A Story by jo

Sometimes helping out a friend can turn out to be deadly

Alexis Taylor looked like someone who just went through hell and back. As she sat inside the Bay Hills police station, waiting to speak with Officer Stone 
“Hello Miss Taylor, I understand that you asked to speak with me?” He asked smiling. Wiping her tears away Alexis slowly nodded her head yes
“Now, now Miss Taylor, why don’t you just take a deep breath and tell me why you’re here?” He asked. Alexis swallowed the lump in her throat then answered
“I don’t know where to start,”
“Just take your time and start from the beginning,” He told her
 Alexis closed her eyes for a minute and let her mind wonder back, to a couple weeks back
“I guess it all started last week when……. 
Hattie Lang was getting a drink from the water fountain, when someone almost knocked her over as they walked by
“Hey! Watch it!”
“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t see you standing there,” Katie Hartman gasped
“Well maybe you should get your eyes check,” Hattie smirked
“Whatever!” by the way Hats love the new coon look!” Katie snorted
“Huh?” coon look?” what are you talking about?” Hattie frowned
“Oh nothing, never mind!” Katie shrugged before she walked off laughing 
A few minutes later Hattie walked into the lunch room and spotted her best friend Alexis Taylor, sitting at their regular table waiting for her
“Hey Hats! What’s wrong with your eye?” Alexis asked her. As she sat across from Alexis
“Nothing why?” Hattie frowned
“Then what’s all the black junk underneath it?” Alexis asked her
“What!” Hattie exclaimed. Before she jumped up from her seat and ran out of the lunch room. And towards the bathroom 
“Oh great!” now it’s getting all over my face,” Hattie mumbled as she splashed cold water on her face
“Hats, are you okay?” Alexis asked once she walked into the bathroom
“I’ll be as soon as I get this crap off my face!” Hattie cried out
“Try using soap instead of only water,” Alexis suggested. Hattie pumped some of that smelly pink soap out of the dispenser. And rubbed it all over her face, she was drying her face when the late bell rang
“Well is it gone?” She asked
“Yah, but we better go that was the late bell I don’t want to be late for homeroom,” Alexis replied glancing at herself in the mirror
“You go, I’ll be out in a minute I just want to wash my face one more time,” Hattie answered her
“Okay see you later!” Alexis answered 
Hattie looked at herself in the mirror one last time. Before walking out into the hallway and found Katie throwing herself all over. Her ex- boyfriend Andy Green
“Don’t worry Katie, your day is soon coming,” She thought to herself angrily. An idea suddenly popped into her head. She hurried towards Alexis’s locker hoping that she didn’t already go to homeroom 
“Hey Al! Do you still have that bottle of food coloring in your locker?” She asked her
“Yah why?” Alexis answered before she handed it over to her
“Oh, you’ll soon see,” Hattie smiled. A few minutes later Hattie walked into study hall and noticed Katie’s purse hanging on one of the chairs. She looked around and saw that Katie was too busy talking to one of her best friends, not paying attention to her. She carefully opened Katie’s purse and quickly searched through it
Hattie smiled as she pulled out Katie’s lip gloss opened it, and place a few drops of food coloring on it. Then closed back up dropping back into her purse, and walked away with a big smile on her face
The next afternoon Alexis straighten her t-shirt over her sweat pants. Waiting for the other cheer leaders to arrive, she glanced up at the big clock that was next to the gym’s score board
    “Hey! Did you hear what happened to Katie yesterday?” Hattie asked her. Once she walked up to Alexis
“Oh yah!” and you wouldn’t know how that could’ve happened would you?” Alexis answered her back smiling. Hattie in her best southern accident gasped
“Why for heaven’s sakes! You’re not blaming little old me for what happened to Miss Hartman’s precious lips?” Are you?”
Alexis laughed and was about to answer her back. When she realized that the gym had grown completely silent as Hattie’s step sister Terri, with the help of cane walked in
“May I’ve your attention please?” I’ve exciting announcement to make,” Ms. June their cheer leading coach began. The gym remained silent
“First, I’m happy to announce that Terri, will be rejoining the team as my assistant. Now it’s time for what you all have been waiting for,” Ms. June cleared her throat then continued
“I’ve spent many hours thinking about this discussion I know that the young lady, that I choice to be our team captain. Has the same school spirit as other captains have shown in the past,”
“And now for the name of our new team captain Hattie Lang!”  
