Dear me

Dear me

A Story by Wyrn Tiger

Dear Me,

Never forget. Never forget who you are, where you came from, and what you believe in. You are unorthodox in the most beautiful way as your mind uses a mysterious language that not even Google could translate. You are an ocean explored by those who only want to return to the surface, taking your treasures with them as a product of a short voyage. Your passions have developed into a blazing inferno of emotions and the cold water people throw onto you has only succeeded in become your fuel.

You are simple, people see a uniform brick wall once they open your doors, but one day the brick wall will be ripped down and no words in the human language can describe what will pour out. Never let people tell you that you won't reach your goals, aim high, you can and will get there, whether those people are with you or not will never matter.

These next few years are crucial as you begin to allow yourself to reach for the things you never could before. Enjoy the experiences you embark on as they will mean more than anything down the road. You’ll get out of high school soon and be able to forget all the useless trash they try to shove at you. You are persistent to a fault, your mind grasps to ridiculous ideas and holds them tight like the lock you will have on the front door of your own business one day. You are built the way you are for a reason, you are destined to never conform and settle, find your ceiling and bust through it. Life has never been and never will be safe, remember that.

© 2019 Wyrn Tiger

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Honestly, only sad people would do harm or make fun of others, it's because life does not offer a fulfilled satisfaction to them, at least they haven't found it yet. As long as you're happy about who you're, that's the matter.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Wise words > True words

But school does not necessarily fill your head with useless trash
Later in life some will return to be used

Embark on your life after school with these words in your mind

Sorry I have too many interruptions just now and my thoughts are gone

Posted 8 Months Ago

Wyrn Tiger

8 Months Ago

I realize it and thank you for your comment
Very powerful and inspiring words. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Always be true to yourself regards to what goes on in your life. A mixture of sad and a very emotional, motivational, powerful read. About being oneself. And taking no s**t along the travels of your life's journey. And reaching for your goals and your dreams you desire.

Posted 8 Months Ago

This one makes me sad, not because it's not true, it is, but because its a reminder that my school days are almost gone.

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Added on February 11, 2019
Last Updated on February 11, 2019


Wyrn Tiger
Wyrn Tiger

springfeild, MO

I spend my time reading and wrighting and will review more..

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