How Can I Tell Her?

How Can I Tell Her?

A Poem by Jim Parson

Well, not really a poem, but...


How can I tell her how I feel?

How can I tell her that her face is ever present in my mind's eye?  That is where I seek her and her beauty overwhelms me.  I sit and stare at her for hours and cannot look away.  I suddenly gasp and draw a deep breath and realize that I've forgotten to breathe.  I'll notice that my heart is racing and I feel the flush in my face.  And then I stare at her again.

How can I tell her that I want to breathe her in and never exhale again?  I long to know her scent and to smell her on my clothing long after she is gone.  I need to breathe in her sweet breath moments before I taste it for the first time.  Just one breath and her aroma will be so familiar that every other scent will pale against her fragrance.

How can I tell her that she consumes me?  The fire in my soul yearns to burst forth from my lips and from my fingertips to inflame her passion.  She burns so brightly for me that the mere touch of her fingers would scorch my flesh and leave me in ashes, to be scattered at the will of her breath.

How can I tell her that my lips exist only to find hers?  The anticipation of true love's first kiss haunts my dreams, the first touch of tongue waiting impatiently in fantasy.  They seek her in dream and in caprice and when they find her there, they drink deeply.  These same lips that may utter nary a sound but to speak her name.

How can I tell her that it is more than my arms that are empty without her?  The softness of her body held close, the fullness of her breast pressed to mine, the merging of spirit with the merging of flesh, the sweetness of her touch at the back of my neck, the ecstasy of my fingers through her hair, every movement forming the chimera of my existence.

How can I tell her the depth of my desire?  Our bodies entwined so tightly, I cannot tell where hers ends and mine begins.  The touch of her velvet hand as she guides me to her, beseeching warm acquiescence and finding blessed penetration of body and soul.  The gentle motion beneath me, the most caring stroke above me, the tender embrace enfolding me and the sweet release of essence as one.

How can I tell her of the swelling of lust that overcomes me?  Raw, unbridled obsession igniting passion's flame, burning to the breadth and depth of my soul.  Desperate need surpassing want, intense heat overtaking warmth, teeth leave their mark, nails blaze a path, the furious piercing of engorged flesh by enraged longing, savagely driving to fierce crescendo and violent, convulsing eruption.  And in the quiet moments after contented collapse, I will love her.

How can I find the words to make her come to me?  I have nothing to offer her but would give her everything.  She is destined to step from my fantasies.  And when she does, what will I say to her?  I know not the words, except for these…

I love you twice as much as I did yesterday.  And yesterday, I loved you so very much.

Published 2009 in Dear Fantasy Girl...
Copyright 2009 by Lyle James Parson II

© 2011 Jim Parson

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I'm thinking you'd have no trouble telling at all. Nice job! You moved me. I keep coming back to your poem because it makes me hopeful that someday, I'll have someone who'll love (and long for!!) me this much. You make me smile every time I read it. Thanks! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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She knows, trust me she knows... how could she not....

Posted 11 Years Ago

Beautiful and dignified while still not being afraid or shying away from the details and true emotions. Well done!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very passionate work..Lucky is the woman who is the recipient of this great love....Sunflower

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was beautiful and it is still beautiful.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Beautiful prose love! This is so emotive - never easy to get those sort of feelings out! This is everything that "she" could hope for! lol Perfect! xx

Posted 11 Years Ago

I'd print it out and put it on the fridge. Then she would know every day. A lovely prose (which by the way would also make a lovely poem)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Beautiful. I don't know how any woman who reads this can't think, wow, I wish someone looked at me that way. I could feel the love and desperation you feel towards this woman. It's hard to want something that's so close. Great write, incredible imagery!

Posted 11 Years Ago

beautiful, hopeful, and romantic. This has a good set-up I liked the formate you chose

Posted 11 Years Ago

What a romantic poem!
I like your use of words!
Keep on writing, you got talent!
~A Fallen Heroine~

Posted 11 Years Ago

This piece was romantically stricken! I hope you did tell her... it would be a shame to let something as beautiful as this be kept up inside of you. People thinks words are only words, and are meaningless- however, they are our thoughts and those truly do mean the most not only to us, but to others. Haven't you ever heard the saying: "Hmm, I wonder what they are thinking.." Anyways, I read this entire piece while subconsciously my brain had changed all the 'hers' to 'hims' .. because this piece has really hit home- specifically as if you wrote out the words I've longed to say, and haven't. Wonderfully written.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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