Several of the other girls looked over towards Katie’s direction. And watched as her mouth dropped open
“You’re kidding right?”
“Now Katie--,”
“No, I mean this is some kind of sick joke right?” Katie continued
“That’s quite enough young lady!” My decision is final and if you don’t like it then I suggested,” Ms. June began. Katie glanced over to where Terri was standing and thought
“I bet this was all her idea, that’s why she has that stupid smile on her face,”
And as other hateful thought flashed through Katie’s mind Ms. June’s voice came back into focus
“I quit!” Katie yelled out then took off running across the gym. Slamming the double doors behind her 
A few minutes later she returned back inside the gym and headed towards where Hattie was standing
“You’re not going to get away with this!”
Hattie rolled her eyes before asking
“Get away with what?”
“Don’t play innocent with me, you know damn well that I deserve to be captain more then you!” Katie smirked
“In your dreams Katie!” Didn’t you just quit? Why are you still here?” 
Katie’s eyes grew wild with rage as she launched forward
“You’re such a little b***h!” she yelled before grabbing the side of Hattie’s hair and giving it a hard yank
Hattie cried out in pain as she tried to pull away
“Stop it!” a horrified voice cried out. Both girls froze for a moment as Ms. June tried to squeeze in between them
“What’s going on here?”
“Umm, it’s nothing Katie and I were just having a slight disagreement,” Hattie explained
“Well I think you two better apologies to each other right now!” Ms. June smirked. Neither of the girls replied
“I’m waiting ladies,” She added crossing her arms in front of her chest. Both girls mumbled sorry to one another
“Now I hope from now on you girls, can find a nicer way to work out your differences,” Ms. June frowned. They both nodded yes
“Terrific! Now if you ladies don’t mind I’d like to go back to my office. Knowing that neither of you will try to kill each other 
“Oh wow!” that was intense are you sure you’re okay?” Alexis asked Hattie once it was all over. But Hattie didn’t answer her, an evil smile spread across her face
“I just thought of the perfect way to get even with those two idiots,”
“What two idiots?” Alexis frowned
“Katie and Andy,” Hattie smiled. “I’m going to fake my death and have be blamed for it!”
“You’re what!” Alexis cried out
“And you’re going to help me!” Hattie laughed  
“Wow! That must have been some fight?” Officer Stone asked Alexis
“Yes, it was, but I must’ve been crazy to go along with Hattie’s stupid plan. “I should’ve just told her to forget it,” Alexis sobbed
“Don’t blame yourself Alexis, none what happened what was your fault.” Now what was Hattie ’s pl an?” Officer Stone asked her
“I don’t remember all of it. But that weekend we were all going to Cougar Island, for one last senior bash ,” “A nyway to reach Cougar Island, you’ve to take a charter boat. Hattie wanted to make it look like either Katie or Andy had pushed her over board after a heated fight,”
“Then she’d swim back to shore, making everyone believed that she drowned,” Alexis explained
“And she really believed that this plan of hers was really going to work?” Officer Stone frowned
“Yah, I guess so ,” Alexis shrugged
“I see, then what happened?” Officer Stone sighed 
Alexis walked over to Hattie at first she was all excited by the whole idea. But now she couldn’t get over the feeling that something bad was going to happen
“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” She whispered over to her
“Of course I’m sure!” Hattie cried out happily
“But what if you get a cramp or something else goes wrong?” Alexis asked
“Relax Al, nothing is going to go wrong,” Hattie answered her
“Okay, so how long are you planning on staying--,” Alexis began. Hattie laughed then answered
“I can’t wait until Monday morning to see everyone’s face. When I walk into homeroom and act like nothing happened,”
Alexis was about to answer her back but she was cut off
“Well, well look who’s heading our way! It’s show time!” Hattie smirked. She was about to head towards their direction. But Alexis placed her hand on her shoulder and told her
“It’s not too late to change your mind,”
Hattie squeezed her hand and smiled
“Don’t worry about me I promise we’ll get together later, you’ll have the honor of meeting your first ghost”
“You’ve a very morbid imagination you know that Hats,” Alexis frowned
“Yah, I know now get lost!” Hattie laughed
“Well, well if it isn’t my two favorite people in the whole wide world!” how’s it going?” Hattie sweetly smiled
“What do you want Hattie,” Katie snorted. Hattie check to see if she was getting the attention of the rest of the kids
“Good, they’re staring at us,” She thought to herself
“So Andy, tell me how much did you’ve pay to sleep with this s**t?” She asked Andy
“And who the hell are you calling a s**t!” Katie demanded
“You b***h!” Hattie smirked. “Not only are you one but you’re a pro at it!”
