Birth of a Nation

Birth of a Nation

A Chapter by Beemo

[Chapter 3] “Birth of a Nation”

Shaknu woke up being drug along by some strange beast of burden. Chains were attached to his feet and around his wrist. He also had an iron collar wrapped around his neck. Struggling to his feet he began looking to the right him. He seen by his side men, women and children all chained like animals to each other being pulled along by beasts of burden. He then looked to the left, catching sight of Oli’ he yelled out, “Oli’!” Oli’ turned his head and mouthed the words “Be quiet,” and used his head to point back behind him. There sat behind him a slave driver from the eastern coast Lithuaia. His skin was a yellowish-tan which frequented many cultures that lived in the east, including the Amberites. Shaknu filled up with boiling rage and hate, because he remembers how this hatred started. The Amberites and Miticeezians go way back to the beginning of modernized Lithuaian civilizations. It would only make sense that a growing civilization needs resources, and with that need comes conflict. Amberites advanced faster than all other civilizations across Lithuaia, Miticeezians came in second but only by a little.

The two came into contact when Amberite King, Clari’boa dispatched a band of scouts to spy out the land beyond their already large domain. The band was away for more than a year, upon their return during winter, the band brought back three blue skinned people with red eyes, coral encrusted knuckles and retractable claws.  They nicknamed the people “Seadwokeles” or “Sea dwellers”. The Seadwokeles were ancestors of Miticeezians. The band was asked why they brought them back, the leader of the band responded “We thought you’d like an, asset to a coming conquest.” Upon hearing this, the King shot a sly grin as he gazed upon his obviously scared captives. He then said, “Assemble as a squad of my best men and go back to their homeland. Then burn it to the ground and bring their leader back.”

“As you say my liege.” Replied the leader, the three captives were never heard from again. Immediately, the leader assembled an army of 5,000 of various categories of warfare units and went back to kill an entire nation. Upon their arrival the Seadwokeles were curious, but went according to their customs in welcoming strangers. Their elderly Chieftain began making his way up the hill to greet the Amberite leader. Reaching the summit, the Chieftain was pierced by the spear of the Amberite leader. The rest of his village starred in horror as their Chieftain, their leader’s body hit the grassy hill their very nation was established upon.

“Send these savages to back into the seas of which they came!” cried the Amberite leader.

The army charged the ill prepared village burning it to the ground and killing men, women even children. A total of 55,000 innocent people were killed, more than half of them women and children. A few thousand escaped, taking refuge in the nearby mountains for more than a decade. The Amberites then set their sights upon the southwestern city of Haraknaba, which was home to Southwestern Minotaur, who were allies of the Seadwokeles. Haraknaba was the last Minotaur stronghold, founded on the western coast of Lithuaia the city was protected by the Desert of Memories, and the Forest of Shadows.  Instead of returning to Amberceez, the army turned their faces to Haraknaba, determined to take what they believed to be their rightful property.

The Minotaur were not shaken by the Amberites, in fact their king said humorously, “Ah, if the little yellow men want a battle, then that’s what they’ll get.”

At daybreak, the army began the foolish trek to Haraknaba starting with the Desert of Memories. The Desert’s strange sands when breathed in trigger a spontaneous burst of hormones which cause a person to remember the saddest moments of their life.  Narrowly making it through the desert with their sanity, they charged headlong into the Forest of Shadows, where five Minotaur bands laid waiting for the right moment. The instant the entire army had entered the forest, the ambush began. First to the right there were arrows lit on fire and rocks covered with blazing hot tar sent flying through the air. Then from the left came a band of 3,500 Minotaur with swords, and the signature Minotaur war hammer the Al’Qitha which was a three feet long iron rod with an iron studded wrecking ball at the end. The Amberite invaders stood no chance, being thrown into mass confusion most of the casualties that were of the invading party, died because of another fellow Amberite killing them. Embarrassed by his defeat, King Clari’boa assembled an even bigger force amounting to 65,000 over a five month period and marched to the next great nation being what would be known as the Miticeezians therefore giving birth to the oldest rivalry known to Lithuaians today. Catching word of this, Monte’s great-grandfather, Montias the Great began readying his men and gathering soldiers from all over Lithuaia including the remaining Seadwokele ancestors from the mountains. In the end all types of varying races and cultures assembled in the valley now known as Valley of the Fallen. But among these races, none of them were dwarves this being because dwarves were descendants of Amberceezians and wouldn’t fight even though they received the hind end of the Amberceezian wrath. This attitude also spread to the Elves who unlike the Dwarves were not descendants of Amberceez, but of Miticeez and seen no problem in disowning their ancestors and practically leaving them to rot. The small pocket of elves who did want to fight were flogged then sent off to the army of Montias. There were Brown skinned Miticeezians, Blue Seadwokeles, Minotaur, Ice Giants and various others. On the eve of battle, Montias noticed that the strength of his men had been sapped upon hearing the death and destruction the Amberites dealt to nearby villages. That very eve is when Montias gave the speech that won the battle,

“I know you are all tired, and loaded down. But, we must do this for our people, our families, our children and their children and think of the day when your families will be able to say, all of Lithuaia will be able to cry out in joy ‘Let the names of these men be remembered to times indefinite!’ Is this not what you want my brothers?”

The entire assembly roared in unison all as one. That day was the most brutal and grizzly battle in history about one third of Montias’ army had fallen. In contrast to the 2,500 Amberite survivors who failed their king, not one of them can be mentioned by name. At the end of the day the men put Montias upon their shoulders crying out in victory. From that moment on Montias and his people were known as Miticeezians and their nation was named Miticeez or The Mighty City.

© 2013 Beemo

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