Welfare Reversal

Welfare Reversal

A Poem by The Watcher

Feels nice to be out of the shadows for once.

Despite how much I...

Weep in loneliness,
Wallow in misery,
Writhe in pain,
Or wail in isolation...

One fact never changes: I am a human.

I must confess to a gimmick in my life,
My river of time sprawls with twists and turns.
Although it may flow smoothly,
Hardships will come sooner or later.

I call this Welfare Reversal.

A month of painful emotional rapids,
Followed by a gentle peaceful tide.
Then another reversal, and another...
Lasting a month or two for each cycle.

So why am I speaking this to you?

Because for a long time,
I suffered alone in my life.
Then something caused a reversal,
And today I now feel secure.

Love has a habit of causing many reversals.

These switches can sprawl both ways.
The revival of an old love brings calm,
While the end of a bond creates strife.
Peaceful tides or mournful rapids...

My river of time flows on.

The past few months were difficult,
But my period of suffering has ended.
At least for a while anyways.
So until the next reversal...

My heart shall bask in a paradise of happiness.

In life, with love...

© 2014 The Watcher

Author's Note

The Watcher
If you're reading this Jessa, thank you. <3

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Added on August 9, 2014
Last Updated on August 9, 2014