“Why you stupid b***h!” nobody talks to me like that!” Katie began
“Whatever, and I wasn’t even talking to you I was talking to him.” So Andy did you get your money worth or what?” Hattie smirked
“Hattie, what’s your problem?” Andy frowned
“Oh, what’s the matter big boy?” ”To ashamed to admit that the only she’d give it to you, was for you to pay for it?” Hattie smile. The boat rocking back n forth forced them to be nose to nose. Hattie glanced over Andy’s shoulder and saw that one of Andy’s friend was coming towards them
“It’s now or never,” Hattie thought to herself as she slipped her hand through Katie’s arm. And pushed Andy hoping that he’d think she did it
“Hey!” He yelled as he pushed Katie back harder
“Who do you think you’re pushing a*s hole!” Katie yelled before slapping him in the face. Hattie wrestled between them hoping it’d look like they were fighting with her. A slight shift of the boat gave her the right chance for her to go over the side rail of the boat 
“Oh s**t!” She heard Andy yell out before a big cold wave washed over her. In all her planning.  She never consider how cold the water would be. Or how the salt water would affect her vision 
“Pull yourself together you can’t afford to lost it now,” She scowled herself as she began to swim back to the shore 
Hours later Hattie walked inside her bedroom feeling very proud of herself. She rested for a few minutes before turning on the TV, just in time to see that news was about to beginning 
Our top story: Death strikes this morning on board the Steel Rose , what supposed to be a fun class trip became a series of disagreements. Which lead to the death of two teens Andy Green, and Hattie Lang,” A picture of the two appeared besides the reporter’s head 
“The problem began when Miss Lang, got into a heated agreement with Mr. Green, and another student Katie Hartman.” The reason for the agreement is still not clear at this time, but during the confrontation Miss Lang, either fell or was pushed off the boat”
“And yet to be found. The local coast guards believe that Miss Lang, may have struck her head on the side of the boat,” And her body drifted off farther into sea, thirty minutes later they located Mr. Green’s body floating face down……. 
“Oh my god! Hattie shouted throwing the remote at the TV. She slowly got off her bed and walked over to the phone to call Alexis, so she could pick her up and drive her to the police station. They’d probably charge her with Andy’s death but she didn’t care. After all the poor guy drowned in trying to save her life. In Hattie’s mind she deserved to rot all in some jail cell
She picked up the phone and began to dialing. She was about to punch in the last number when the phone suddenly went dead. And the room went dark 
“So when Hattie, went overboard what happened?” Officer Stone asked Al exis
“The whole boat freaked out, people started jumping into the water calling out Hattie’s name,” Alexis answered him
“Why didn’t you just save everyone the trouble and just told them the truth?” He asked
“I don’t know I guess I didn’t want to get her trouble,” Alexis shrugged
“So you kept quite even when they found Andy’s body?” Officer Stone frowned
“No, I told Terri, about Hattie’s plan,” Alexis sighed
“I see, and was that the last time that either one of you saw Hattie?” He asked
“Okay, then wha t happened?” Officer Stone asked
“I went home and tried calling her but I just kept getting her voice mail, then I tried calling Terri,” But she didn’t answer either so I came here,” Alexis explained
“Look Miss Taylor, your little prank failed, just tell M iss Lang, to turn herself in --- “Officer Stone began
“I’m telling you I don’t know where she’s why don’t you believe me?” Alexis interrupted sobbing
“Because I believe that you’re still protecting you don’t even care that one of your class mate drowned.” Ca use she’s playing some stupid prank!” Office Stone yelled at her
“What!” no I’m not! I’m telling you the truth I’ve no idea where she’s!” Alexis yelled back . Office Stone just stared at her for a few minutes before he continued
“I’m really sorry that I just snapped at you Miss Taylor, I know that this must be really hard for you,” Can you excuse me for a few minutes I need to check on something before you can are free to go?” Is that alright with you?”
