I Will Survive

I Will Survive

A Poem by JCharo

One insomniatic night
I awoke to stretch and get a drink
when I saw this stupid red ant climbing
climbing up from my bathroom sink...

He was climbing up and singing 
Gloria Gaynor "I Will survive
as long as I know how to love 
I know I'll be alive."

I said, "Shut the hell up Ant
I'm trying to get some sleep"
I turned the faucet fully to heat
and watched it slowly sink 

Then a week later the ant climbed
climbed back up from my bathroom sink
singing "I've got all my life to live
all my love to give, I will not shrink"

And I said, "So your back
Your back from outer-space"
I unscrewed the top off some bleach
poured, and observed the worried look on his face.

And as he screamed and cried
I wondered why his life was so obsolete
He only wanted to survive
While I created impossible out of possibly

What is an ant to a human?
What's mankind's leap to a god's step?
After all, Gloria Gaynor only sang of survival
because she was someone's pest.

And out of this I realized
the fragility of life and all our breaths
The slightest jolt to the Earth's axis
could mean the beginning of all our deaths.

But then the ant climbed out the drain again
Complaining then holding his head up high
singing, "weren't you the one
who tried to hurt me with goodbye."

I thought survive? Survival?
Surely this isn't all that's reserved to me
So I smashed the ant into the sink
and hoped, in death, the ant felt complete.

© 2011 JCharo

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the relevance, or lack thereof, of life in comparison with others.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on March 26, 2011
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El Paso, TX

Jeremy Charo is a fiction and poetry writer out of El Paso, Texas. Growing up predominately in the southwest, the unique environment and culture has given Jeremy a growing perspective of life and deat.. more..