A Story by jo

A ghostly story about the dangerous of bullying




Chapter 1

"I don‟t know about you, but I feel weird about going to this party tonight," Becky Adams said. While looking at herself in my bedroom mirror, so she could fix her witch costume

"Yah I know Holly, only died a few weeks ago and her so called best friends. Are throwing this big Halloween party like nothing ever happened" I replied from my bed. "Well at least you‟re wearing black"

Becky rolled her eyes then answered

"You‟re morbid but seriously don‟t you think it‟s a bit weird?

"Everything about those two is weird, what I can‟t get over is that the police. Still believe that Holly committed suicide"

"As vain as Holly, was it‟s hard to believe that she‟d ever do something like that" I sighed

"Yah well, we better hurry up the guys should be here any minute" Becky answered. Looking at the clock on my nightstand

"Hey by the way, how are things between you and Leo? She added

"Okay I guess, but I think that part of him still blames himself. About what happened to Holly," I answered her

"Oh, and are you okay with that? Becky frowned

"Oh, I‟m okay with it alright, like a big hole in the head" I thought to myself

A couple minutes later my doorbell rang. Both Becky and I ran downstairs

I opened my front door and smiled

"Hey! Wow! You two look great!

"Hey sexy! Bob Reeder smiled then kissed Becky on the check

"Hey Jen! Great costume who are you supposed to be? He added


"Very funny Jen, I thought we agreed that you‟d wear a costume" Leo frowned

"You agreed Leo, not me remember? I frowned back

"Umm excuse me but do you think you two can kill each other later? I don‟t want to be late" Becky interrupted

Once we were outside Becky whispered in my ear

"I thought you said things were good between you and Leo?

"Yah, they are can‟t you tell? I answered back sarcastically

Chapter 2

A few minutes later, we arrived at Lori Brown‟s house

"Hi! Come in the sodas are in the kitchen and the munchies are all over the place" Just help yourselves"

"You want to dance? I asked Leo, who seemed to be staring off into space


"What? Oh sorry I was just thinking of how much Holly, used to love these parties," He answered

"Oh terrific" I mumbled to myself

"Just look at them Jen, they were supposed to be her best friends. And they‟re just walking around like nothing happened" Leo frowned. I was about to answer back. When Lori interrupted

"Okay people! She shouted jumping onto a chair

"Can I‟ve every body‟s attention?

"In that outfit?"

Bob yelled from across the room. "Do you think anybody‟s looking at anything else?

Everyone laughed except for Becky

"Seriously you guys! Lori laughed. "It‟s time for tonight‟s party games"

She jumped down from the chair and walked over to table and picked up a flat box

"Behold the magic box! She yelled out

"What‟s a magic box? Becky whispered over to me

"It‟s a board used to contact the dead," I whispered back

"Okay we need four people to volunteer

No one moved

"Oh come on! Don‟t be a bunch of party poopers! Lori pouted

"Okay I‟m in! Celia Hop smiled

"Great! Who else? Lori asked. "How about you Leo?"

"Forget it! I don‟t want any part of your stupid games," Leo snorted

"Whatever Leo, How about you Becky?" Lori asked

"Yah sure, why not? Becky shrugged

"Okay, I need one more whose it going to be? Lori smiled

"Me! Bob cried making his way through the crowed

"Okay now before we get started I‟ve to set the mood," Lori told them. She took out a dozen candles lite them then turned off the lights

"Now for those of you, who never played with a magic board" Lori started to explained in a whispery tone of voice

"The board has the letter of the alphabets painted on it; it also has the words yes and no written on top corners

Of the board"

"When the spirit answer our questions it‟d either just the alphabet to answer or the yes or no"

Lori picked up a small heart shape piece of plastic with tiny legs attached to it

"This is called a placket" She added. "It has a circle cut out in the middle of it. This is how the spirit will used to spell out the words with"

"Okay now we place our finger tips on the board very lightly and ask our first question"

The other kids did as instructed and Lori cried out

"Are there any spirits present here with us tonight?

