A Story by jo

Some secrets sometimes come out in all the wrong ways



(Part 3)


"I still don’t understand why you’re trying to make me feel bad about this" Cindy sighed

"Me? I already told you that if you wanted to go, then go! I’m not the one who wants to break things off between us! Joel frowned

"What! That’s not what I want nor said! You’re the one who�"

"Umm, excuse me I’m sorry to interrupted but are you two going to be arguing all the way there? Peter interrupted. "You’re starting to bump me out"

"Just shut up and drive Peter! Joel sneered

A couple minutes later Peter parked his car next to the old cemetery. They slowly made their way up the graveyard that leads up towards the old mansion

"Oh wow! They really fixed up the old place it looks�""Peter began. The cracking of the front door opening interrupted

"Welcome please come in! Mary smiled

"Thanks wow! The place looks great! Cindy stated as she looked around

"Thanks, well I hope you guys, are ready to have a night. That you’ll never soon forget"

"Here let me take your coats, I’ve food and drinks spread all over the place. Just help yourselves," Mary answered her. Then quickly disappeared before any of them could reply

"I don’t know why but I kina have a weird uncomfortable feeling about coming here," Cindy whispered over to Joel. As they went to grab a soda. A loud noise that sounded like a thunderclap interrupted

The room suddenly erupted with frighten cries and confused whispers. As the room began to fill up with smoke, Mary stepped through the thick smoke and laughed

"Sorry folks, but I just wanted to get your attention!

She walked over to a fog making machine and turned it off

"Okay, why don’t you all take a quick breather, then in a few minutes. I’ll tell you what I’ve in store for you guys tonight!

Ed’s girlfriend Lori Brown lend against the stone fireplace to whisper over to Ed. Instead gave out a little shriek as the stone fireplace shifted open, causing them both to jump

"Oh, I see that you’ve discovered one of our trap doors! Mary laughed joining them

"One of? Ed asked frowning

"Oh yes! This place is full of them along with many other surprises! Mary half smirked

"I wonder what she meant by that? Lori asked Ed. As they watched, Mary walked off to the middle of the living room

"Don’t know but I’ve a strange feeling we’re soon going to find out" He shrugged

"Okay! May I’ve your attention please? Mary asked. Then without waiting for an answer she continued

"One, I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight. This is my special way for us to get to know each other a little better"

"I hope that after tonight we’ll all hopefully become better friends. Now it is time for my next surprise! This one is a treasure hunt"

"Hey! Isn’t that a little kid’s game? Peter frowned

"You might not think so after you see the item on my list. But of course you don’t have to play if you don’t want to" Mary explained shrugging

"I never said anything about not wanting to play" Peter pouted

"Great! Here are the lists of items that are hidden inside the house. Now whoever finds the most items within an hour will win a special prize," Mary continued. Everyone took a copy of Mary’s list and prepared to race off. When Mary’s voice interrupted them

"Oh! One more thing please be careful besides the items that are hidden. I’ve also added a couple of few surprises to make it more interesting, good luck!

For the next few minutes, the party guests check out the mansion. There were constant sounds of frighten cries as one person after another. Discovered one of Mary’s treasures or tricks. Cindy looked at her copy of the list and sighed

Even though the night had turned out better then she thought. She wasn’t very interested in all her fun and games. Something about this whole night was bothering her. And it was driving her crazy not knowing what that was. The treasure hunt she decided was the perfect chance for her to explore the mansion, without anyone questioning her

She entered a large bedroom that she figured must be Mary’s bedroom. Flicking on the light switch, she found Mary’s school books neatly stacked on the top of the window still

And expect for a small bed there was nothing much in the room

"Strange" She thought to herself as she made her way back to the living room. And found Joel standing by the punch bowl

"Hey! I was about to go look for you, you want some punch? He asked

"Yah, thanks"

Joel handed her a glass then asked

"So did you find all the stuff on your list?

"No, but when I was upstairs guess what I did find in Mary’s room�"" "Nancy Drew, strikes again! Joel interrupted laughing. She was about to tell him what she found. When Mary’s voice interrupted, she was standing next to the railing from the second floor. Next to her was a gold foil box sitting on a small table

"Okay, it’s time to announce tonight’s treasure hunt winner! Peter, if you’d please come up and receive your prize" She smiled. And before she could give it to him. The lights went out as few of the kids cried out s Mary’s voice cut through the darkness

"I bet you’re all wondering if this is another of my surprises! But I hate to disappoint you, this is all Mother Nature doing." As much as I’d love to take any credit for it I can’t"

"But it’s perfect for my next surprise! Peter will you please help me hand out some candles?

