A letter to the racist

A letter to the racist

A Poem by Joseph C Ogbonna

A poem for the racist, tribalist, religious bigot, extremist and ethnic nationalist.

I love only my kind.
But a world of just
your kind would to
monotony consign you.

I celebrate just my kind.
But a world that celebrates
only you, would to the utter
depths of boredom relegate you.

I prefer just my kind.
But the preference of your kind
would your curiosity wear out.

I only recognize my world.
But a world of only you
can never its horizon broaden.

I only relish my own race.
But a world devoid of
other races would be the
most uninteresting.

My race must the entire earth occupy.
But without the 'inferior' races,
how could you 'superiority' claim?

I have a lebensraum for my
race to occupy.
A lebensraum for only you
would geography obliterate.

So let your world be yours,
and let mine be mine.

Your culture and language you
may retain, whilst mine I also

as we both our diversity
Because diversity is nothing
more than the spice of life.

© 2020 Joseph C Ogbonna

Author's Note

Joseph C Ogbonna
A poem for racists, bigots, extremists, ethnic champions and so on. It is directed at men of different races. Racism is not synonymous with any race or ethnic group. Among Caucasians there are racists who loathe minorities. Among Africans(blacks) there ethnic bigots who have gone as far as annihilating fellow Africans just because of their ethnic identity. A typical example was the Rwandan crises of the nineties. Globally we have prejudice. It cuts across all the continents of the world.

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Added on May 18, 2020
Last Updated on May 18, 2020
Tags: Racism


Joseph C Ogbonna
Joseph C Ogbonna

Enugu, Christianity, Nigeria

I am a high school teacher and a prolific poet. I have been writing ever since I was a kid. Poetry happens to be my expression and my expression is poetry. My name is Joseph C Ogbonna more..