At first nothing happened but seconds later the circle began to move. Underneath their finger tips

"Okay who is moving it? Bob asked. No one answered as the circle slowly moved to the word


"Man this is really weird," He added in a low voice

"What‟s your name? Becky asked. The circle spelled out the name


"This is so stupid! Leo muttered

"Shut up Leo, go on Celia, ask it another question" Lori told her

"Okay is there‟s something that you‟d like to share with us Boy? Celia asked. Again the circle moved to the word


What? She added. It spelled out


There was a loud gasp from the crowed

"No, she committed suicide didn‟t she? Lori whispered


Then the circle spelled out the word


More what? Bob asked frowning. The circle suddenly went crazy

"Well what did it say? I cried out breaking the silence that grew around them. Becky looked up from the board and whispered

"It said more will soon die

Chapter 3

"So how long did it take Leo, to calm down last night? Becky asked

"He didn‟t" I answered. "But you‟ve to admit that message was pretty freaky. Who do you think was pushing it?

"I‟ve no idea. Thing just took a life on its own" Becky shrugged. "So do you want to shop some more or head for home? She asked before slurping the last of her soda

"I guess head for home and call Leo, hopefully he calm down enough to want to do something" I shrugged

"And you think he will? Becky asked frowning

"Like I said I‟m hoping but I highly doubt it," I answered back sighing



"Hey Jen?

"Oh hey Lori, listen I just walked in�"

"I need to talk to you; it‟s important can I come over? Lori interrupted

"Well I know even if I say no, you‟re going to show up anyway. So you might as well"

"And Lori, this better be important like you said I almost broke my neck trying to get the phone" I answer her back sarcastically

A couple minutes later Lori pulled up onto my driveway and got out of her car

"What‟s up? I asked after opening my front door for her. Lori just walked passed me and popped herself on my couch

"Make yourself at home why don‟t you? I smirked. "Now what did you want to talk about that couldn‟t wait until tomorrow?

"This! Lori cried out. She then took out a crumpled up piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to me

Which read:

"You’re an evil girl Lori; people like you shouldn’t be allowed to exist, so I have made a decision. You’re going to die just like Holly did"

"And since I know how much you love surprises you’ll never see me coming! See you soon!

"Oh wow! Have you shown this to the cops? I asked after reading the note

"No, there‟s no need I already know who wrote it" Lori answered taking the note back and sticking it back into her pocket

"You do? Who? I frowned. Lori walked over to the window and mumbled


"What! Are you crazy Lori, Leo would never write you note like that" I cried out

"How do you know you saw the way he was acting the night of my party. I was surprised that he even showed up in the first place" Lori shrugged

"And if it‟s true and Holly was murdered. It wouldn‟t surprise me if he did it," She added

"Lori, why would Leo, murder Holly? I frowned

"Who knows maybe he snapped or something after all she did dumped him? Lori shrugged

"Whatever Lori, Leo‟s not a murder and he didn‟t sent you that stupid note," I answered

"That‟s not what BOY told us" Lori sighed

"Oh, please Lori, give me a break I can‟t believe that you actually believe that stupid board. Is talking to you" I sighed. Lori got up from couch and headed for the door and answered before opening it

"Just don‟t say that I didn‟t warn you"

She then walked out closing the door behind

Chapter 4

The next night Becky and I were sitting around my kitchen table. About to share a frozen pizza

"Guess who came over yesterday," I told her

Who? Becky asked


"Lori, why? Becky frowned. I then quickly told her what happened. Becky was about to answer when the phone rang




Are you still up?

"No Lori, this is my spirit that you‟re talking to! I smirked. "What do you want?

"I will tell you when Celia and I get there�"

"Lori, I hope that this doesn‟t have anything to do with Leo? I interrupted

"No, it doesn‟t see you in a little while! Lori answered. Before she hung up the phone

"So what does she want now? Becky frowned

"I‟ve no idea I guess we‟ll soon find out" I shrugged

I was checking on the pizza when there was a knock on the back porch. Lori had a brown bag under her arm; she opened it and pulled out her magic board then places it on top of the kitchen table

"Are you kidding me? You came over just to play with that stupid thing! I cried out in protest

"It‟s a magic board and it‟s not stupid. Beside I need your help in finding out what‟s going to happen next" Lori whined

"Okay, okay let‟s just get this over with. You guys, want some pizza it should be done by now" I answered her

"I thought I smelled something good" Celia smiled

"Save it for later we shouldn‟t be eating while trying to contact BOY," Lori added

"Oh hey! Maybe he‟d like a slice himself! I joked

"Funny Jen, we‟re never going to contact anyone if you‟re going to be cracking jokes" Lori frowned

"Sorry let me just go grab a few candles and turn off the lights" I smiled

After I turned off the lights and lite some candles. We all placed our fingertips lightly on top of the board

Lori closed her eyes and whispered

"BOY, are you there?