"Okay, the name of this game is called truth." She continued. As Peter handed each of them as small lite candle holder

"The idea of this game is for you to tell everyone in the room the worst thing, you’ve ever done. Then we’ll vote on whether you’ve told us the truth or not"

"And if we all decided that you’re lying then you’ll have to pay a plenty" Mary explained

"If that’s not the dumbest idea for a game I’ve ever heard" Lori frowned

"Oh, what’s the matter Lori, afraid to confess your secrets to your dearest friends?


"Great! Then you’ll go first what’s the worst thing that you’ve ever done? Mary asked

"Well besides coming to this boring party? You are believing that I was going to play this stupid game! Lori snapped. Before she stormed out of the room

"Well I guess some people just can’t handle the truth! Mary laughed. "So who’s next? How about you, Cindy?

"Umm sorry I think I’ll just skip my turn I’ll be right back"

She then left the room before anyone could stop her

Cindy took a flashlight and began to exam all the upstairs rooms. But she still couldn’t find Lori

I wonder where she disappeared.

Cindy was about to go back downstairs, when she heard a strange beeping noise coming from one of the rooms. She walked in and saw a small box at the far corner of the room

Cindy slowly made her way towards the box, opened it then threw up before running out of the room. And down the hall she was about to run downstairs

When she bumped ride into Lori

"Oh I’m so glad I found you! Come on we’ve to get the hell out of here! Right now!

"Why? Cindy, calm down! Lori frowned

"Calm down? I just found what looks like Ed’s head inside a box. And you want me to calm down! Cindy answered her back. They quickly ran back inside the living room

"We’ve to call the cops! Someone just killed Ed! Lori cried out

"Oh yah right! Very funny! Peter frowned

"Does it look like I’m kidding, you big idiot!" Lori answered back. He was about to answer back. When Mary walked back inside the living room laughing

"And what’s so funny? Cindy frowned

"Oh sorry to have scared you guys, so bad. Did you really believe that was real? Mary giggled

"What! You mean that was just a joke? Cindy cried out

"Of course it was silly! Didn’t I tell you guys that this night was going to fill with many surprises! Mary laughed

"Where’s Ed, anyway? Joel added frowning

"He’s inside the dining room helping me prepares for tonight’s final surprise" Mary smiled. She then walked inside the dining room. And in a loud voice she cried out

"Ed! You wouldn’t believe the look on Cindy and Lori’s faces. It was priceless!

A minute later she popped her head through the door and said

"Okay you can all come in now! Everything is ready!

In the center of the room was a large polished table. And sitting at the head of the table was Ed, wearing a baseball hat and dark sunglasses

That reflected the glare of the candles

"Okay people please find your seats," Mary instructed

"Hey dude! You really scared the hell out of the girls! Peter laughed

"Yah, I’m not sure whether to hug you or kill you myself! Lori added giving him a slight shove

Frighten and confused screams erupted from around the room. As Ed’s body toppled off the chair and onto the floor. Mary darted outside the room slamming the door shut behind her

A few minutes later, a bell rang from outside the iron bar windows

"Now before I begin I’d like to say a special thanks to Ed. I knew that fake head in the box would get you! Mary cried sounding very pleased with herself

"Very funny Mary! Now let’s us out of here right now! Joel snapped

"Not until you all sit down and open your gifts" Mary frowned


"You all heard me! Now go and sit down! She ordered

One by one, they slowly walked over to the table. And sat down

Maybe she just wants to talk Cindy hoped. She had read somewhere that people who acted insane. Just needed a chance to talk about whatever was bothering them

Besides she outside the room. What could she possible do from outside

"Now I’d like for you all to open your gift boxes"

Mary watched while her confused guest untied their boxes. Inside each box was the same school picture of a smiling young boy. And below the picture were the words


"Oh my god! Jill cried out horrified

"God isn’t going to help you now b***h! Mary smirked

"Mary, we had nothing to do with what happened. It was just an accident," Cindy sobbed

"Accident? You call running out on a trap boy inside a burning room. Then acting as if it never happened just an accident? You’re dumber than I thought! Mary snapped

"But we never meant to hurt him" Jill added

"You did more than just hurt him, you stupid b***h! You guys killed him! There is a big difference between the two! Mary sneered

"If you think you’re going to get away with this Mary, you’re wrong," Joel stated

