Mission of her life

Mission of her life

A Story by It's Me, The Miracle

Story about the changes in the mindset and interactions of a six year old girl


“There is a solution for every problem. Then why did she do this? She was only twenty one”.  Her aunt was busy in discussing about the latest suicide victim in the neighborhood with her friends. “Aunt, what is meant by suicide?” The six year old was curious about the hottest piece of news she ever came across in her entire life. From the ongoing discussion, she could know that it is not a good thing and the woman should not have done this. As she didn't get the attention from the elders, she repeated her question. “Keep quiet and go inside”, this time her aunt didn't choose to waste a single second to answer. The disappointed girl went inside with thousands of knocks of a single question, but none opened the way for a satisfactory answer. As always her grandpa was her final solution. “Dear, suicide is death. The person who commits suicide kills himself or herself”. That reply seemed quite satisfactory, but it inflamed several sub questions in her mind, which she thought will never have an answer.

‘Happy Birthday to you’, she was enjoying the warmth and beauty of the bright and beautiful circle at the eastern horizon when she heard this wish. Her grandpa was cheerful and had a small packet of gift in his hand. “Oh, today is my birthday, Grandpa, I would like to give chocolates to all my friends” she pleaded while she was being kissed by her dear grandpa. “Yes darling, today you are completing six years in your life and I will get chocolates for all your friends and teachers.  Get ready by the time I bring chocolates”. On the way to the toilet, she tried to remember the number of times sun passed over her head. She couldn't count it with her little knowledge in numbers, but she could conclude one thing that she lived for many days. Like every other day, her birthday also was a very common day except her giving chocolates to her friends. In the evening, while doing home work, she counted the numbers till ten and found that six is a big number in the family of one to ten. Now, I am six years old and so, I am a big girl.

“As I am a big girl in six years, twenty one surely must be much bigger age. The suicide victim of the neighborhood was twenty one and could have watched the sun passing over her head much larger times”, she thought. She couldn't understand the reason of the “why factor” in the death as twenty one was a big number for her very small intellect. ‘Grandpa, when should a person die?’ one of the sub questions that haunted her mind since the day of suicide discussion came out in an evening.
‘’There is no exact answer for that question. Normally a person dies when he or she complete his or her mission in life”.

What is the mission of my life?

Being the eldest daughter of this family, taking care of your brothers is your mission.
Those words gave her a new light in life.

One evening, on the way back from school, she saw her mother waiting outside for someone. She was weeping and the girl was curious to know the reason of her mother’s sorrow. “Your young brother has fallen from the tree while playing and your father took him to the hospital” her mother was so sad that she didn't even forget to take care of the girl.  The girl thus understood the seriousness and she remembered her grandpa’s words and thus ran towards the hospital. On the way, she saw her father returning, while her brother was admitted in the hospital. The news brought by her father was heartbreaking. Her brother lost his eye sight at the age of four and he can see only if somebody donates eyes.

“Being the eldest daughter of this family, taking care of your brothers is your mission.” Those words wandered around her and she wanted to rescue her brother from this misfortune. “Grandpa, how can a person donate eyes?” she approached her encyclopedia as usual. The encyclopedia seemed very sad while answering.

 “A person has to die to donate eyes and a living person cannot do that and so, we must wait for someone to die for your brother to see again.” 

On the way back, she recalled the mission of her life and then walked towards the building from where the twenty one year old woman jumped to commit suicide. She wanted to see the sun once again before she closed her eyes for the last time, but sun was nowhere in the sky at that night. Instead, the moon smiled at her and she was happy. After a month, her eyes opened once again on her brother’s face to see the beauty of this world.

© 2013 It's Me, The Miracle

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A sad and beautiful story. To give all for another. Is the gift of a true Angel. I like the set-up of the story. Kids do have heart and real wisdom. Thank you for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Sacrifice personified is the girl....I would like to see the world with her

Posted 9 Years Ago

It's Me, The Miracle

9 Years Ago

Thanks a lot dear friend
This piece was beautiful.
The baby girl was an angel on earth..
Thank you for posting this..

Posted 9 Years Ago

It's Me, The Miracle

9 Years Ago

Kejara!!! Kejara!!! Kejara!!! Surely my next click is your profile.....by the way, thanks a lot for .. read more
Very interesting and touching story. You are quite the writer :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

It's Me, The Miracle

9 Years Ago

Thanks a lot friend

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