Spook Land

Spook Land

A Story by jo

Welcome please come in that's if you're brave enough to



From the back seat Puppy noticed that Tommy Cub’s brother Chuck, turned up the volume on his car radio as loud as it would go

"I guess that his way of telling us, that all our talking is starting to get on his nervous. But we couldn’t help it," It wasn’t every day that you receive in the mail, an invention to spend an all expense free week." Inside the newest theme park Spook Land

"I still can’t believe that we won free tickets! I can’t wait until we get there!" And check out all the rides especially the Jungle Falls, I heard that once you start sinking into the quick sand," You never stop!" Tommy cried out happily

"Yah, me neither. But I still can’t figure out how we won our tickets, I don’t remember entering any contest," Do you guys? Sammy Turtle asked them. Tommy was about to answer him back when Chuck interrupted him

"Okay you little monsters! We’re finally here!"

Then after grabbing their bags out of the car trunk. They headed towards the park entrance

"Oh wow!" This place must be really scary; we’re not even inside yet. And I can hear them screaming from out here!" Vicky Dragonfly laughed

"Yah, I bet they’re riding some roller coaster or something close to it," Chuck answered. "This place is going to be awesome! Oh sorry little bro, but it looks like you’re going too be stuck inside the hotel room."

"While we’re having fun in the park!" He added laughing

"Huh?" Why?" What are you talking about? Tommy frowned. Chuck pointed to a sign that had an arrow sticking two feet out of the ground. That read:



"Oh ha-ha! You’re so hysterically not funny!" Tommy smirked. When they got to the ticket booth, there was an ugly two face clown with green horns sticking out of his head. Sitting inside of it

"Dare or scare?" He asked Chuck

"Excuse me?"

"Would you like to purchase our dare or scare day passes?" He repeated smiling evilly

"Oh, neither. We received these inventions by mail," Chuck answered him back. Then handed the inventions over to him. The clown looked them over before he punched some buttons into his computer

"Ah! Yes. It says here that you’re going to be our very special guest this week," The clown answered. Before he pressed the button to open the front gate

"Please come in, that’s if you all dare to!" He laughed

"I wonder what he meant by that?" Puppy thought to herself. As she followed the gang inside the park

"Okay kids, please wait by the gate and one of our ghouls, will be by shortly to drive you to our Dead Zone Inn," He instructed. Daisy was about to pick up her bags, when the clown suddenly ran out of the ticket booth. And snatched them away from her

"Hey! What do you think you’re doing those are my bags!" She yelled

"Oh, don’t mind me Miss; you won’t need these anymore!" He laughed. He then took all of their bags and placed them into a pile, then took out a book of match and set them on fire

"Hey! Are you nuts?" Chuck yelled out. "Those were our bags!"

"Not no, more they not!" The clown laughed. Then took off running

"Can you believe that jerk?" As soon as we get to the hotel I’m going to report him!" Chuck growled. And before any of them could answer him back. A loud honk interrupted

A few minutes later they were all gathered inside their hotel rooms

"Hey look! It’s our bags!" I wonder how they did that." Daisy frowned

"Aw! Who cares this place is supposed to be filled with weird surprises, so what should we do first?" Tommy asked them

"Oh wow! Check it out!" Puppy cried out. Before she walked over to a glass display case that was next to one of the dressers. Inside of it was a dummy dressed as a fortune teller

I love these things!

Puppy took out a quarter from her pocket and dropped it into the slot. Soon the dummy’s hand came to life and dropped a small card down it

"So what does it say?" Vicky asked. Puppy looked down at the card and frowned

"It says if I ever wanted to have a future that I must leave. The park and never return,"

"Weird, but did we come here to stay locked up inside our hotel room? Or to have inside the park?" Sammy asked them

Minutes later they were walking around exploring the park

"Oh wow! Chuck told them. "Check that out!"

They walked over and saw that one of the park’s clowns had placed a giant spider on a kid’s hand

"Okay, now remember don’t let it fall and the first kid that it bites, loses! He laughed

"Oh gross�"Vicky began. "Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t see you standing there,"

"That’s okay, it was my fault I didn’t see you either," A small voice mumbled

"Is everything okay?" You look upset?" Vicky asked the frighten looking rabbit

"Umm no, I was just looking for my sister, we split up a few hours ago." Trying to find a couple of kids, who seemed to disappeared into thin air," The rabbit answered her back

"Disappeared?" Vicky frowned. "Did you guys, report it to the park’s ranger?" She added

"We tried, but they just laughed at us and told us that this was Spook Land." Kids disappear here all the time,"

"They just thought it was a big joke," The rabbit sighed. "You’d think that since we’re special guest that they’d treat us a bit differently," Even though we didn’t even know that this place existed until we got our tickets by mail,"