Alexis just slowly nodded her head yes 
Office Stone walked into the room in where they were questioning Katie Hartman and asked
“Hi, where’s Officer Grant?”
“He went to take a piss or whatever! Look can I go now!” Katie smirked
“Soon but first I’d like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind?” Officer Stone asked smiling
“I’ve already told Officer what’s his name everything I know,” Katie frowned
“What I’m especially interested in knowing what happened to Hattie Lang,” Officer Stone frowned back
“She drowned duh!” Katie snorted
“Guess again, she just w anted everyone to believe that she did. T h en have either you or Andy be blamed for it,” She actually swam back to shore and seemed to just disappeared from the face of the earth,”
“Strange, huh?” A person can just disappear just like that?” Officer Stone s napped his finger together
“Oh that little sneaky little freak!” Katie cried out. “I’m going to drown her real for making me go through all this!”
“Where were you today before we asked you to come in?” Officer Stone asked 
“I went to the mall, why?” Katie asked smirking
“And I suppose you didn’t happen to run into Hattie, while you were at the mall?” Officer Stone smirked back
“No, but I wish I did -- ,” Katie began
“Excuse me Miss Hartman, consider there you were known to be a thorn in Hattie’s side. And we can’t locate her I suggest that you drop your attitude,” Officer Stone interrupted
“Well maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and ask for a lawyer,” Katie frowned
“That’s up to you, but if you didn’t do anything then I don’t understand why you’d want to do something like that?” Now if you had to pick someone who’d want to hurt Hattie, besides yourself, who’d you pick and why? Officer Stone asked
“You’re kidding me right?” Katie laughed
“Just answer the question,” Officer Stone sighed
“Okay Terri, happy no w,” Katie answered
“Hattie’s sister?” Why her?” Officer Stone frowned
“Her step sister, and I don’t know that just the first name that popped into my head,” Katie shrugged
“And you wouldn’t know where Terri, is now, would you? He asked
“Umm, let’s see have you tried looking for her in house?” Katie snorted
“Funny,” Officer Stone smiled. He slowly rose to his feet and continued
“It was a pleasure speaking with you, Miss Hartman, you’re free to go,” 
Katie just smiled and was about to walk out. When Officer S tone called out to her
“What’s it now?” Katie asked sounding annoyed
“You really should think about becoming a lawyer after graduation, in my opinion you’d make one hell of a great one!” Officer Stone laughed. Katie just winked at him then walked out 
“So can I go now?” Alexis asked. Once Officer Stone returned 
“Yes, and thank you again for your patience I’ll be in touch, take care of yourself,” he answered    
It’s been a month since Hattie disappeared and the police still didn’t have a clue of what h appened to her 
“ Finally we’re here!” Alexis smiled staring out the bus window . As it entered into the driveway to the state college, in where the state cheerleading torment were being held. The bus pulled up to the front door 
A young lady hurried out to greet the girls and gave them their room keys. An hour later after checking into their rooms and unpacking, they all meet inside the school gym for practice
“Oh wow! Look at that girl,” Alexis whispered over to her friend Carrie Snow. “She’s really good,”
“Oh my god!” That’s Wendy Adams, Terri’s going to have a cow when she sees her here,” Carrie answered her
“Why?” Alexis frowned. Carrie was about to answer her back when Terri joined them
“Oh goody, look whose here!” She cried out smirking. “What I wouldn’ t give to wipe that phony smile off her face!”
