The First Marriage (yet another creation theory)

The First Marriage (yet another creation theory)

A Story by Jim Walters

In the beginning there was Intelligence and there was Energy....that's all there was.


One day while traveling the Great Void Intelligence happened upon Energy. 


Being enamored with Her shimmering beauty He knew He must have Her  . . .


He proposed.........


She accepted His proposition......


He then took Her in a passionate embrace.


Instantly the great marriage experience (later to be called the Big Bang) ensued.


When Intelligence and Energy became one their orgasm flung the seeds of Creativity throughout the Great Void.


The physical universe was formed, Stars, Solar systems, and the smaller planets appeared.


The Earth, being a favored child of the Two, was scattered with the seeds of a million creations, each one having the ability to reproduce and change evolutionary direction as seemed fitting to insure its survivability in the highly competitive environment.


You see..............forget the religious/science's all about SEX! 

© 2009 Jim Walters

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Love your story of creation! Your creative imagination is really a mystery within itself. The only problem I have with this writing is...It seems so much like the truth! Love your wit. You will never cease to amaze!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Ah, S-E-X! The equation for all things good..
Now I have to admit, your theory here is quite plausible. This is a thing that makes for good party convo.. I just love the way you think and write. Never a dull moment!!


Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on October 19, 2009
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Jim Walters
Jim Walters


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