Circular Logic

Circular Logic

A Poem by Joe

Ah, the beauty of life.


I stumbled upon a path one day,
the end of it was unclear and far away,
So many directions to take, yet unsure of which one
I should travel on to become.

The next day I rose from my sleep,
I opened my mouth and I could speak,
such wonderful words I put together
I picked up a pen and wrote a letter.

I addressed it to whom it may concern,
as I was curious to learn,
where I was and what I should do,
I sent the letter hoping to find out soon.

It has been years now and still no reply,
I’ve worked, I’ve grown, and I’ve even cried,
I’ve been up, down, all around,
and all these things are so profound.

Every day I walk this path,
and only now I notice that,
there is no end, it goes 'round and 'round
Until it’s me that I have found.

© 2011 Joe

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The rhyming scheme works, and is broken and varied enough to keep the writing itself interesting. Another thing I like is that this poem is tight. Everything is there that needs to be there for it to work, and nothing is waisted or excess in my opinion.

My main complaints is your lack of adjectives and adverbs. Reading this poem aloud sounds like it was written by some soulless machine. You did a great job of covering things on a intellectual level, which is great if you are writing a text book, as it stands you are writing a poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great job with this. Each of us have to walk our own path, in order to find out who we are as individuals. It may be a difficult road and may seem like there is no end, but the reward is great and breathtaking.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love this poem this line in particular got to me.("Every day I walk this path,
and only now I notice that,
there is no end, it goes 'round and 'round
Until it’s me that I have found.")It's very good I enjoyed every line of this
Great Job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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