“Just ignore her, she’s just trying to show off,” Carrie answered her back smiling
“Yah, you’re right,” Terri smirked . “Who cares about her, come on girls let’s go show little Miss Perfect,” What we can do!” S he added before she ran out to the middle of the gym cheering 
Later that night the first round of the competition was about to beginning. The gym rang out with happy and excited voices
“Guess who’s going on first?” Carrie whispered over to Alexis
“Clear t he floor!” A voice cried out over the loud speaker. “The yellow monkeys will go first whenever you’re ready!”  
Then after a loud applause Wendy ran out to the middle of the gym. Cheering and clapping but when she went to perform a handspring. She appeared to trip over something
Alexis gasped as she watched Wendy’s face hit the wooden floor. The gym suddenly grew silent as she slowly pulled herself to her feet. Looking confused and scared
Horrified shouts rang from all over
“Quick! Get a doctor!” Someone cried out after they all noticed that Wendy’s front teeth had been broken in two. The other cheerleaders on Wendy’s squad rushed over towards her and helped her walk off 
Alexis stared at them until the slamming of the double doors pulled her out of her trance. A chill went down her spine, the moment she noticed that. Terri was also staring at the gym door with the strangest smile on her face
A few days later 
Alexis was on her way to the kitchen to grab a drink, when her pho ne rang
“Hey Al,”
“Oh hey Terri, what’s up?” “Nothing, much I really haven’t seen much of you, since the torment.” I’ve a funny feeling that you’ve been avoiding me or something,” Terri answered her
“Oh please , Terri, I just have been busy that’s all,” Alexis told her. “Hey! Why don’t you come over?” My folks went to a dinner party and won’t be home until late, I’ll pop a frozen pizza in the oven. “It’ll give us a chance to catch up,” She added
“Okay, sounds great I’ll see you in a little while the n,” Terri told her
“Oh, and Terri, I’ll be in the back room. So I’ll leave the side door open for you, just let yourself in and yell,” Alexis added before she hung up 
Alexis careful poured a small amount of chloroform onto a hand chief. Then waited by the side door for Terri to arrive . A couple minutes later the door was slowly pushed open
“Hey Al! It’s me Terri,” She cried out. Before Alexis stepped out from behind the door, grabbed Terri from behind and placed the hand chief over her mouth and nose
For a couple of seconds Terri tried to fight off her attacker. But the chloroform was beginning to take effect, her eyes rolled all the way to the back of her head. As he body went completely limp in Alexis’s arms 
It was a good thing that Alexis’s kitchen had a private entrance , which led outside to her back yard. She dragged Terri’s limp body all the way towards a small house, which was located by the side of her pool. With all the windows board up. It was the perfect place 
Breathing hard Alexis collapse d onto the floor and waited for Terri to come to. She didn’t have to wait too long
Seconds later Terri, started stretching like someone waking up from a deep sleep
“If you cry out, I‘ll blow your head off!” Alexis snapped. Terri sat up and just stared at her with a confused look on her face
“Al?” have you completely lost your freaking mind?” What the hell do you think you’re doing? ”
“What does it look like I ‘m doing, I’m getting you to talk,” Alexis snorted
“About what!”
“Well you can start with why you k illed Andy,” Alexis asked
“Andy?” I didn’t kill anyone, Andy drowned” Terri frowned 
“Ha! That’s what you wanted everyone to believe you used Hattie’s plan to kill him, and I want to know why?” Alexis told her
“Oh wow! Look out Nancy Drew, here comes Alexi s Taylor!” Terri laughed
“So you’re admitting it?” Alexis frowned
“Even if I were to admit, what good would it do?” He’s dead and me admitting to have killed him or not, isn’t going to bring him back is it Al?” Terri asked her before she covered her face w ith her knees and began to cry. Alexis sat down next to her 
“It’s okay Terri, just tell me what happened,”
“Andy, got what he deserved Al , so go ahead and shot me I promise not tell anyone,” Terri giggled 
“The gun is fake Terri, I just wanted to scare you with it so you‘d tell why and what happened to them,” Alexis sighed
“Why do you keep asking me silly question?” Terri frowned. “But I guess if there had to be a reason, I guess it would be what happened last year,” She added 
“Terri, I’m not sure I’m u nderstanding you, what happened last year that would make you want to murder two people?” Alexis frowned
“If you’d just shut up and listen I’d tell you,” Terri smirked
“Until then my life was normal. Then that bimbo’s mom married my dad and everything chan ged!”  Suddenly I got pushed aside like yesterday trash!”