Slowly the circle stated to move then landed on the word


"Did you know that I got a threatening note? Lori asked


"What note? You never told me�""Becky began

"Shh! It was a joke right? Lori interrupted


"BOY, at Lori‟s party you told everyone that Holly was murdered. How did you know she was? Celia asked


"That‟s right! Holly was right handed but the cops found the gun in her left hand! I answered

"You also said that there would be more murders. Does that mean you know who will be next? Lori added


"What! What about me? Celia cried out

I suddenly took my hands away from the board and jump out of my chair

"Hey! What are you doing we‟re not done yet! Celia yelled out

"I don‟t know what‟s going on here, but I don‟t want any part of it! I answered her back

"Jenny‟s right this is stupid! There‟s no way that a piece of junk can predicate what‟s going to happen to us" Becky added. Lori was about to answer her when the flames of the candles suddenly blew out

"What the hell is the matter with the two of you? Lori snapped. As soon as I turned on the lights

"Hey where did Celia disappear to? Becky asked looking around the room

"Huh? What are you talking about she‟s right�""I began. "Okay Lori, very funny! Tell Celia to come out now! The joke time over" I added frowning

"What joke? I‟ve no idea where she‟s" Lori shrugged

"Well she has to be here someplace she just didn‟t vanish into thin air! I snapped at her

"Okay, let‟s all calm down yelling at each other isn‟t going to help us any" Becky interrupted

"Oh great! Now you‟re siding with her? Next, you‟re going to tell me that BOY kidnapped Celia! I cried out

"Funny, but no. all I meant was that there‟s something weird is going on. I think that maybe we should call the cops" Becky shrugged

"Okay tell me again exactly what happened here tonight? Officer Harris asked them

"Look! How many times do we‟ve to go over this? Lori and Celia came over we played with the stupid magic board, then the lights went out." And Celia, disappeared into thin air! I cried out

"I know that you‟re upset but about this whole thing. But yelling at me isn‟t going to help" Now did any of you leave the kitchen while the lights were off? He asked

"You mean anyone besides Celia? No" I smirked

"I see, is this some kind of a joke? He frowned

"What! If this were a joke, why‟d we call you? Are you going to help us or not! I exploded

"Okay, okay I‟ll make out a report but I still believe that your friend is playing a fast one over you. I bet that she‟ll show you in the morning and act like nothing ever happened" Officer Harris stated

"Oh wow! Do you think he‟s right? Do you think that Celia just sneaked out when the candles blew out? Becky asked. After everyone left

"Who knows? But it wouldn‟t surprise me if those two idiots, didn‟t plan this whole thing just to freak us out" I shrugged

"Now that‟s so�""Becky began

"That‟s nothing to compare when Holly was still alive. She was even worst" I interrupted. I grabbed my seven-grade picture off the café table. And handed to Becky, so she can have a better look at it. I noticed that her hands were shaking. I was about to ask her if something was wrong. When she asked

"Which one are you?

"There" I answered pointing to a little blond girl in the second row. Sitting next to Leo

"And there‟s Holly, Celia and Lori" I added

"Where‟s Bob? Wasn‟t he in the same class as you guys? Becky asked

"Yah there" I answered her

"Who‟s that sitting next to him? Becky frowned pointing to a fat, shy looking girl

"Jealous? I smiled. "That‟s Mollie something, I felt sorry for her Holly, and crew used to pick on her all the time."

"I always wondered whether happened to her? I replied taking the picture back and placing it back on my café table

"Oh, so do you really believe that BOY exists? Becky asked changing the subject

"I don‟t know do you? I shrugged

"Oh yah right! I believe in him just like I‟m cheating on Bob, with Casper behind his back! Becky laughed

Chapter 5

The next day I was get ready to go to school when my phone rang


"May I speak with Jenny Wilson?"

"Umm speaking" I answered

"Miss Wilson, this is Officer Harris from last night?" I‟d like to come by and talk with you this morning, if that‟s okay with you?

