Path of Tears

Path of Tears

A Chapter by Beemo

[Chapter 4] “Path of Tears”

It had been months since Shaknu and the others had sufficient bed rest, adjusting to the new life was very difficult for the young men to do. Their pride had been torn away from them as a nation as well as their dignity. Life in the camps was becoming increasingly difficult, the unsanitary condition of the slave quarters was unparalleled and the condition the chickens were in made them inedible. The Amberite men were completely disgusting often times they would snatch the young women and take them into their tents, conducting unspeakable acts of filth to the women. Often times when Shaknu heard of what the men did last night, Justice would have to talk him down so as not to make things worse for them. The Amberite men were mean to the children as well, they abused them physically, verbally, and emotionally to entertain themselves. If one of the slaves didn’t complete a task to the general’s liking, he would publically beat the person unconscious with his spikey club.

If you were caught trying to run away you were burned with a hot iron on your face or back. If women were accused of making romantic advances toward one of the soldiers, they were forced to walk around the camp’s perimeter naked so as to say Miticeez women are nothing but prostitutes. Which is completely wrong considering that prostitution was illegal amongst Miticeez society and was punishable by death. The list of brutality goes on and on without let up, so do the endless work of the Miticeezian men from dawn till dusk with one 3 hour break a day. Sometimes when travelling merchants would buy a healthy slave for about three scarlet crowns, which were an Amberceezian staple.

It had been another long day of work for Shaknu who was making his way back from the Clovin Tree orchard bringing with him his basket stuffed full with Clovin fruits. Clovin fruits resembled apples in their shape but had the taste of an orange. It is dangerous to eat them raw so most cook them before eating them. Starting down the poorly paved camp paths, which often times had rodent holes and blaze ants dwelling in them. He strolled passed the quarter which housed Amarina Lambea, a Gongaceezian Princess Girl and Hornetia Lambea, her sister. Both women carried the beauty of their Gongaceezian ancestors, but something about them reminded Shaknu of the women of Fletchingburg.

“Good Evening my lord how was the harvest today?” she said softly.

“It was fine I guess mostly small and not ripened.” responded Shaknu.

Amarina had jet black hair which went passed her shoulders, jade green eyes, tanned skin, and the most beautiful smile Shaknu had ever seen.

“The sky hasn’t been very clear since the Sword of Legends was removed from its stand in Miticeez City.” Commented Hornetia,

“No they have not, in the north the Ice Giants have all but gone missing; the mountains are crumbling down into the dark abyss of the Whispering Sea.” Said Shaknu “Life has become an endless cycle of pain and sorrow it would be nice if I could just get away from it all.”

                Then Shaknu’s eyes became huge, he had an idea. “No you’re not really going to do it are you?” asked Amarina. “Yes, I am going to run away within the next few hours.” Shaknu replied, and then left without a word. This decision is what set a series of events in motion that would reveal the true danger that Lithuaia was in. A big bang rung out from amongst the forest, snapping trees in half and ripping them out from their roots, blew tents away as well as people being thrown through the air landing yards away from the campsite. “Storm, a storm is coming everyone hunker down!” cried one of the soldiers. An enemy no one could ever have known existed; this enemy was the stuff of legend and folk tales. It was the scary story that was told to the children to around the campfire and when they were being tucked away at night. This enemy had been locked away for thousands of years and now had been released because of the removal of the Sword of Legends. The dragon Nikcronian that was trapped by the Sword of Legends in the 5th Age, when it was free before then, it terrorized Lithuaians. It pillaged and turned villages and cities into ash which blew away in the wind as if it had never existed. It was rumored that the beast would escape its deep slumber and seeks its vengeance upon the kings of Lithuaia.

The 5th Age also marked the last known neutrality between Miticeez and Amberceez which ended tragically. Shaknu recalled the stories the old men used to tell him about the day Nikcronian the Terrible would awake from his slumber and wreak havoc upon the world that is Lithuaia. According to legend Lithuaia would be lost if Nikcronian was released, since the Sword of Legends was the only weapon that could combat the beast. There was no way for Lithuaia to stand. Shaknu dug in and kept on his way to what little was left of his slave quarters. “The camp is in turmoil! What the heck is happening?” shouted Justice, unable to hear him Shaknu got closer and tripping over a rock hit his head on the ground.

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