“Not only did she take my father away from me, but she also stole Andy!” She knew that I was in love with him, she even offered to help me. But she betrayed me and threw herself all over him,” 
“Eve n when he did ask me out it was so obvious the real reason why he did it, it was so he could be close to her.” It wasn’t until I started threaten that I wasn’t going to keep his secret any more, was ---
“Secret?” Alexis interrupted frowning 
“Andy, wasn’t the sweet boy everyone thought he was Al, when he drank he’d turn a very mean person especially when you tell him no -- ” Terri began
“Whoa!” you’re not saying that Andy , hurt Hattie are you?” Alexis interrupted
“Hattie, Hattie, why’s she the one everyone al ways worries about?” Terri frowned. “She was worst then he ever was!” When she found out that I was pregnant by him, and was planning to keep it,” She did everything in power so I’d lose it!” Some sister huh?”
“Oh my god Terri!” I’m so sorry I’d ask Hattie , about you all the time after you had your car accident,” But she’d just say she didn’t want to talk about it or she’d quickly change the subject.” Alexis told her
“Ha! Of course she didn’t want to talk about it, she’s the one who caused it!” But I got he r back for all the year of pain she ever caused me,”
Alexis was about to ask her what she meant by that but a faint sound caught her ear
“What was that noise?” She asked . Terri smiled
“I’m not crazy Al, if that’s what you’re thinking.” A crazy person doesn’t know what they’re doing, but I do,”
“How come you never called me Al?” I mean I spent for months in that hospital, and not once did none of my so called friends,”
“Never called and even came to see if I was I alive or not, it was like I was suddenl y erased from your minds,” But when Hattie went overboard everyone went nuts!” Just proved to me that no one did ever give a damn about me, right Alexis?”
“That’s not true! I just finish telling you that Hattie, wouldn’t want us to,” Terri, I can’t tell yo u how sorry or why Hattie, never told you,” But -- ,”
And before Alexis could continue she suddenly smelled a sweet order coming from the air
“What’s that smell?”
“Gas ,” Terri giggled
“What!” Alexis cried out jumping up. “Terri, are you nuts!” Why did you o pen the gas value?”
“I just finish telling you that I’m not crazy!” Terri smiled. “Now where’s that lighter?” I know that I put in here,” She added searching through her jean pockets
“And why are you looking for your lighter Terri?” Alexis frowned . Terri just gave her a big smile as a responds
“But you’ll blow us up!” Alexis cried out
“Wrong Al, you’re getting the hell out of here right now!” I’m the one who’s going to burn up!” Terri interrupted laughing
“Oh great!” Not only is she completely psycho, but she’s suicidal too!” Alexis thought to herself . Terri was about to flick the lighter. When the door suddenly flung open
“You girls, need to get the hell out of here right now!” A male voice cried out. He grabbed Alexis up from the floor and carried her out side. The outside air never tasted so wonderful
“Are you okay?” Officer Stone asked
“I think so,” Alexis mumbled
“Okay, you rest while I go back to - .” 
A loud explosion interrupted. Alexis watched as pieces of her shed flew in the wind. She could hear the police sirens roaring in the distance growing louder and louder
“Alexis, are you sure that you’re okay?” Officer Stone repeated
“Huh?” Yah, I think so. But how did you know to come,” Alexis answered. Officer Stone was about to answer her back. When a young officer interrupted them
“What happened here?”
“That’s a long story I’ll explain everything to you later, but right now, I want to take Miss Taylor, to the hospital and have her checked out,” Officer Stone answered him 
Officer Stone smiled as he opened the car door and helping Alexis into the front seat. A sudden rush of humble emotion went through Alexis’s body . S he reached out and hugged Officer Stone and whispered in his ear
“ Thank you, ”
O fficer Stone gen tly brushed the hair from Alexis’s eyes and answered her back with a big smile on his face
“ Anytime kiddo anytime, ” 
C opyrights © belong to jack 2006       

© 2014 jo

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