Rules for dating fangirls..part one

Rules for dating fangirls..part one

A Story by Joshua Lobdell

Fangirls are pretty awesome, but one can get into a lot of trouble by not following the rules....


There is something about fangirls. Maybe just because I have a lot of fanboy tendencies that hanging out with and/or dating fangirls seems exactly what I should be doing. However, dating a fangirl comes with certain perils. There are rules and customs one must follow if he wants to successfully date a fangirl. There are a number of them and in part one we will deal with the most important thing to remember when dating a fangirl.


Urban Dictionary defines fangirl as- A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor.


My first piece of advice if you find yourself crushing on a fangirl is to go to their Facebook page and see what fandoms she likes, and then go find her Tumblr, cause like every fangirl has a Tumblr or a livejournal and then you can decide for yourself if her fandoms are something you can live with.


Be forewarned your fangirl is gonna talk about the people in these fandoms as if they were real. She is gonna crush on them, and you just have to be ok with all of that... Once you have seen her fandoms (be aware many other fandoms will follow) and decided that they are something you can live must remember rule one...


The first rule of dating a fangirl is no spoilers.


The way we watch TV and shows has changed in recent years. It use to be once a TV show or movie was more than 3 years old it was fair game. However, especially when dealing with fangirls, they may find a new fandom while scrolling through Netflix late one night. So even if a show is older, and even if the events of said show are part of the pop culture vernacular...It is not safe to talk about what may happen, who may die, who will hook up, or really anything else. Let your fangirl find out for herself and she will call or text you with a 'Squeeee' and you will know you are special to her because she wants to share this thing that she is passionate about with you.


On the other hand if you run off at the mouth, talk about a death, a hook up, or some twist not only do you run the risk of violence (cause fangirls can come unglued pretty quickly) but she will absolutely tell everyone they know exactly where you are deficient....often times in graphic detail. Spoiling a huge event in a fandom is the number one sin to a fangirl, and they will cut you out of their lives if you do so...You might get away with once, but then you will be left wondering why her friends chuckle every time you enter the room.

© 2014 Joshua Lobdell

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This brought me so much joy. Haha. I consider myself a low key fangirl but I can get pretty high up there in the scale at times. This is super funny and you're absolutely right. If one of my friends spoils anything there is hell to pay. Haha, I really did laugh at this. Thank you.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on October 6, 2014
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