Rules for dating fangirls...part four

Rules for dating fangirls...part four

A Story by Joshua Lobdell

Fangirls take their fandoms pretty serious and the worst thing a guy can do is disrespect one of them


Urban Dictionary defines fangirl as- A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. For our purposes we also include fandoms into the definition.


The first rule of dating fangirls is no spoilers


The second not so much rule but thing to keep in mind is some of the awful crap you are going to have to watch


The third thing is knowing what shipping and OTP means 


Yes every time I write one of these I feel a little more like Tyler Durden...Have I slept...could I wake up as someone else?? No of course not...I am just a guy who dates fangirls (mostly because they are awesome), who has learned about this particular species of human female, and who is sharing all of that knowledge with the world...cause really it’s a public service. 


The fourth rule of dating a fangirl is pretty simple and hat is to simple respect her fandoms. It doesn't have to make sense to you, it doesn't even have to be a good movie/TV show/book series...because it is important to her for some reason you might not be privy too, and making fun of her fandom will result in violence...worse it will make her not like you...even worse it will cause her to put her clothes back on return to her fangirl cave and forget about you. 


The thing to keep in mind here is she might not expose you to the reason why she started fangirling over a particular fandom. For me The Mortal Instruments is the best example of something like this. I have never read any of the books, I have heard the fangirls in my life talk about them a lot, but I myself have not read them. So the only exposure I had to that fandom was the movie. To be very honest the movie just wasn't very good first as a movie and second as a representation of this fandom. Now that they are planning a TMI TV show I know I am gonna get exposed to this story in a fresh way, and hopefully a better way. 


When I told someone I was taking my fangirl to see that movie the response I got was, 'are you really going to go watch that wanna be Twilight movie?' It would have been easy for me to buy into that. I am pretty cynical and I could have written that movie and fandom off, but since it was an important fandom to my fangirl I couldn’t disrespect it like that. 


Let's take that one step further. As a man when you like/love/are attracted to a girl does it really matter what you do? Does it matter what movie you go see? Does it matter at all? No of course not because the prize is the time you get to spend with the girl that you are interested in. I have told all the women I have dated that I don't care what we do/see...because I just want to spend some of my time with her. Beyond fangirl stuff I have seen a lot of awful crap in my life all because that was what the girl I was seeing at the time wanted to do...and I like the worst fangirl stuff I saw/read/got exposed to far more than that damn Avril Lavigne concert I went too with a girl who had such bad taste is music she thought that Canadian chick was metal...she isn't and she is awful and I say that having a serious weakness for Canadian chicks...just saying.

Check out my rules for dating for more insight

© 2014 Joshua Lobdell

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Added on October 29, 2014
Last Updated on October 29, 2014
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