"A few weeks ago, my name is Joe, by the way" He explained

"Weird, neither did we. I’m Vicky, and these are my friends Puppy, Daisy, Sammy and Tommy," So how did your friends disappear? She asked

"A day after we arrived at the park we met two kids, Timmy and Jenny," They were also special guests, they told us that before we got here

"That one of the park’s clown warned them, that any kid who was brought here as a special guest," Was in great danger and shall leave as soon as possible." Before it was too late," Joe started to explain

"How do you know that they weren’t lying or just trying to scare?" You and your sister? Tommy frowned

That’s what we thought too, and then we were supposed to meet them for lunch." So we could ask them some more questions, but they just seemed too disappeared," Joe shrugged

"Well maybe they went back to their rooms and forgot or something," Daisy added also shrugging

"That’s what we figured but when we went back to the hotel. "And checked out their room it was empty, the only thing we found was this," Joe began to explained. He then pulled out an old newspaper clipping from his back pocket. And showed it to the gang

It was a picture of an old Ferris wheel with flames surrounding it. Below the picture it read:


"We thought it’s was some kind of clue. We figure if we can find this ride we’ll find out what happened to them," Joe told them

"Hey! I’ve an idea why don’t we see if we can find. One of those information booths" They should have all the names of the rides and where they’re located at," Daisy suggested

A few seconds later

"Wow! I didn’t think this place was so big, there must be a hundred rides here," Chuck whistled. As he and the others looked over the list of the rides posted

"Yah, but none sound like they can be a Ferris wheel," Vicky added

"Maybe it’s a new ride and it’s not open yet. Or it was an old ride and they decided to close it," Puppy shrugged. Sammy was about to answer her back when Joe’s sister Cookie, came running up to them

"Joe! We’ve to get of here, right now!" She yelled

"Whoa! Relax Cookie, what are you talking about?" Joe frowned

"When I was walking around I overheard two of park’s ghouls. Joking with each other that soon every kid who was brought here as a special guest," Would soon disappear just like the others!" She explained

"What! That’s nuts! Why would they just bring us here to have us disappear?" Sammy cried out

"I don’t know, but I do get a funny feeling that there’s something very weird. Going on around here"

"So far two kids have disappeared and the only thing, we had in common been that we never heard of this place

before" And that we came here as special guest," Cookie answered him back

"Okay, let’s just say it’s true. Let’s go back to the hotel and try to figure this out there." I suddenly feel very uncomfortable walking around," Vicky told them

When they got off the elevator they bumped into a frighten looking clown heading towards them

"Don’t be scared I’m not going to hurt you. But you kids need to leave this place before it’s too late," You’re not safe here leave now!"

He then took off running before any of the gang could ask him why

"Well that wasn’t weird at all," Chuck mumbled. After a few minutes of silence

"Why don’t we just pack up our stuff and go," Sammy told them. Once they were inside of Joe and Cookie’s hotel room. And before any of them could answer him, there was a loud knock on the door

And a note was slipped under their door

That read:






"Okay, at first I was super excited about coming here. But with all these stories of disappearing kids, creepy clowns warnings, and now this," I’m with Sammy, let’s just get our stuff and leave!" Daisy cried out

"Yah, we’ll go as soon as we find out what that note was all about. Hopefully we can get some answers before we leave," Cookie answered her

A few minutes later they were all gathered inside the café

"I’m telling you guys, I don’t think we should be here. We should’ve just got our stuff and left," Sammy was telling them. Tommy was about to answer him back, when a park clown walked out of the back room and interrupted

"May I’ve your attention my name is Mr. Blue Toe, and I’d like to take this time to thank you for coming." Now I’m sure you’re all probably wondering why we invited you all here." He began to explain

"Yah, how did you pick us?" Puppy cried out

"Simple we just picked your names out of the phone books," He laughed. "Now you’re here so we could show you a really scary time. So scary that you can’t wait to go home and tell all your friends," The clown added

"But what happened to the other kids? Where did they disappear to?" Cookie yelled out

"Ah! Don’t you worry your pretty little head about them young pup, you’ll see them soon enough!" The clown laughed

"But you didn’t answer the question," Cookie frowned

"And it was a very good question and I’m sure you kids, have lots of them. But they’ll have to wait until next time," The clown smirked. Then ran out of the room without saying another word

"Well that was a complete waste of time, come on let’s get out of here," Chuck told them

A few minutes later they were heading towards the front entrance of the park

(Will they escape?)

(Stay tune)

Copyrights © belong to jaci 2006

© 2014 jo

Author's Note

what did you think working on my grammar problems also rewrote this story

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