Rules for Dating Fangirls...part three

Rules for Dating Fangirls...part three

A Story by Joshua Lobdell

We continue our look at the rules for dating fangirls and let you know what phrases you are going to have to know


Urban Dictionary defines fangirl as- A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. For our purposes we also include fandoms into the definition.


In part one we learned that one should never spoil anything for a fangirl...or violence may ensue


In part two we learned that when you date a fangirl you are gonna have to watch some god awful crap with a smile on your face...or violence may ensue.


The third rule of fight club is….


I am Jack's dissected colon...


Wait a minute wake up...drink coffee...


Remember why I am writing this...cause really it's a public service.


Now that you have decided to date (or court, or pursue, but hopefully not stalk) a fangirl, presumably gone out with one a few times, and yes watched some kind of crap you never thought you would have to watch (hopefully you checked her Facebook and Tumblr so you didn't sit through Titanic or one of those god awful sparkly vampire movies), there are some terms you will have to learn. The vocabulary of a fan girl can be a tad overwhelming but there are two terms you need to get down sooner rather than later. These terms are kind of like learning math in school, you have to learn it, there will be tests, but you really are never going to use them in everyday life.


The first is ship...for our purposes Urban Dictionary defines ship as a verb meaning to endorse a romantic relationship.


I once read an article about the rules of shipping and tried to discuss that with a fangirl only to find, like with most other things, there is some kind of crazy girl logic to all of this that a person with boy parts (like myself) does not understand. The main hang up I had was the need to ship fictional characters who were already in a relationship in a fictional work...but whatever...


Fangirls ship all kinds of people, and they are able to keep them all in order like how girls are able to remember every stupid thing you did and every fight you have had with them ever. Most fangirls will talk about their Harbor's where all of there ships mingle and the real tragedy of fangirlness is that many of their ships sink...and then you get to hear all of the details of why they didn’t work out and why they should have.


Fangirls will have hundreds of ships, several for every fandom they are fangirling over. It is not all that important to remember all of them or any of the other details just know that they are there and they seem to multiply like bunnies in the dark.


With that being said...a fangirl will have a OTP for every fandom she enjoys and obsesses over. OTP stands for One True pairing and Urban Dictionary defines that this way: favorite combination of characters in a fandom.


While it is not important to remember every ship...remembering her OTP's in each fandom is essential. It gets kind of easy cause as she babbles on about her fandoms she will come up with little TMZ style amalgamations of the two characters names...while her ships will make her squeal only her OTP's will get these little cute nicknames. Remember them and look them up later and you impress you fangirl and show her that you really do care (and listen).


You will know you are winning the battle when your fangirls says we ship them, or we call them once a fangirl has said that to have either seen her naked or you are about too....

© 2014 Joshua Lobdell

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Added on October 20, 2014
Last Updated on October 21, 2014
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