Rules for dating fangirls...part two

Rules for dating fangirls...part two

A Story by Joshua Lobdell

Fangirls are pretty awesome, but one can get into a lot of trouble by not following the rules....


Urban Dictionary defines fangirl as- A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. For our purposes we also include fandoms into the definition. 


In part one we learned that one should never spoil something for a fangirl...IE one should not talk out of turn when their fangirl finds a fandom you already watch and enjoy on Netflix. We also learned that you should poke around your fangirl's Facebook and Tumblr to see what fandoms she is into and if you can live with them...And we the n assume you weeded out those Twilight weirdo’s who give fangirls a really bad name...


With all of that being said, when you choose to date a fangirl you are gonna have to watch some god awful crap. Because fangirls find new fandoms all the time, and no not all of them are good. Having dated my share of fangirls I have had to watch some god awful crap over the yeas...I do not know how many times I saw The Mortal Instruments movie but it was more than I wanna remember and beyond being a really bad example of a movie it was a terrible way to introduce someone to the fandom...but still I went to the movies, more than once, and watched that crappy movie on DVD (more than once) all because I was dating a fangirl. 


There are a number of ways to get through a terrible fangirl movie without letting on that the crap you are watching is crap. It was fairly easy for me as I went with an excitable fangirl who got all this nervous energy and just talked through the whole thing. To be perfectly honest the things she said to me were way better than what was on the screen so we can call that win win. I got to enjoy her being excited for something and she saved me from a really terrible movie. With the bonus of hearing her pretty voice as a sort of running commentary track. I am not so sure the 40 year old creeper that was sitting two rows in front of us enjoyed her fangirl ramble as much as I did, but it is safe to assume he was at that movie for darker purposes. 


The point here is this...your fangirl is gonna drag you too a few terrible movies. She is gonna make you watch some terrible TV shows...and you just got to smile through it. I look at it like this; spending time with a fangirl is the goal so what you actually do doesn't matter. Let her pick what to watch, what movie to see, and what DVD to rent from red box and she might even....

© 2014 Joshua Lobdell

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Added on October 13, 2014
Last Updated on October 13, 2014
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Joshua Lobdell

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