"Say about in half an hour?" He added

"Okay see you then," I asked him

Thirty minutes later I let Officer Harris inside my living room. And after a brief silence he pulled out a small notebook from his pocket; and began questioning me

"Would you say that you and Celia Hop are good friends?"

"Umm not really" I shrugged

"Do you know of any enemies that she might have?" He added frowning

"Besides the whole senior class expect for Lori, and she probably can‟t stand her either" I thought to myself

"Not that I know of" I answered him

"I understand that your friend Lori Brown recently accused. Leo Hunter of sending her some kind of threatening note"

"Do you know anything about this? Officer Harris asked

"Yes, but there‟s no way that he ever sent her that note! I snapped. "What does any of that have to do with Celia?

Officer Harris just ignored my outburst and continued

"According to Celia‟s mom she was here last night"

"Duh! We were the ones who called you when she disappeared" I smirked to myself

"Yes, Lori and she showed up around nine. I think" I answered him

"Isn‟t that kina of late to visit someone? Officer Harris frowned

"Well umm, this is going to sound crazy. But Lori, wanted for us to play with her magic board," I shrugged

"Magic board? Isn‟t that toy you use to talk to spirits with? He half smirked

"Yes, I know. Its sounds dumb but Lori, believes that this spirit named Boy," talks to her and told her that more kids are going to die," I explained

"More? Officer Harris frowned

"Yah besides Holly," I shrugged


I just nodded my head

"I see. Well thank you Miss Wilson, I guess that‟ll be all for now," You‟ve been very helpful," Officer Harris answered

"Umm Officer Harris, did something happened to Celia? I asked. Officer Harris just stared at me for a second before he answered

"Early this morning we found Miss Hop‟s body lying next to Tower bridge," It‟s still not clear if she either jumped off the bridge or was pushed off."

"Her autopsy will tell us more," He answered. He walked over to my front door and placed his hand on the knob, and asked

"Oh by the way did this Boy, say anything creative last night?

"Well Lori, asked it if she was going to be next," And Boy, answer no that it was going to be Celia," I answered. Officer Harris nodded then thanked me again before he closed the door behind him

Chapter 6


Everyone had heard about what happened to Celia. Kids were clustered in small groups around the halls talking about it. I walked through the halls looking for Leo, I finally found him talking with Bob and Celia by his locker

"Leo! I‟ve been looking all over for you! I cried out

They all stopped talking and turned to face me

"Well it looks like you found me, what‟s up? He smiled

"Did you guys hear about Celia? I asked them

"Yes," they answered together

"The cop in charge of her case came by my house early this morning," I added

"Officer Harris? Why? Becky asked frowning

"He had more questions about last night that--," I began

"Last night? Leo interrupted smirking. "What happened last night?

"Lori and Celia came over my house and we were playing with Lori‟s magic-

"I can‟t believe that you‟d play around with that stupid thing! Leo snapped. "I‟d think that you‟d know better than to hang out with those two idiots!

"Whatever, Leo! He asked about you two," I snorted

"Oh really, why? Leo smirked

"Cause Lori, told him that she believes that you sent her some stupid nasty note," I answered him back. He was about to answer me back. When Becky interrupted him

"What else did he ask you?

"He wanted to go over what happened last night," I shrugged

"And? Becky frowned

"And what? I frowned back

"And did you tell him what BOY said about Celia? She asked

"Yah, why?

"I can‟t believe you Jen; you should‟ve just kept your mouth shut! Becky snapped. Before she stormed off with Leo

"Wow! Nothing like a little murder to bring those you care about closer together," Bob mumbled

Chapter 7

As soon as I walked inside my house I had a funny feeling, that something was wrong. I walked into my living room and noticed that the window had been busted open

"Oh s**t! I quickly ran back inside my kitchen and pulled out a knife from the drawer. Then started to look around the house

Wow! That‟s strange everything seems to be okay," I thought to myself. "Why would someone break into someone‟s house? And not steal anything?

I went upstairs and when I walked into my room. The first thing that I noticed was that bear, that one Leo, won for me last week. Was lying by my door way face down

I cried out once I realized that my room had been ransacked

But why?

