed your heart thru your words
for over 10 years now and as I have told you
have learned so much from you and about you
thru your writing just promise me you will
NEVER lay your pen down again. It is a loss
to others .... a loss to you and a LOSS TO ME.

Hugs and Love

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Posted 12 Years Ago

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Buffalo Area, NY

Late 50's, only started writing when I was in my late 40's-never too old to start I guess. Have my own book of poetry published. "In So Many Words".... more..

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