"Why of course we’ll! Mary replied with a big smile on her face. "He has planned this for a very long, long time and so far so good"

"He who? Michael frowned

"Why my brother Toby, you idiot! Mary snapped

"Anderson, was this crazy b***h brother! Peter cried out in disbelief

"Who are you calling crazy! You guys don’t get it yet do you? He wants you all to suffer the same way he did, he’s the one who’s making me do all of this for him! He’s the crazy one not me! Mary screamed

"Mary, please listen to me I know what happened hurt you badly. But he’s gone and nothing you can do can bring him back"

"I know that you think that you can hear him talking to you, but it’s all in your mind! Please just let us go! Cindy pleaded

"Sorry Cindy, I really liked you, you’re different from the rest. But it’s too late I’ve piled a whole bunch of old rags, just outside the dining room." I’m going to go light them now; it’ll take a few minutes for the flames to reach you"

"But don’t worry you’ll have plenty of time to think about what’s going to happen next" She sighed

A few seconds later, the first signs of smoke began to sweep underneath the dining room door

"This can’t be really happening to us," Cindy thought to herself. As she watched Jill and Peter trying to break through the iron bar windows. Both of them had blood running down their arms, but they didn’t seem to notice or care

And as the smoke became thicker Cindy, knew that they didn’t have much time left. She tried to make herself think and gave Mary, credit for planning her revenge perfectly

She knew that there was no way that they’d be able to break down the door, or climb out the window. Her spirits lifted when she spotted a small hole sticking out of the far corner

"Joel! She yelled over to him


"I need you to pull the rope while I�"

"Are you nuts? There’s no way that I’m going to let you go down there alone! Joel frowned

"Well if you know of a better way of getting us out of here. Now would be the perfect time to tell us! She snapped

"She’s right, you know" Peter added. Once he joined them. Joel slowly nodded then together they lifted Cindy inside it was a tight fit. However, by keeping her knees tucked in she sat comfortable

Okay I’m ready!

Cindy could feel the old machine begin to move as Peter and Joel. Slowly began to pull her down

"I just hope this works," She mumbled to herself. She flicked on a small flashlight and seconds later, she reached the basement

She quickly got out and ran towards the window. She spotted an old crow bar on the floor next to it. Not believing her luck, she shoved it through the small opening hoping that they’d pop out

And after giving it a few more tries finally, she pulled the old boards free. Cindy lifted herself onto the window still

Once outside she swallowed some much-needed fresh air into her lungs. Then quickly ran to where the dining room window is, with great force she somehow managed to break free the iron bars. And

helped her friends climb out just seconds before the doors to the room busted into flames

Joel ran straight to where Cindy was and gave her the biggest kiss. They stood with their arms around each other watching as the old mansion slowly burn to the ground

A few seconds later part of the roof caved in caused them to jump farther back. As a large shower of flames fell over the front lawn

"Wow! I can’t believe that we made it out of there alive," Joel mumbled. Cindy was about to answer him back when a loud voice interrupted

"Aren’t you a little feisty devil! Mary growled. Everyone turned around to the sound of Mary’s voice, which was standing at the end of the garden

"How dare you interrupt my plans! I should’ve killed you when I had the chance! She yelled. Cindy gripped into Joel’s hand harder

"Its okay�""

Joel was interrupted when Mary ran directly passed them and towards the front porch. Which was now engulfed with flames, her green eyes grew wild with rage as her cloths began to catch fire

"Mary, please come back! Cindy cried. She started to go towards her but Joel grabbed her arm

"Don’t waste your breath she has lost all sense of reality," He told her

Mary slightly turned and waved happily before she walked back inside the old mansion. A few minutes later the yard was filled with flashing lights and sirens

Cindy stood closely by Joel both of them silently watching. As the remains of the mansion slowly burnt, behind the black smoke the morning sun made its first appearance


"Can you believe that our only worries today are how we look in our caps and gowns! Jill laughed. "My isn’t tilted is it?

"Don’t worry Jill, I still don’t love you! Peter joked. Giving him a dirty look, they continued laughing and joking with each other as. The senior class made their way inside the gym

Cindy stood and walked up towards the stage mic and said

"Today we’re not only saying good bye to good old Bay Hills, but to good friends. Who due to tragedies won’t be graduating with us today"

"They’ll never be forgotten let’s all bow our heads and say a silent good bye in their memories"

The gym echoed with sobs of happy and sad tears. As the Bay Hills school band ended graduation with their school song

© 2013 jo

Author's Note

working on the grammar problems

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