The answer was written on my mirror in red marker


"I know that it‟s late. But thanks for coming over," I told Becky

"Oh wow! Becky replied standing by the door way

"Did you call the cops yet?


"No? Why not! Becky cried out

"Cause if I call them. Officer Harris is just going to come over and ask me a whole bunch of question," that I don‟t want to answer" I answered her

"Oh, so do you think they meant it? Becky asked. While staring at the message

"Nope, just someone‟s idea of a joke," I shrugged

"A joke? Somebody broke in, destroyed your room and left you that message as a joke? Becky frowned

"Maybe, who knows? All I know is that something weird is going on. And I‟m going to find what that is," I shrugged

"I don‟t think that‟s such a good idea," Becky mumbled

"Huh? Why don‟t you want to know? I frowned

Becky just stared at me strangely then repeated

"I really don‟t think that‟s a good idea,"

Chapter 8

The next day as I went to my locker, I overheard a group of girls talking several yards away

"Did you guys, hear the news? One of them was asking. "Celia, died by a blow to the back of her head, before she fell off the bridge,"

"No: way! Where did you hear that from? Do they‟ve any idea on who did it? Another girl cried

Jenny! Someone shout. I turned around and noticed that Lori, was running towards me

What‟s up?

Lori handed me a picture that looked a lot like the one. That I had shown Becky a few days ago. It had been folded so it could fit through the slot of a locker. A red circle was drawn around Lori‟s face along with the words


"Oh wow! You‟ve to take this to the police," I told her

"Gee, it‟s so nice to know that you‟d care. If I get killed or not," Lori smirked

"Of course I‟d care! How can you even ask such a stupid question like that? Do you want me to go with you? I cried out

"No, I‟ll be okay" Lori answered

"Okay, but call me as soon as you get back home," I told her. As we walked out of the school and towards the parking lot

When I got home I looked my copy of my old school picture. But I couldn‟t find it

Was the picture that Lori have mines?

Did the person who broke into my house. Steal it then gave it to her? I wondered. The ringing of the phone pulled me out of my trance



Yah, how did it go? I asked Lori

"It didn‟t. Listen Jen, I know who�"

"Oh, get me guess, Leo! Right! I interrupted her

"No, it‟s not him. Can you come over please," Lori added

"Yah, I guess I‟ll see you in a few," I shrugged

Minutes later I was knocking on Lori‟s front door. But no one answered

And since the door was slightly opened I gently pushed it open and walked inside

"Hey Lori! I‟m here! I yelled out

Still no one answered I slowly step into her kitchen. It seemed to be empty until I noticed a puddle of blood lying next to Lori‟s body. In her hands was what I believed was my old school picture

Chapter 9

"Are your parents‟ home? Officer Harris asked me

"No, they‟re out of town they‟ll be back in a few days," I answered him in shaken tone of voice

"Well I‟ve all the information that I need from you for right now. Go home and call your folks let them know what‟s going on," He told her

"Okay, do you think that Lori‟s going to be okay? She looked really bad," I asked staring at the floor

"I don‟t know. I‟m just glad you got here when you did. If she does pull through its cause of you," He smiled

"Now as soon as you get home make sure to lock all your windows and doors. I‟ll have an officer drive you home," He added

A few minutes later, as soon as the officer who drove me home, check out the house and left. I was about to call my parents, when I heard something like glass breaking from my back room. I took a quick peek and saw that a rock was lying on the floor

With a piece of paper tied to it. I picked up the rock and note which read:


I ran for the phone but the line was dead

"Oh; just great! I thought to myself

I nervously opened my knife drawer and pulled out a small sharp carving knife. And tucked it inside my back pocket

"It‟s better than nothing," I thought to myself. I was about to go inside my living room. When a shadowy figure stepped out from the hallway

"You know that I don‟t want to but I still have to kill you! The figure snorted. I suddenly recognized the voice

"Oh my god! Becky?

