The Hunger Games or Divergent??

The Hunger Games or Divergent??

A Story by Joshua Lobdell

It seems the species we like to call fangirl has divided itself into two distinct groups. Of course being fangirls they chose to battle over which Dystopian Universe is superior.


Urban Dictionary defines fangirl as- A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. For our purposes we also include fandoms into the definition.


I studied a lot of sociology in school. I also studied a lot of foreign cultures...why...because it is interesting. In the course of those studies I learned about subcultures. This led me to write a series of stories about fangirls...again because I find them interesting. The majority of those stories focused in on the fun and dangers of dating them, but lately I have found an odd subculture within the subculture of fangirls. So I am gonna use a bunch of big words to prove how smart I am and discuss two odd fangirl subcultures.


Once any one thing obtains critical mass in pop culture something similar comes along and forever the two things are linked. For example we could day simply that one is either Team The Beatles or Team The Rolling Stones. That is not to say you are not a fan of both or don't appreciate what both bring to the table just that at the end of the day you like one way more than you like the other. 


With that in mind I have found that fangirls break down into two distinct groups as well. That is Team Hunger Games and Team Divergent. I have yet to meet a fangirl who can truly say she loves them both.  In fact most often I hear Team Hunger Games fangirls say Divergent, the book series, was impossible to get through. Or Team Divergent people say the THG books are poorly written. I think a lot of that has to do with the ship of Katniss and Gale....Oh ya No Spoilers....


I can take myself out of the argument all together. I know very little about the Divergent series and I did not see the movie. I have read the THG books and seen both movies more than once. I will also be at the premiere of Mockingjay Part One this coming it is pretty easy to tell which subgroup of fangirl I associate with. 


And if it as just one fangirl saying hey I liked these books better, than I would just write it off. However this has become a pattern, and being a guy who probably knows more fangirls (than really he should) than most "normal' people do. I find it curious as to why, because these are similar stories. 


In both instances with have a strong but flawed (assuming flawed in the case of Tris Prior) who don't really belong where they are. There is a test of some choice to be made, and eventually those choices made lead to social upheaval. 


That fangirls draw such lines between these two is a little curious, and I say that as a fanboy who has witnessed other fanboys come to blows over which is better The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi (and if you are even contemplating that Muppet filled third installment as the better movie please stop what you are doing and go watch them again)...Anyways…FOCUS...fangirls...Katniss...Divergent...


So I ask all of you...and not in a cheap obvious marketing play like the makers of them god awful sparkly vampire movies did...are you Team Katniss or Team Tris?? Answer carefully because fangirls are prone to violence...and I learned that after saying something mean about Maggs to a Team Katniss fangirl...

© 2014 Joshua Lobdell

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Added on November 18, 2014
Last Updated on November 18, 2014
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Joshua Lobdell
Joshua Lobdell

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