Chapter 10

"You got too involved in trying to find out who is behind all of this" I knew you‟d have figure it out sooner or later," Becky growled. Her voice was full with hate and anger. Overwhelmed by panic I moved out of her way seconds before. Becky slammed the poker that she was holding down

"But why? Why are you doing this! I cried out

"You really don‟t remember me do you? Becky laughed


"Remember Molly? From the seventh grade? Good old fat, ugly Molly!" The one that Holly and those other two b*****s used to love to pick on! Becky yelled. Her eyes glittered with anger

"Fooled ya! Didn‟t I! She added laughing

Suddenly it was all starting to make sense

Why Becky‟s hand started shaking, when she was looking at my school picture. Why she never wanted me to go over to her house. She was scared that I‟d recognize her folks

"You were the one who broke and destroyed my room," You stole my school picture and gave it to Lori," I mumbled

"Guilty! Becky laughed

"But you look so different! How, what--," I began. Becky only laughed harder

"Well Jenny, crash diets, contact lens, and lots of exercise," Can do wonders for a person, but it never erase the memory of how,"

"They made my life a living hell! Nothing could ever change that! But I vowed that I‟d get even with them, no matter how long it took," Becky explained

"So you changed your name? I asked in a confused tone of voice

"Yup, and made everyone believe that I was new. No one had any reason to believe otherwise," Becky answered me back shrugging

"So you were the one, who was moving the board," There was never a spirit named BOY," I asked. Becky snorted

"Can you believe how stupid they were to actually believe, that a stupid piece of cardboard could tell you," When you‟re going to die,"

"What a bunch of idiots! I loved watching Lori, squirm after I sent her that note, only to ruin it by thinking Leo wrote it,"

"My only regret is that I didn‟t have time to tell Holly," who I was I mean what‟s the purpose of killing someone," If they don‟t know why you want to kill them," She added shrugging

"And did you get to tell Celia or Lori, who you were? I asked. "Maybe if I keep her talking, I can figure out a way out of this mess," I thought to myself

"Oh yah! You should‟ve seen their faces it was priceless! You‟ve been a good friend Jen, but I‟m sorry I„ve to do this! Becky cried as she raised the poker high above her head

Becky! No wait!

"Sorry, but Becky‟s dead! My name is Molly! She cried out. Before smashing the poker down. When a voice yelled out from behind

Hold it right there!

My hallway was suddenly flooded with lights. I put my hands up to shield my eyes from the glare

A tall figure was standing by the door. It was Leo and standing right next to him was Bob and Officer Harris

Chapter 11

Later that night when we finished answering all of Officer Harris‟s questions, and phoning our parents‟. We decided to share a pizza at the local pizza shop

So Becky was really Molly? Bob asked biting into his slice of pizza

"Yah. Not that I‟m not grateful. But why did you guys, come by for? I answered him

"Oh, I wanted to apologies for acting like such a jerk, maybe catch a movie or something? Leo started explaining. "But when we got there and peek through the window, and saw you two fighting,"

"I called Officer Harris," He added

"My hero‟s! I cried out. Kissing them both on the cheek

"So how‟s Lori? Is she going to be okay? Bob asked

"The doctors said she‟d be fine in a few days," I told him

"And ready to torment her next victim! Leo added laughing

"Or maybe she finally learned her lesson! Bob joked

"Oh yeah right! Don‟t hold your breath! And Becky? What‟s going to happen to her? Leo asked

"Harris said that shrink is going to evaluate her. Before they decide anything," I answered

There was a long silence between us

"Well I‟m taking off I‟ll see you guys tomorrow," Bob said getting up from the table

"And where are you going? Leo asked

"Oh I figured that after the night we all had, that you two deserved a little time alone," And besides I‟m totally broke so it‟s better that I leave before the check comes! Bob laughed. He then gave us the peace sign and walked out of the shop

"There goes one guy that will never change, no matter what happens! Leo joked. He then moved closer and kissed me long and hard

When it was over he looked into my eyes and smiled hi

Well that was my story along with some updates:

Leo and I are still happily together, and are going to the same college next year

Bob and Lori got together hard to believe but true. She even tamed down a little

And as for Molly well the last thing I heard was that, she was found quality of all charges. But instead of going to jail, the judge decided it was best if she served her time in a private mental hospital. In where she can get the help that she needs

And if you‟re still wondering why I even told you this story

Well I did it just for one reason and that is. The next time you or somebody you know decide to pick on someone. Just because they‟re different from you

Just remember my story

And please remember that words hurt even if you‟re just goofing around. Or trying to make yourself more popular. Cause maybe, someday, these very words you said. Can one day come back and coast you one very deadly mistake

© 2013 jo

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